Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just a reminder . . .Life's a Treat!

Last night, we went trick or treating for Halloween with a big bunch of friends from church. All total, there were probably 30 of us--couples, adults, teenagers, children, little ones. We found a neighborhood to go door-to-door in, and just had a blast walking around and talking with each other. And, of course, watching the excitement and joy that the kids got out of dressing up and getting candy.

As it is most of the time with me, I enjoyed last night because it was a SIMPLE time. We didn't go out and spend a lot of money to be entertained . . . we just got into the spirit of things and enjoyed ourselves!

In fact, last night reminded me of several things.

This morning, I am reminded that it is okay (in fact, it's really a GOOD idea) to NOT act your age. I had a conversation the other day with my friend, Julie, about how we often look at our kids and are amazed that we're old enough to be parenting them. I look at McKenna's teenage friends and I talk with them like I'm their age--because, frankly, sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that I was heading off to high school myself. Now, some people (as my grandmother used to say) are "just born old." But not me! And I don't believe we should act like it! Last night it was so fun to see grown-ups dressed up (including me and Gary!) and laughing and having a fun time!

I am reminded that our children want us to have fun WITH them. It's one thing to let our kids be kids (and, of course, there is a time to discipline them and be the official "parent"; we have to have that!), but it's quite another to let them be kids all by themselves. They don't need to do that by themselves; they need us in on the action! I know that my girls get such a kick out of when Gary lies on the floor and wrestles with them; or when I do cartwheels with them; or when we all get into a joke-telling contest; or we all dress up together for Halloween.

I am reminded that our children can also stop us in our tracks and put us back in a "fun" mood! While we were driving away from our trick-or-treating spot last night, Gary got a little frustrated because of the traffic (there must have been a hundred cars trying to get in and out of this cul-de-sac!); he then got a little rattled at Sydney because she kept kicking him in the back of his seat from her car seat. He said something like, "Stop that, Scout, or you're gonna get in trouble."

I looked back at her and she was pouting a little pout. Then she put a big smile on your face and said, "But, Poppy, I love you!" It made Gary smile and all of us laugh (and after Gary said, "I love you too, Sydney," she went on to replay the conversation for all of us: "I told Poppy, 'I love you, Poppy' and Poppy said, 'I love you Sydney' and then I said, 'I love you Poppy'." And on and on!) It was too cute! And it reminds me that sometimes that's really what it is all about--the fact that we love each other enough to not let the little things bother us too badly.

I am reminded that friends are one of life's great treasures! Sure it would have been fun to go trick-or-treating just the five of us, but it was a lot more fun wth almost 30 of us! I love that I have friends who also like to have fun . . . . who are totally comfortable in their own skins . . who giggle and laugh and cut-up . . . who are with you in the fun times and the hard times both. And I love the fact that all of our kids get along with each other so well. (And I promise, they usually look very sweet and not so scary! lol)

I really try and cultivate the friendships between mine and my adult friends' children, because we can all watch out for each other's children and I know the kind of values that they are being raised with. Besides . . .I really love all these kids.

They are really good ones!

(I'm also reminded--although this isn't as "deep" as some of my thoughts already--that 14-year-old girls should not be allowed to leave their homes in "Playboy Bunny" type costumes. Gary about had a conniption fit when he saw that one and said, "Do you think I would EVER let my daughter out of the house in that thing?" Can you guess the answer that one? LOL Slutty costumes were obviously the costume of choice for a certain age bracket. I also questioned how old is TOO old to be trick-or-treating. McKenna is 14, but she actually dressed up and was walking with Sydney everywhere to help her get treats. BUT, there were teenagers with NO costumes on... just walking around with a Walmart sack looking for candy. Kinda made me laugh!)

I hope all of you had a fun day yesterday, no matter how you chose to celebrate it. Let's all remember that Life is meant to be FUN! Take time today to have fun with your children, laugh at yourself, and take things not quite so seriously!

Because, after all . . . Life is an absolute treat!!!

(And now that Halloween is behind us, can you believe that Thanksgiving is just over three weeks away? Now THAT'S a holiday I absolutely love . . . and now I'm looking forward to it!)

nks you guys for being patient with me today! It took FOREVER to get these photos uploaded (partly because Blogger was being obnoxious and partly because we had a major thunderstorm this afternoon and our power and internet decided to go out for a while! So, thanks for hanging on to see these pics! This will probably serve as my post for tomorrow then, although I may get antsy and have to get on tomorrow later on to post. I tell you everyone--I'm so addicted to blogging that I feel weird if I don't do it everyday!

Since I came back and added these pics, I also decided I had to share this pic from the night before. We have this fun little tradition wh
ere we have a Creepy Dinner with fun foods. On Monday night, I made Pumpkin Face Pizzas, Snake Breadsticks, Eyeballs (grapes!), Graveyard Dishes, and Radioative Punch (which was yummy!). Here are two pics from that:

Also--in case I don't post tomorrow--OMG, did any of you watch Lost tonight? Unbelievably excellent episode. The best this season so far!!! Wow!!)

Anyway . . . see all of you tomorrow sometime (probably!). Have a great night!!


Renee said...

Great post, Cheryl. So true. I need to take more time to just have fun with my kids more often.

Mom said...

I just got around to looking through the blog. I loved the Halloween pictures and the old ones too. Especially the one of McKenna and Lori and Stephen Lee. In that picture Sydney looked likes McKenna.

maria said...

What an awesome post Cheryl! Thanks so much for sharing! I cannot wait to see your pics! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Renee and Maria--Thanks! Those thoughts were just on my heart today!I'm about to add these pics!
Mom--Yep, I think Sydney looks so much like McKenna did at her age!!

