Sunday, October 22, 2006

I really HATE losing!!!

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I do NOT like to lose. Whether it's Delaney losing a softball game, one of my favorite sports team (football, basketball, baseball, even an Olympic sport!) losing, or even me losing at a card or board game--losing is not something I enjoy. I really don't know why I'm that way; I guess I'm just a competitive person who likes to do well. (And oh, by the way, worse than losing is having someone else let me win. Ask Gary--we didn't play one of our favorite card games for like 2 years because of that. Ha!!)

Anyway . . . yesterday, my Crimson Tide lost to Tennessee (who I really cannot stand!!!) in a 16-13 game. It was really a good game and Alabama's play was superior until the last quarter. Our defense played GREAT and held Tennessee (who scored something like 53 points last week) to ONE touchdown. Our team really had a game plan and did it well! But in the end . . . their quarterback had one good drive and then we couldn't score.

I don't know about you, but a 3-point loss is much harder to take than a two-touchdown one. I guess it's because you were so close to winning, but didn't . . . that you ALMOST did it. It just leaves a sad feeling in the pit of my stomach. And that's our third loss like that!

But, life goes on, and as my Dad always tells me, "It's just a game, Cheryl."

So, on to thinking about things that are more important than sports. I'm in the midst of getting ready for church right now as I blog. That should definitely get things back in perspective . . . make me realize that the BIG things in life are not footballs and touchdowns. (And if that doesn't, I have my Monday Night Football game to focus on next. LOL)


Phats said...

I am the exact same way. People know to stay away after a boiler loss.

I am with you I would much rather lose 52-0 then on a last second score or something like that. I watched the very end of the UT/Bama game I was cheering hard, I guess not hard enough sorry

NMOTB said...

I too hate loosing - I am very competitive!!! lol Hope you have a peaceful and restful Sunday!

Anonymous said...

That game was really sad. I'm still upset about it!

Roll Tide anyway!

Amanda said...

I hate losing too, I'm with you on that one!!!!

Going For Greatness said...

Well I don't think anyone LIKES to lose but I sure do hear ya on this one!!
I watched some of the game... it was VERY good.... TN and AL are definitely up to par with eachother and it really could have gone either way. TN (buggers) just had the luck this week.
Glad someone else is like me with sports!!!

Silent One ~D~ said...


just wondering.... was it you that left a message on my blog... without signing in? just left the name cheryl... you're the only one I know.... so I am hoping it was you...

I am curious and get a bit freaked out when it is someone I don't know.... I know a few people with the same name... but don't want them reading my blog. So I hope it was you.... lol

Ryan said...

When did they become YOUR Crimson Tide? Hmmm...never saw you one the filed coaching...LOL!!

ryan said...

OMG!! Just noticed my horrific typing!! It's been such a Monday!!

Never saw you ON the FIELD coaching. ACK!!