Friday, December 01, 2006

Rumors, Girlfriends in Pajamas,
Weekend Plans, & an Impossible Question

Hi, my name is Cheryl and I'm a Rumor-aholic. I know I have a problem and I admit it. I find that I can't go for 10 minutes without needing to hear a rumor--and half the time I actually believe it (even when it is "So Ridiculously Outlandish that it Can't be True)!

What is wrong with me? Since my Alabama Crimson Tide fired its coach Sunday night, the air throughout the state has been filled with Rumors of Gargantuan Proportion. All of these rumors revolve around who we are going to hire as our new football coach (those of you from out of the country or who are not sports fans may not really understand this, but football is a statewide pasttime and we are obsessed with wanting a new coach who can help us win some championships! Football dominates the atmosphere from August-January and in most months in between!).

The rumors flying around are crazy . . . and most of them revolve around Steve Spurrier, who won a national championshp at Florida and is now at South Carolina. He is known as the "Ole Ball Coach" for his offensive play calling and the way he motivates a team. If he was at Alabama, I twitter to think how good we might could be. But I really don't see him coming here to Alabama; I think it's pretty near to impossible in fact. I'm an intelligent, rational woman who knows when something is pretty impossible to achieve--and I know in my head that he probably won't be taking the job. Still, the rumors fly--

* He's been offered a 3.5 million dollar contract with a $5 million signing bonus.
* He's been seen playing golf with Alabama trustees at a nearby golf course.
* He's already building a house on the fairway of that same golf course.

It's crazy what people will say, claiming it's information from a "reliable source"--even if that source is their Uncle Morty, whose former sister-in-law is the beautician for the athletic department's secretary's sister. Or, better yet, it came from a Blog. (Now how about that for a reliable "source"? LOL)

So, while we're at it, I thought I might mention a few other things that might be construed as rumors, but also could be reliable (we're never REALLY sure)--

* Matthew McConaughey learned that I am also a loyal Texas Longhorn fan and that I love men who run around with no shirts on and has therefore pledged his undying love to me.

* Gary has decided that I'm the most amazingly beautiful and supportive wife in the world and he's hired me a full time maid and nanny to "give me a break."

* The Alabama Athletic Department, realizing that they look like total idiots to the rest of the sports world, has decided to hire their first woman head coach and the only one who loves the team so much that she keeps her sports radio station turned on all day just in case some important news breaks--Me!

So, there you have it . . . I am a Rumor-Aholic and I know it's a problem. But it's just TOO much fun and I can't resist (but they've got to announce a coach soon, so I can get back to my real life!).


In other happenings . .. last night was my monthly Bunko night out with girlfriends! We had a BLAST (Bunko is this meaningless dice game that is played with 12 women; we put money in a pot and you win if you take first, second, or third place, or if you are the Big Fat Loser for the night.) Bunko is really just a chance to get away from the family for the night, eat lots of chocolate, and act incredibly silly with a bunch of girlfriends! I really look forward to it every month! (Although Gary calls it Christian Craps, because most of the girlfriends in my group are friends who go to church with me. He likes to bug me about it being gambling, although it's not really . . .)

For our December game night, we decided to have Pajama Bunko! Angi made breakfast and we all came dressed in our pajamas! Here I am dressed "down" and ready to go! (I just wish I had a big pair of fuzzy slippers and my ensemble would have been complete! You can't see my feet, but I had on my lime green Crocs!)

It's really kinda hard for me to believe that I just posted a picture of me in pajamas. Is that kinda weird? I hope you all know how special you are to get a picture of that, because it's really not the most flattering of pictures now that I look at it. Oh well, I guess it's a little too late now . . . lol

(And shame on you guys--Gary, Phats, Gareth, you know who I'm talking to--who thought that the "Girlfriends in Pajamas" title might deliver a little bit more than that!)


We have a busy weekend ahead of us! I will spend today working on several scrapbooking projects that need to get done--specifically, two gift scrapbooks that I'm working on (I hope to post a few of my creations over the weekend!)

