Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just Some Stuff On My Mind . . .

. . . Okay, what the HECK do they think I'm supposed to do until February when "Lost" comes back on with new episodes? Last night's episode was FANTASTIC, but now there are no new shows until a month into 2007!! Yikes, I just don't know if I can wait that long!!! Will Kate and Sawyer actually leave while they have the chance (why Sawyer didn't run off with Kate while they could I don't know!)? How will Jack get out himself? (And, by the way, Jack was AWESOME in that episode! He totally had me thinking that he was gonna do the surgery, leave Kate and Sawyer to fend for themselves . . .but, no, he goes and does the heroic thing! Yay!) And the most intensity from that cliffhanger is that Jack has no idea what Kate and Sawyer know--that they're on a totally different island. Great episode! I can't wait to find out what happens! Just hope I can survive the wait!)

. . . I knew that my DH was a really great photographer, but I'm pretty impressed when he can actually make me look good! Sydney and I met him at the botanical gardens yesterday, because I needed a decent picture to use for the website of the scrapbook store I'm going to be doing some designing for. I really like what he came up with--

And then the pics he took of our little Scout (isn't she just the CUTEST?) Yes, she actually posed on cue!! --

(you can see the other pics he took by going to his BLOG.)
. . . Speaking of our cute little Scout, she is saying the funniest things these days. Some of my favorites--

* "Trust me . . ." (as part of a statement like, "Trust me, I don't want to go.")
* "Can we go back to the Dumbo ride today, pweese?" (Sorry, Scout ... Disney World is a long way away!)
* "This is serious."
* "Can we go see _____(insert tv show character)?" (Took me forever to realize that she thinks we can go pose with any character from any tv show, like at DW.)
* "I don like that."
* "That's jus me poopin." (any sound that resembles "pooping"--including a stomach growling--she uses this sentence for.)
* "I don like football, Mommy. I want someting for me." (i.e. my tv-watching habits)
* "Yes please" and "No please." (the "please" is her version of "maam" or 'sir")

. . . When I got online this morning to read my comments, I had the sweetest one from my friend Kelly. What makes this so cool is that Kelly was my best friend back in 2nd-6th grade--yep, back in elementary school in the 1970s!!! She is one of the four childhood friends that I've hooked back up with in the last few years and that I've actually heard from in the last week! Kelly was my Charlie's Angel-"Pop Music" cohort; Michelle (who lives in Hawaii) was the 3rd part of the Cheryl-Kelly crew and is an absolute doll to this day!; Debby (who lives in Texas and is currently in her fourth round of chemo, so prayers for her please!) was my best cheerleading friend in ninth grade and great church youth group friend; and Margie (who's in Nebraska and getting married this summer!) was my junior high troublemaker best friend with whom I blew up chemistry experiments and cried over "The Outsiders" with.

(Born in Texas, I grew up in Fayetteville, Arkansas; then moved to Alabama and away from all of these friends when I was 13.)

How cool is that I now "talk" with all of these friends because of the wonderful invention called the Internet? Just the coolest!!

. . . And let me spread the love to all of my new blogging friends too! You guys are the greatest! You always lift me up and make me feel so good about myself and I am so grateful for that! Friends like Maria, who just makes us all of us feel good!! And Gareth for also making me feel good about myself (you know why! ha!) and making me laugh! (And, New Mom--I'm missing you!)

. . . Off to have a busy day. Delaney has a Veteran's Day program at school and then tonight is her big Fifth Grade Scholars ceremony for the entire county school system. We are so proud of her for this accomplishment!!! (But for now, I need to go take a shower and get my butt in gear!) See you all soon!


adrienne said...

GREAT pictures!!!! Blogger had some issues yesterday, and I couldn't comment on Gary's blog! I will see you guys tonight!

Josie said...

Hi Cheryl! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love finding new bloggin' buddies and your little one is so cute!

aimee said...

I am with you about Lost! That is going to be a long wait!

Cute pictures and I love your daughter's name!! From my favorite book! :)

beadinggalinMS said...

Cheryl I love the first photo!! They are all great! If you ever feel the need to jump the state line could I borrow Gary to take some great shots of me?? LOL :)

Now about Lost! What are they thinking making us wait till Feb.?? It was a very very good episode last night.

Carrie said...

O I love the photos you look wonderful! :) Dontcha just hate that when shows do that? what is the reason I wonder? I think they lose viewers that way...Your daughter is darling..I watch a lil one who just said to me "no deal!" haha I love them at that age!!!!!!!

maria said...

Awww....thank you! You are so super sweet! I gotta check out your hubby's blog. Wow. Your hubby has a blog. I'm impressed! I can never get mine to even check mine once in a while, LOL.
The pictures he took are PHENOMENAL!

Ms.L said...

Ohh the Outsiders!
Loved the book and the movie SO much!
Those photos are beautiful:)

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--See ya tonight! So proud of J and D!
Josie and Aimee--Welcome in! Yep, our fave book is also To Kill a Mockingbird (gotta love that Scout!)
Beady--We should take a road trip! LOL! Yep, Lost was SO good! I think they're trying to make it better than the whole new show/repeat pattern of last season. But waiting this long . . . ugh!
Maria--Yep, my dh and I are Blogging Nerds, and a twosome at that!
Ms L--yep, loved the book and the movie. I remember Margie crying th ewhole way through the movie!

Gareth said...

Oh gee whizz I'm embarrised now and I may start to stumble over my words and froth at the mouth ;)
I would like to thank The Academy for this tremendous honour in having a shout out on this blog. I would also like to thank my parents for bringing me *starts crying uncontrollably* into this world. I would also like to thank ........ *hizzzzz boooooo get him off the stage!!* ...... cut down in my prime *shrug* *leaves stage exit right and can later be found wondering the streets kicking an empty coke can and mumbling to himself*


Dan said...

Oh come now! You say you're surprised that someone named DH can make you look good in photos. You have a wonderful smile! Don't ever lose it!

Life sucks when people stop smiling. ;) <-- see, I even added one here.

Gareth said...

Dan, I think DH stands for Darling Husband :P

Gareth said...

Or it could be Dumb Husband, Desperate Husband, Daring Husband, Demonic Husband or Dippy Husband - take your pick


Greta said...

great pics are hawt!!!

NMOTB said...

Hi Cheryl, That was a great post! I feel like I have been neglecting you guy's something terrible!!!!! I am glad to see the SOMEONE is missing me! lol Those photos of you are absolutely stunning!!! Great Job done, Gary! (You are a true professional). I (as you know) hve been having quite a hard time this week, although I am feeling somewhat better today! It is Ryan's Birthday tomorrow! Come look see, I have done a post about it! Say hi to Gary and the girls, I don't have time to get to all the blogs, ONCE AGAIN! (it is 11.36pm - almost midnight)but I will do my damnest this weekend! Take Care you guy's!

Ronalyn said...

OOOH THAT IS AN AWESOME PIC OF YOU!! Yes.. what are we going to do without LOST? Fill me in!! I guess we can keep guessing what's going to happen!

Ali Dub said...

Hi Cheryl, nice of you to visit my blog - just saying hi and I LOVE the pics of you and your wee one - just gorg!

Jenn said...

your pictures are great!! I love the little sayings. My son takes his time (he's 2.5) and is just starting to talk more. It's so much fun!!

Disney Scrapper said...

Oh, I love the new photos. By the way go check out my blog, I have exciting news. And thanks so much for the comments about the questions.



Cheryl Wray said...

Raymond--You are SO sweet!!!! Thanks for checking out my blog!

Redhead Editor said...

Those were my favorite shots from Gary's blog, too. You have beautiful (smart and funny) children.