Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Lost" is So Frustrating . . . But I LOVE it!!!

Okay, last night Gary and I had a date--a date with the television!

We both made sure we were home before 8 oclock, "locked" the kids downstairs with strict instructions not to bother us, then sat ourselves down in front of the television and waited eagerly for the season premiere of "Lost" to come on. And let's just say . . . it was vintage "Lost"--full of teasers, enlightening (and confusing) flashbacks, new characters, lots of "Now what does that mean?" and "How do they know that?", and lots of unanswered questions. The only thing I hate about "Lost" is that I have a week to ponder the stuff I saw last night . . . and I have a whole week until I get any answers (if I get any then at all!)

The only thing disappointing about last night's premiere is that it focused solely on Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. Not that I don't love those three characters . . . but I totally got NO Sayid (who is my favorite guy!!), Locke, Mr. Ecko, Charlie, Hurley, Jin, Sun, or anyone else. I still have NO idea what happened back at the hatch, so I have a whole additional week to wait and find out (let's just hope that I I find out then!).

Did anyone else watch last night's episode? What did you think? (what's with the zoo and aquarium cages? do you think Jack's wife had an affair with his dad? and what about Juliet's motives? and that dress they put on Kate?)

I'm really suprised that I've become so addicted to "Lost," because we watch very little tv around our house (well, very little tv that isn't Disney Channel or sports! LOL). It's not that there aren't tv shows I would like to watch (I wish I had time to watch "Gray's Anatomy" and "House," for example, which I have heard are both really good), it's just that it's hard for me to devote that much time and work into watching shows on a regular basis.

From what I've seen this season, though, I also like--

* "Gilmore Girls." I watched the first two or three seasons pretty religously and loved the characters and the witty writing on it, but have kinda lost track of the show over the last few seasons. But I've caught the first two episodes this year and I still really like it!

* "Heroes." We watched this show on Monday night and I REALLY liked it. It totally went with my love of superhero, action, sorta mysterious plotlines. Really very cool. I will keep tuning into it.

* "CSI." Gary and I like all things "CSI," and what's especially nice about it is that I don't feel like I have to see every show; I can actually pop in every now and then and still enjoy watching it, even if I've missed some episodes.

In addition to those new shoes, if all else fails I can--

* Watch "Seinfeld" reruns late at night. I have seen every episode of "Seinfeld" probably 10 times (and know pretty much all the lines) and they STILL make me laugh until stuff is spitting out of my nose! (Favorite episode, by the way? The episode in Florida with the pen, the awful bed, and a doped-up Elaine yelling, "Stella!!!")

* Watch episodes from my "Remington Steele" DVD. This was one of my favorite shows of all time! I love a good mystery, the writing was so clever, and (most importantly) it introduced me to the sexy, dapper Pierce Brosnan (who has a killer accent!)

* Watch late-night or DVD episodes of "Star Trek: Next Generation." Yep, I'm TOTALLY a Science Fiction geek! I love any and all of the Star Wars movies and TNG just makes me happy! (Also starring another dapper British guy with a killer accent!)

* Watching anything on the Travel Channel or Food Network. I love just about anything on these channels since, well .. . I love anything about travel or food! LOL (I especially love the Samantha Brown great hotel shows, anything with Rachael Ray, and anything that involves beaches!)

* Go back to the old standbys of "Disney Channel" and Sports (ANY football game and now baseball playoff games; and really any other sport, except maybe car races and soccer!)

For those of you out there who enjoy television, I'd love to know--

What are your favorite old shows?

What are your favorite new shows?

I hope all of you are having a great week! Now that I've had my "Lost" fix, mine's definitely a little bit better!!


Andy said...

hey you know that i watched it and have some of the same questions. actually the list of questions that i had i'm not sure got answeres.

the zoo and aquarium cages were strange but maybe that answeres the question of the bears on the island in the 1st season. a zoo there at one point??? i don't know??? more darma experiments? maybe?

do you think Jack's wife had an affair with his dad? i don't think so. but you know, you never know what to expect with this show.

Juliet? she weird to me. i think that she is just doing her job as part of the others whatever that is.

it was a really awesome episode and they were right the first 5 min (WOW) how strange!!! can't wait till next week.

Cheryl Wray said...

Andy--I totally agree about the first 5 minutes. WOWWWWW!!! And yep, i think now that Jack's paranoia about his wife and dad was just that--paranoia. The key is that it played a hand in his dad's going back to drinking--which is the huge guilt issue for Jack. I loved it!!