Tonight, McKenna has a Band Banquet and will be getting all pretty and gussied-up for that! And tomorrow we will spend half the day at dress rehearsals for Delaney's Christmas Play, which will take place on Sunday night. It's always so stressful! We always watch dress rehearsal and exclaim that it is in shambles and they will never be ready for their performance. Then on Sunday--and no lie, this has happened every year since McKenna was in her first one at 6-years-old--the play comes together beautifully and they do a great job! (Of course, we will take LOTS of pictures of this so hopefully I can share a few on Monday.)


It's Friday again--which means it's time for a Friday Impossible Question. I like to pose a "difficult" question each week and see who can guess the correct answer first. I'm always amazed at how difficult these really turn out to be, and I love seeing your guesses!

So, today's question is--

* 90% of American homes have THIS, but only 40% actually ever use it. What is it?

ADDED to give you all a break--Let's see who can figure this one out! It looks like ALL of you need a clue to solve this week's impossible question, so I'm throwing you a bone! Lots of guesses for things like microwaves, ovens, irons, fireplaces, and other household items like that. But it is NOT an appliance and it is SMALLER than a book. AND you usually use it in the bathroom. I'll give you until 8 p.m., then I will reveal the answer! lol

ADDED AGAIN--Well, we finally have a winner (actually two winners!). Two Wray cousins popped in--Lorri, Gary's cuz from Mississippi (Welcome to my blog!!! Glad you came on in!) and his cousin Melissa, both answered correctly. The answer is DENTAL FLOSS. So, everyone fess up--how many of you have floss sitting in your bathroom yet never use it? Apparently a lot of us do!


I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. I really love seeing all of you pop by my blog and leave such great comments. I especially appreciate you coming by and taking a look at my Christmas photos yesterday. I love this time of year, and love getting to share it all with all of you! (And if you just visit my blog and never comment, pop on in and say "Hi!)

See you all again soon!

(Oh man--I just realized that it's December 1st. Wow! Where did that come from?)


maria said...

You are so right! December 1st is here sneaking up on us!

I loved all of your Christmas decorations! Thanks so much for sharing! I am so behind still!
Oh yeah, and still haven't done my post on the questions you had the other day! I am so going to do it soon! :)

~Telah said... it a cassette players?

Jennifer S said...

A dining room table or a formal living room. I couldn't decide so I'm guessing both. (My co-workers helped me!!)

Carol said...

I think the picture of you in your PJs is cute! Sounds like the kind of night out with friends I need too!

LarryLilly said...

Its not a formal dining room, since many homes do not have one, I would guess its something like a kitchen gadget, like a waffle maker, or a rarely used item, inexpensive, but almost everywhere, hum.... lots could be, the 90 percent having it almost makes it very inexpensive, but 40% makes it for the manic/depressive.... hum.... electric wok?

As far as Bama goes, living in Oklahoma for 25 years, and now Texas for 5, but going to school at Ohio State, where theyt play at times football, the problem Bama has is that 25 years ago, during the Bear days, Bama was only one of about 5 southern schools that had decent porograms. Now, there are about 25 in the southeast alone, and then there is the others, so they are just one out of 100 that are trying to win that elusive ring. fact is, outside of Bama, georgia, miss, carolinas, (lets face it, NO ONE from Florida goes to Bama), there arent enough solid HS players that can fill the plate. So unlike some schools that can truly recruit nationwide, they are at a disadvantage. Some midwest, east and certainly west players would never dream of going there.

That is their dilemia, they USED to have solid teams, when the competition in their neighboprhood, the southeast, was poor. Now, they are just a team with a bunch of wins in the PAST, trying to recapture those Glory days.

I tried to get a scholarship at bama in 68, but they didnt think a kid from NYC was for them. Ohio State thought differently.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh my! I cannot believe that Matthew is two timing me. I am calling his cell now! : )

Great post.

Still thinking about the question of the day.

Lisa L said...

A Bible or a treadmill (piece of exercise equipment)??

She-Ra said...

Mmmmm.... Matthew McConaughey...

