Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October Randomness
(and a Really Cute Pirate!)

It's really quite hard for me to believe that October is here already! Do you feel the same way? (In fact, I tried to write a check yesterday for September 31, totally not realizing that it had actually transformed into October. Pretty bad, huh?)

October is actually one of my favorite months of the year. The weather is just right--I don't like really cold weather, but I'm also getting a bit tired of the near-100 degree weather from the last four months or so! You can feel the holidays coming on, and the days just have a nice, crisper, more comfortable feel to them!

So for our Random Tuesday post and questions today, I thought I would pose myself and all of you with some Autumnal musings. Share with us your . . .

(1) Best memory from this past summer (since the new season is finally upon us, although I keep thinking there might still be a way to get in a day at the pool!)-- That would have to be finally escaping to the beach (Tybee Island, Georgia) during the last week before school started again.

(2) Favorite thing/s about Fall-- I love SO much about this season, but some of my favorite would include football, cozy Fall food (chili, casseroles, cobblers, pies), Fall-scented candles, new shows on television, dressing up for Halloween, the changing leaves, the colors, and the coming of Advent.

(3) Favorite past Halloween costumes (either you or your kids?)-- I LOVE to dress up for Halloween (probably as much as my kids!), so there are A LOT of costumes to choose from. So, hmm . . . my favorite would probably be the year Gary and I dressed up like a Gangster and his Moll (followed closely behind by the year we both dressed up like old men and Gary's Gan Gan didn't even want to let Gary in the house for trick-or-treating because she didn't recognize him!), when McKenna dressed up as a bunny for her first Halloween, Delaney as a Cowgirl (for her fifth maybe?), and Sydney her first year as a bumblebee.

So, go ahead and send us at least ONE random answer this morning--or all three if you're in the mood! LOL

Now, since I was just talking about costumes I have GOT to share our shopping success from last night!

Sydney has been talking about dressing up for weeks now and she's mentioned a lot of different possible costumes. I had found the cutest, multi-colored witch costume that I wanted her to have, but she quickly grabbed hold of the Pirate idea! She did mention being a mermaid, or a kitty cat, or a princess in passing, but the Pirate is what has been the constant all this time!

Several days ago, we ventured out to start looking for a toddler's Pirate costume (I'd seen them online, so I knew they existed, but I wanted to find one locally if I could). At Walgreen's there was a boy's costume but no girl's, so Sydney for the last three days has been saying, "Gotta fine a gurl pirate." Went yesterday to Big Lots, another Walgreen's, and Fred's--to no avail!

Well, McKenna and I decided to take a trip to Target with Sydney last night. I knew that Target had A LOT of costumes, so even if we didn't find a girl Pirate I figured Sydney would become enamored by SOME costume there.

Well, we all just about squealed with excitement (wait . . . I think we DID squeal) when we found this costume. Sydney had to try it on as soon as she came home to show Delaney and Gary. She wore it for two hours last night and I finally had to pry it off of her and exchange it for pajamas. (She would have slept in it, I'm sure!)

(I also have a feeling that this pumpkin will become her purse for the next month! She's already wanting to stuff it full of stuff and carry it everywhere!)

Don't you just love the joy and excitement that kids show? They can teach us a few things, huh?

Now, don't forget . . . send me your:

* Favorite memory from this past summer

* Favorite thing/s about Fall

* Favorite costume (you or your kids)

Can't wait to learn more about all my buddies out there!

Have a Terrific Tuesday wherever you may be!!


ryan said...

Favorite memory from this past summer: A weekend trip to Hunts. visited the botanical gardens, my family and a drive through safari. Here is a link to pics:


* Favorite thing/s about Fall
* Favorite costume (you or your kids) Oh my gosh, so many. Me as Hades, my wife as Medusa. Meg's Rapunzel when the wig kept falling off; Jane as Tinkerbell and the Devil. Oh, Allison as a witch and Meg and Jane, her familiar's a black cat and a bat(in that order).

Cheryl Wray said...

Ryan--I figured you just MIGHT mention Halloween!!

~gkw said...

I love those pictures! They are so cute! :)

On to my random tuesday answers:

* Favorite memory from this past summer
It would have to be our trip to Tybee Island. I absolutely love the beach. I like getting up early in the mornings with my cup of coffee and walking down the beach. I love the photo ops. I, in general, love watching chicks on the beach LOL! I like our icecream trips and I love the food!

