Monday, April 03, 2006

Looking Pretty Smart (in basketball, at least!) . . .
Well, up until Saturday I was looking REALLY smart. For the first time ever in our family, all of us filled out our NCAA Tourney brackets before March Madness began. From the beginning I picked LSU, UCLA, UConn, and Boston College in the Final Four. I got TWO of them right! Not bad, don't you think? I got LSU and UCLA right (the other two in the finals were Florida and George Mason--and whooda thunk that?)'; I had LSU and Boston College in the championship game. That's where I messed up! Not bad, though, I have to say. (Gary had Florida and LSU in the championship game--which I had thought was absolutely insane--and now he's proved me wrong, because Florida's in there!). Gotta go for the Gators, since they're an SEC team. Who wants a California team to win the championship?

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