Saturday, February 04, 2006

Those Pesky Baby Pounds . . . Yep, Sydney will be turning 2 in a little less than two months from now and I'm still fighting those extra baby pounds. So, one of my New Year's resolutions is to lose about 10 pounds. My brother, Christopher (who has like zero body fat and is in better shape than anyone I know!) gave me some great advice, but I basically am doing it my own way--cutting back on calories and trying to do some exercise. He says I should give up sugar, but how realistic is that (I'm the gal who can eat a dozen Krispy Kremes like there's no tomorrow!)? So, I'm doing pretty well so far . . .haven't eaten a McDonald's double cheeseburger in two weeks and have limited my sweets to 57-calorie-a-serving cotton candy and no-sugar ice cream (hey, a girl's still gotta have her yummies). And I'm doing the stationery bike thing! Who knows . . . maybe I can actually do this thing!

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