* Favorite thing/s about Fall
My favorite thing about fall is the weather! I love the way the mornings start cooling off and we get that little hint of the coming winter. I still have my warm afternoons, but the mornings and evenings are so pleasant!

* Favorite costume (you or your kids)
I'm not the Halloween fan that my wife is. I can take it or leave it (even when I was a kid) but my favorite costure was probably when I dressed up as an old man. The makeup we used was great! NO ONE recognized me.

Cindy Barb said...

(1) Best memory from this past summer – The weekend of my birthday was the best weekend for me. There was no stress, just friends and my kids came over to celebrate my 44th birthday. Wendi and I had a great time; though I think Wendi had a little bit too much fun. Yet, it was fun watching her sway to the bathroom and then back to the living room.

(2) Favorite thing/s about fall – The changing of the leaves, the brisk wind blowing in your face. The warmth of a long sleeve shirt standing in the sun while the heat from the sun heats you up; yet you are not cold, hot, just comfortable. Opening the windows in the house and feeling the breeze come through. The smells of chili in the air or a crock pot stew brewing.

(3) Favorite past Halloween costumes -- I have several but the ones that stick in my mind – Dressed as a lady pirate at Gary’s Halloween party in Bessemer. Great time that night; even though I had baby sat over half of them their. In fact, I am not sure some of them were of age to drink. About 5 years ago Bev and I dress as two old hags; hair pin rolls with cloth, moles on our face, old house dress, wrinkle cream, blacked out teeth (the works). We scared most of the kids that came to the door, lol.

Andy said...

favorite memories from the past summer---my hubby and i went to fiji on a dental missions trip and had such an amazing time there. it was a huge blessing that we were able to go.

favorite things about fall---the smells, the chill outside, apple cider, pumpkin bread and muffins, pumpkin carving

favorite costumes---i don't normally dress up for halloween but last year some friends of ours had a murder mystery party and the theme was story book characters and i was to be the Queen of hearts from alice and wonderland and that was lots of fun. i even won the best costume.

Mom said...

* Favorite memory from this past summer: I guess one automatically
thinks of vacations, so it would be our first real vacation since going
to Montana in 1998. We went to Asheville, N.C., to visit my cousin and husband. We got to experience cooler weather, sleep with the windows open, etc. My cousin’s screened-in porch overlooked the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. We went to the Biltmore which was a treat and to an old famous hotel which overlooked the Blue Ridge Mtns. (can’t remember the name) and to the cemetery to see Thomas Wolfe and O.Henry’s grave.
Much more, but I won’t bore you.

* Favorite thing/s about Fall - I feel better because it is cooler. I love drinking hot tea on our screened-in porch and walking in the woods with the grandsons who love the woods. I like it when the mosquitos and
bugs are gone!!

Lisa L said...

ok, reflecting now....

This past summer it was fun watching Jake & Landon in Florida going out for passes that Leslie was throwing from the balcony of our room. Disney was special with me and Jenna riding the Everest rollercoaster at Animal Kingdom twice (loved it) and getting Totally soaked on the water ride.

Favorite thing about fall, when the sky becomes that hard true blue color and I love the air, the scent, the slight coolness, love my fireplace.

Halloween costume would be Jake's 1st, he was a pumpkin and he had little black stockings on with pumpkins all over them. He did not like it, it was a big 'ol round stuffed thing around his whole body. The first time Jenna was a witch (4 yrs old) we spray painted her beautiful white/blonde hair black and it took a while before it would come off, I was thinking, OH NO....

~gkw said...

Cindy?? You had to dress up as an old hag??

Amanda said...

Summer Memory: I would have to say camping with my kids. Snuggling in the camper when it was cool out and laying in bed with our whole family, no TV, no phones, simply enjoying each others time.


Costume: I don't really get into Halloween much, but I love my kids in pumpkin suits.

Love your blog, and bless your day!

maria said...

Gotta love that picture! Cutest pirate ever! :)

My favorite memory this past summer has to be my Mexico trip! I love fall leaves and pumpkins! And my favorite costume of myself was the wonderwoman one I had when I was 8. As far as my daughters I will always treasure her very first, she was a pumpkin...the cutest one ever! :)

Jennifer S said...

(1) Best memory from this past summer - My best memory from this summer is that Melissa gave her life to Christ and was baptized. That will be an all time best memory!

(2) Favorite things about Fall - The changing leaves, the coolness in the air, and of course...deer season...hehehehe

(3) Favorite past Halloween costumes - Melissa's 1st Halloween costume was a cow. That is one of my favorites, followed closely by her "Dorothy" from the Wizard of Oz.