Ryan said...

Last night was definitely a Blast!! I realized that this is the 1st time the girls have done a real old fashioned walk the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Unless Tannehill counts. Otherwise it's always been church carnivals. I've got a few pics at on my blog. See ya!!

beadinggalinMS said...

Great post Cheryl! The kiddos and I had a blast carving their pumpkins yesterday. I love the moments when we have fun and laugh and laugh. I will be back later to see the pics.

Amanda said...

Great post and we all need to be reminded to just accept the simplicity of life and reveal in the moment with our kids. They grow up so fast and time goes by in moments! Thanks for the're a great blogger friend.

adrienne said...

What a wonderful entry! Oh so true!

Ms.L said...

Aww it sounds like a wonderful night!
I love this post:)

I'm a young 'old lady' too,lol
My son always says I should grow up.
NEVER I say!

I agree with you about the skimpy costumes. yikes! A playboy bunny???
My mother allowed me to dress that way and it spells nothing but trouble let me tell you.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the pics! I'm sure Gary was funny (after all, we've seen him as a cow and a caveman).

Jane said...

Sounds like you all had fun, looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Phats said...

Alright! sounds like you guys had a great time, that story with scout in the car was adorable!

Is gary letting you have it at home for posting all these "fun" pictures of him?

Thanksgiving oh man that will be here soon

NMOTB said...

Cheryl that was a lovely post! You guy's are such good parents and that is why your children are so well balanced - it is fun collecting candy with your baby sister and shouldn't be a drag! I love the way you do things together! I am so glad that you all had fun - THE SIMPLE WAY (that anyway is when the most fun is had). Will check again to see some more photos (you guy's looked stunning doll, just absolutely stunning, I tell ya!) :-)

Gareth said...

LOL I thought Gary was supposed to be a weird looking Frankenstein's monster and the ball was supposed to represent the bolt through the neck!!!

I added you to my links list :)

Miss 1999 said...

What wonderful pictures, and such an uplifiting post! I spent Halloween with my friends at work, and then stopped by to see a friend after work. Glad ya'll had such a great time! :0)

Jade said...

Sounds like you had an AWESOME Halloween, Cheryl! :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Cheryl Wray said...

Ryan--Yes, tons of fun! We also realized that it had been ages since we'd actually gone "real" trick or treating. They all loved it! Checked out your pics--cool!
Beady--Pumpkin carving is fun! Come on back!
Amanda--You're so sweet!!
Adrienne--Yes, very true!
Ms L--Let's agree to never grow up!

Cheryl Wray said...

Jane--Pics are now here. yay!

Phats--I do think that Gary may just kill me for putting all these "fun" pics of him all over the blog. I bet he's glad that Halloween's over, huh??

New Mom--Yes, we're quite the stunning couple aren't we? Ha!!

Gareth--LOL!! Gary would have made an excellent Frankenstein too!

Miss 1999--I know you had a great Halloween! (I read your party account on your blog. lol)

Jade--Welcome back!

Phats said...

I am sure he'll be glad as long as he never posed for baby new year, for all our sakes i hope he didn't! haha

NMOTB said...

the other pics are cute!

Andy said...

great pics. and yes lost was great. i was sitting there with my mouth open at the end. the hits keep coming. my question is: was juliet's video a test or was she being real? and is jack going to do the surgery? he'll probably do the surgery about the other thing.....who knows. i just love that show.

maria said...

Awww, great pictures!

deb said...

I couldn't agree more about making life fun. I think lately I've needed a reminder. :) So thank you.

Love those pictures with your kids. They are certainly having fun and can't help but smile looking at them.

Anonymous said...

Just wandered into your blog, and I love it! Such great pictures! This will be a great way to keep up with everyone!


Sofia said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. :-)

Cheryl Wray said...

Phats--Now THAT would be a scary picture. Don't we all agree??? LOL (Gary just loves all this talk about him!!)
Andy--OMG! Still thinking about Lost last night! SO much going on--the computer screens with the patch-eyed guy, Juliet's plea to Jack, and then Ecko. I loved his character; sorry to see him gone!! (I may have to post about this, LOL)
Deb--Welcome to my little space here!

~Telah said...

You guys know how to do it right!

Gingers Mom said...

I think it is important to be young and silly with your kids. I wish I did that more. I really forget to spend time with them doing what they like to do. I struggle with that.
Looks like you had a great time.
My husband and I went to a Halloween party on Friday. All the women but me and one other girl was dressed all slutty. What has Halloween become?!?!

Cinderella said...

OMGGGGG you guys know how to throw a great Halloween!! Your girls look soooooo cool..I love the costumes....30 people?? WOW, that's sounded like so much fun!!

I also think it's a good thing not only for your mind but for your soul to stay young...why do we have to grow old anyways? Because the calendar says so? I am turning 28 next Friday and I still remain young at heart....I know I am still young but I am married with children and some people think you need to be Joan Clever and serious all of the time and I like being mature when I have to but I also like having's life, and it's worth living if you enjoy it!!

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE PICS!!! The food looked soooooo cool!!!

Dana said...

Awwwww, the kids look soooo cute!! Dana

beadinggalinMS said...

Great pics!!

toya said...

great photos, looks the kids had a great time girl, you and gary are crazy!!!

Andy said...

OMG i completely forgot all about the patched eyes guy. what in the world is up with that. my hubby was like is there a guy with a patch on his eye at the others camp? i told him i didn't think so. i can't think that i've ever seen him before last nights show. and yeah we liked echo too. sad. still what's with the black smoke.

Redhead Editor said...

What a great family! Isn't it the simple joys in life that we remember?