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey Guys!! Sorry, no correct answers yet--although they've all been good attempts. Keep trying!!!
Maria--Thanks about the decorations. I love doing it! I'll keep looking for your answers on your blog!
Larry--You are exactly right (and I'm a Bama fan saying that!). So many fans down here still live in the past and the sports world today is SO different. You don't have the same situation that Bear had! And our job is not the best job in the world--although I still think it's pretty good. I just hope we can get someone good and then KEEP him for a while.
Tisha--Maybe we can just share Matthew!! tee hee

Margie W said...

A fireplace?

Dawn said...

I'm going to take a flying guess at your question and say, OVENS - as in those things you cook healthy meals in. Love the p.j. pic - what a cool idea for a fun get together. I also can't believe it's December 1st and eagerly awaiting your new scrapbook creations. Enjoy your weekend. xox

Gareth said...

I I I I I the thought never crossed my mind when I read "Girlfriends in Pajamas". Honest!! Oh ok don't believe me then *hmphhh* ;)

I'm beginning to worry about you. First it's making out in cars, then it's playing with your nutcracker upstairs (poor Gary!), then it's gambling and now it's semi naked pictures on the internet and I dread to think what other kinds of debotuary you will amuse yourself with next!! Yikes!!! :D

Gareth said...

Bytheway is the answer either an electric razor or an electric toothbrush??

Melissa L said...

Is it a fireplace?

em said...

Oooh...I'm totally going to try to get my bunco group to do pajama bunco!!! :)

beadinggalinMS said...

My guess would be microwave. My daughter says alarm system.

I can't believe the rumors you hear now days. I gotta call my sister to tell her about Matthew and wow Gary getting you a maid!! ;)

your pjs look so comfy.

Phats said...

OOOO an OVEN!!!! Am I right?? what do I win?

Why was I lumped with those other male lunkheads?!? hahahaha

I heard the biggest rumor on ESPN that nobody wants the Bama job. I can understand why the pressure has to be immense. You should have gone to the golf course to check and see if Spurrier was there? If you get hired, hire me to coach their cheerleaders, they are awesome ROLL TIDE

Phats said...

I hope it's not soap haha

Air Spray!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl this is Lorri Gary's cousin from MS.
I think the answer to your question may be Dental Floss. I may be wrong just taking a guess.

toya said...

lol,, you look comfy in your pj's, and I love your decorations, I'm not doing so much decorations this year, I had my christmas wreath up from december 05 to sep then year, I know, I know, horrible right,, I just didn't feel like taking it down, and even more lazy to go get another one at Joann's

Melissa L said...

I am going to take another guess. Dental Floss?

Jenn said...

Ok you look SO comfy in your pj's. I'm usually in mine 5 minutes after I get off them!! My church does crops sometimes where we have a big pajama!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Dawn--I've been working on some scrapbook stuff tonight. I plan on posting some stuff tomorrow evening or Sunday for sure!
Gareth--Be careful or you're gonna give me some sort of reputation! LOL
Em--The PJ Bunko was SO much fun. Your group has got to try it!
Beady--I wish!!! Aahhh Matthew. . . (although having a maid might get more excited!)
Phats--Believe you me, the pressure on the football coach here is CRAZY!! If they give me the job, you're the cheerleader coach in a heartbeat!!!
Lorri--HEY!!! That's so cool that you visited!
Toya--You're so funny about the decorations! Do what makes you happy!
Jenn--The Pjs WERE very comfy! I'm already in my Eeyore pair for tonight!
GOOD NIGHT everyone!! Hope to see you again some time over the weekend!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Matthew McConaughey learned that I am also a loyal Texas Longhorn fan and that I love men who run around with no shirts on and has therefore pledged his undying love to me.

I love that rumor...I think it is me though...(cheesygrin)

I like your blog..Very creative..
Thanks for sharing..
I know how the football is around these parts.The same in Mississippi!

Josie said...

I live for girls nights and they are even better in PJs.

Miss 1999 said...

Girl, I love the PJ's! They look so comfy :0) Don't feel bad, I'm a gossip-monger as well :0)