Jane said...

favourite thing about fall....the smell of mandarin oranges and the promise of Christmas around the corner!

Nancy said...

My favorite thing about fall is wearing a "comfy" old sweatshirt when the weather gets cool.

NMOTB said...

Ok we have just come out of winter but so far my favourite summer (spring) memory was going on our weekend away to Olifants river lodge. I love fall cause it is cool, not cold and warm not hot! I think S looks so adorable in that costume - cant wait to see the rest of you! we dont do halloween here!!!*sigh* Thanks for visiting my blog today and the comment left on (Two years ago, today). It was a horrific experience - You can read the whole story in my archives, will actually email it to you!

Ms.L said...

Sweetest Pirate EVER!
How do you stop yourself from kissing those cheeks all day long??:)

* Favorite memory from this past summer-Going to Barkerville-an historic Ghost Town and feeling as if I'd lived there all my life

* Favorite thing/s about Fall
Watching the Weather Channel
Feeling the change in temperature
Waiting for the first big snow fall

* Favorite costume (you or your kids) Haa haa one year I went out as my alter ego The Crazy Cat Lady!
I wore an old wool suit,and a crazy hat with flowers. I glued stuffed cats all over me,and wore cat pins and badges hee hee hee

Cheryl Wray said...

Andy--the Fiji missions trip sounds AMAZING. Very cool!!
Amanda--I grew up camping in the Fall. So nice to be outside during this time of year!
Ooh Jane--yes,the smell of mandarin oranges. And they're just so pretty!!
Maria and Ms L--yes, She is the cutest pirate ever!
And Ms L--I love the old cat lady idea. That is SO funny!!!!

toya said...

we don't do hollaween in Trinidad so I don't have a favorite costume, but I do love the fall, and the best thing for me is to go around the neighborhood either by myself or with my dh talking photos of the decorations and just random things.
it's good to see look back at how all the seasons change the mood and setting of where you live.
I really enjoy that!

melissa said...

oh my your DD costume is too cute! glad you were able to find one :)

I cant wait for the cool weather to start coming our way too.

1.fav summer memorie=going on a road trip to Universal Studios and Las Vegas with my family

2.Fav. thing about fall=so many things! the cooler weather, pumpkin picking and carving, apple picking, the state fair, the trees changing and halloween.

3.favorite costume=when I was younger my mom made me a Dorothy costume from the Wizard of Oz complete with sparkly red ruby shoes. love love loved that. :) Another costume that is one of my favorites is when my brother was Kermet the frog when he was 2 years old. so so cute.

Josie said...

Favorite memory from this past summer: I took the train to Whistler BC. It was wonderful.

Favorite thing/s about fall: I love the fall colors and the smell in the air, and the feeling of new beginning. And of course Halloween.

Favorite costume: My mother made me up as a gypsy girl one year, with hoop earrings and all. I loved it.

Cinderella said...

I just stopped by for the cuteness!!

Soooooooooooooooo cute!! I just wanna pinch her!! *Pinch*

Cutie pie =)

I just love Halloween!!!

Phats said...

Hi Cheryl
My favorite memory of this past summer was road trippin' to Holiday World with my best friends, and going to Disney with my family.

Favorite thing about fall. Nothing?? haha It means winter is coming which = snow, ice, and cold. Alright Alright I love fall for one reason COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!

Favorite Costume- I went as an Oompa Loompa two years ago. I have no costume yet this year, Ask your daugthers what they think I should be.

Dawn said...

My favorite summer memory - NO RUSHING THROUGH HOMEWORK AND GETTING TO AND FROM SCHOOL. Going to family day at my son's summer camp ... had a moment - when I took a pic of him and his Dad in a boat on the lake - a feeling came over me that I will never forget.

Fall favorite: The weather. I am not a lover of the heat/humidity in summer - really don't like snow and ice. Fall weather is perfect for me. The trees as they change color - they remind me of different flavors of ice cream.

Favorite costume: I have only lived in the USA for 5 years so the whole Halloween thing is new to me. My 9 year old loves it and my favorite costume of his was our first year here - he was 4 and someone loaned us a crocodile outfit - he looked too cute for words.

Your little pirate looks too sweet - especially love the Pirate with a Purse touch.

Have a great week.

Cheryl Wray said...

Phats--I'm definitely asking the girls to decide what your costume should be for Halloween. Just be ready for some crazy ideas . . .