Monday, October 09, 2006

Lots & Lotsa Photos

Last night, I had the best of intentions to upload my photos here. But, after a long weekend, I guess I was a bit "tuckered out." I fell asleep and am just now getting them uploaded this morning.

So, here are some photos I took over the weekend (get ready--there are lots of them!) ...

If you read my Friday night post, you know that Delaney had some disappointment at school. What could lift her spirits? Making a late-evening run to the store to find a wig for Halloween, of course! She's being "Hannah Montana" ( a character from a Disney Channel show) and had to have a blonde wig to make the costume complete. Loved the smile on her face!

Sydney and I made cupcakes on Friday evening (she did the green sprinkles!) and sent some over for next-door neighbor Kayla for her birthday. (Happy birthday Kayla!). They were yummy! (we are a big cupcake family; we all love them!)

On Saturday, we headed off to Delaney's softball tournament. The Bolts had a tough weekend, going 1-2-1, but D had some great moments (pitched really well in the final game; hit in the winning run for our winning game, with a big hit into centerfield; and, of course, had a lot of fun with friends!)

Our little Scout always has a great time at "Play Park" (as she calls it). This weekend, she had two or three little friends to play with. And of course there was dirt and lollipops!

Pictures from McKenna's band competition Saturday evening. Her school did great--receiving all 1's and placing 2nd in a very competitive field. Go HHS! (Can you spot her? She's the shortest one on the field!!)

I'm sure all of you saw the gorgeous full moon all weekend! Snapped this on leaving the band competition.

A few other highlights from this weekend . . .

* Bama won in a close game. Roll Tide!
* The Razorbacks gave Auburn a defeat! They looked really good, and it almost made me want to dig out my old plastic Razorback hat (I grew up in Fayetteville and was a HUGE Arkansas fan as a kid!). So--Woo Pig Sooie! (The SEC, by the way, had some great football games this weekend. Arkansas looked good, and Florida looked phenomenal. I think they're the team to beat!
* The Yankees got kicked out of the playoffs. Hurray!
* Dallas got beat, but I kinda saw that coming. The Eagles are a good team!
* Okay, I think you can tell that I'm addicted to sports. LOL!!!
* We got some great news at church yesterday when we found out that our pastor had been diagnosed with severe migraines. Why good news? Because we were afraid he might have had a stroke, and the headaches are treatable.
* Got some much-needed work done on some assignments.
* Only FOUR MORE Days until we head to Disney World!
* Last night, Sydney layed down with Gary and I and she put us to sleep with some sweet words: "I love you, Poppy." "I love you, Mommy." "I love God too."


Amanda said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekenda

ryan said...

mmmm...cupcakes. Yes, we get it you're going to Disney World. Have a great week!!

~gkw said...

That's a great group of kids we have isn't it!!?? :)

maria said...

You gotta love your mini Hanna Montana! Glad to read about all your exciting weekend fun!

NMOTB said...

That wig look stunning!!!! Sounds and looks like you had great fun! lovely pics, really enjoyed them, thanks for sharing! I am sharing your excitement bout Disney World! Our Karate Team leaves on Sunday this week for LA & Vegas and my heart is very sad that we wont be leaving with them! We will be handeds our full kit on Friday, despite us not going with! *Wipe away tears* but thats ok we are all ready and getting organised for next years trip!!!!!!!

scrapperjen said...

FANTASTIC photos!!!!!!!! Those cupcakes look yummy.

Cheryl Wray said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!
Ryan-- Nanny Nanny Boo Boo . . .we're going to Disney World!!!

melissa said...

wonderful pictures! looks like you had a packed weekend :)

adrienne said...

Oh Im glad you ahve pics of the cupcakes!!!! And the moon HAS been beautiful!