Ryan said...

I gave up on Lost after the first season. With all my wacky work schedules and now working 9am-8pm it makes it difficult to keep up. I want to watch Heroes but I'm gonna have to catch the reruns on Fri. nite.

I'm watching CSI whenever I can. Mainly Nevada, I'm not so hep on the other two (Horatio is the modern day Captain Kirk, think about it you know it's true).

Speaking of Capt. Kirk, I just found out recently that my wife is a closet vintage Star Trek fan so now we will occassionally cuddle up on the bed on Saturday mornings/afternoons and watch the reruns on G4. Also, I will watch Law and Order reruns. My favorite is SVU (marathon on USA, 10/6 by the way) and just the regular Law and Order. I don't care much for the detectives on Criminal Intent.

And the guilty pleasure that I don't get to watch enough is....Ghost Whisperer. Jennifer Love, what's her name is schmaltzy and kinda hokey but from what I've seen of the show (3 or 4 episodes max). It's well written and gets kinda spooky, just my cup of tea. See Ya!!

If you haven't checked it in a while, I've got some cool new stuff on Check it out by clicking on my name.

adrienne said...

Oh I was SO confused last night, but really felt back for Jack!!! And how in the WORLD did they have a FOLDER with ALL his info????? AND that of his ex-wife???? ACK!

I LOVE Grey's Anatomy, and i am a CSI addict! Not to mention ER, and America's Next Top Model...JUST to name a few! LOL

rhonda said...

I never can seem to watch any weekly show that I have to follow. Too many sports games and practices/ church activities etc to interfere. As much as I wanted to try to get into Lost this time around...I completely forgot about well as Grey's Anatomy. Oh well...I will just have to remain happy with Court tv, HGtv and the cooking network...& oh yeah the Disney Channel to entertain me!!

~gkw said...

I think we know now where the bear and the horse came from...

Jack's wife did NOT have an affair with his dad. The point of all of that was that Jack drove his dad back to drinking and therefore now feels responsible that his dad drank himself to death.

I think Juliet is going to end up in love with Jack

I also think that LOST has become a BIG money maker. Last night the episode itself was probably only 30 minutes long, the other 30 minutes was in COMERCIALS!! So much better to watch on DVD or from Itunes..

But I watched it and blogged during the commercials!

Andy said...

cheryl i never thought about jack and his wife and his dad being the cause of him going back to drinking but that is a good point. i still don't think he had an affair with his wife. the show is so complicated sometimes that i don't always see things like that. i read somewhere that there was a whale or a dolphin in one of the episodes that had the darma logo on it. strange. i didn't know about it because when i watched the 1st season on dvd i didn't watch the extras just the episodes. anyways excited for next week.

NMOTB said...

Ah, Remington Steele - that used to be one of my favorites yonks ago! My current fav is one of our local soapies - 7de (7th) Laan (avenue), Desperate Housewives, CSI Miami, CSI Las Vegas, Disney Channel - Donald Duck! Tom & Jerry! and Animal Planet!

Dawn said...

For me the best technological invention has been TiVO! I record loads of shows and watch them when I want to. I am a lover of creative reality TV - I LOVE Project Runway and Top Chef. I enjoy the physical transformations on USA's Next Top Model - it fascinates me what these make up and hair stylists create. I am loving MEN IN TREES and SHARK. Growing up in South Africa, we only got TV in 1974! DALLAS was such a hit that restaurants used to close on Tuesday nights which is when it was aired. LA LAW was also great in its day and of course, ANYTHING with Mr Brosnan is bliss. He is particularly delicious in the re-make of THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR. My favorite Seinfeld is the SOUP NAZI ... so funny!

Cheryl Wray said...

Ahh Remington Steele... NM and Dawn, you girls are SO right! And, yes, he was particularly delish in Thomas Crowne. Whew!

Phats said...

WOW I can't believe I missed this post, I blame this on homecoming week at our school.

As you know I LOVE tv. I however have never gotten into lost at all. Here are my favorites
Grey's Anatomy- Love it love it love it!

Gilmore girls- Last season pissed me off, i will be happy if Lor and Chris get married

American Idol- My all time favorite show

Simpsons- Duh no brainer here! When nothing else is on I will watch the Simpsons DVD's

Anything reality, whether it be Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Real World I am there. :)

Sorry this was long