Monday, January 30, 2006

Fun With Mechanical Bulls (or: Something I Never Imagined I'd Do!) Yep, on my list of things I'd never really expected to do in life was "ride a mechanical bull." But, wouldn't you know it? Here's photographic evidence that I did, indeed, do it. On a New Year's trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with another family, all of the younger members of the group (from 9 to 13) decided to ride a mechanical bull. After signing waiver forms for McKenna and Delaney, I decided it looked too fun to pass up. I had flasbacks of Debra Winger from "Urban Cowboy." Surely it couldn't be too hard! I should have been a little worried when I saw that I was the only person on the list to ride it who was over the age of 23! But no . . . I wanted to be the "fun" adult, I wanted to be the adult who actually gave into their urge to do something I would have done when I was 15 (Note: none of the other three adults on the trip even had an inkling to do this!). How did it turn out? Let's just say that muscles I didn't even know I had hurt for a week after this little adventure! I gripped that bull so hard with my thighs (I was told it was the only way to actually stay on) that I must have pulled something. (I walked like a real cowboy for about a week afterwards.) At one point after being bucked off, I lay on the ground wondering what everyone would think if I didn't jump right back on (you got three "rides"); all I could do, though, was laugh and jump back up to try again! Being 37 isn't always what it's cracked up to be! But, given the chance, you should definitely try a go at this! I promise--the pain does where off (eventually!!)

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