Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Saturday Good & Bad

Well, I'm sure all of you already know what counts as my Saturday "bad" today . . . Alabama lost its game today against Florida. Florida was a very good team (they aren't ranked #5 in the nation for no reason!), but it's still disappointing. Most disappointing is that Bama seems to be getting better and better, but we still can't score when it counts. But the season's not over; I'm using my "Glass Half Full" mentality and looking at the rest of season with hope still!

The Good news today . . .

* McKenna had a band competition today and they received All 1's and were given First Place trophies in their class for everything they qualified for (Overall Band, Band Majors, and Color Guard). I went and watched them and they were AWESOME! Their Queen show is a real crowd-pleaser because everyone knows the songs already and they get the crowd involved clapping and stuff. It was great! So, Congrats McKenna!

* Delaney's softball team won their Tournament in Huntsville!! They went undefeated through five games and won First Place!! I didn't get to go, but I got regularly updates via Gary's Thunderbolts Blog and from phone calls. He said that Delaney played GREAT--hit a great, hard hit to centerfield, scored several times, and made some awesome plays at second base. So, Congrats to Delaney too!!

Tomorrow will be a church, an Emmaus lunch afterwards, some NFL football (Go Cowboys!), maybe some scrapbooking, and hopefully lots of resting!!

Hope eveyone else's Saturday had more Good than Bad!

See ya . . .


Phats said...

Hi Cheryl lot of the same here!
We lost as you probably know, but take away a lot of good things from the loss, not to mention a new weapon at receiver.

Congrats to your daughter that's awesome, although I am not a fan of HS marching band, but Queen cool.

BTW you beat Gary, you win bragging rights for the week haha

NMOTB said...

Hi Cheryl, sorry to hear about your teams loss this weekend! Well Done to your girls though! You must be so proud!

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness, my husband is a Jets fan and oh the screaming today - the screaming, the screaming. I am not a fan at all, perhaps because of oh the screaming! Awesome news re your daughter's win - bet you must be feeling well proud. Hope you have a great week. xox

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey guys!!
Thanks for stopping by my Weekend blogging. It's always awfully slow over the weekend!
Yes, very proud of my girls!!!

melissa said...

wow congrats to your girls, thats awesome! :)

ryan said...

I told you it was a good show!! Tell Mckenna I said congrats!