Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Random Tuesday" Meme

(and some random musings too)

When I saw this tag on several blogs last week (I first saw it on Susie's space), I immediately saved it--knowing that it would be perfect for my Random Tuesday post this week. It is really a fun one!

The rules are this: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They must be REAL places, names, things…nothing made up! If you can’t think of anything, skip it. Try to use different answers if your name also starts with C. And don't use your name for the boy/girl name question. (I also tried to come up with answers that actually had something to do with my life, although it didn' t work for all of them!)

As with all my Tuesday postings, I challenge you to do it too. Post your answers in my comment section or let us know if you're putting it on your blog. Have fun!


1. Famous athlete: Chipper Jones (makes me want Braves baseball to get here real soon!)

2. Four letter word: Crop (as in, I'm going to a scrapbook “crop”)

3. Street name: Cherry Avenue (one not far down the road from here)

4. Color: Canary yellow

5. Gift: Chocolate (Oh yeah, that always works! Especially if it’s Lindor chocolates of any kind!!)

6: Vehicle: Corvette (one of my good friends in college had a red one; boy, was that a pretty car!)

17. Tropical location: Cancun

8. College Major: Communications (that was mine—journalism in particular)

9. Dairy Product: Cheese! (feta is the current fave, but cream cheese also makes me happy!)

10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Coins (the girls collect the pressed pennies whenever we go on vacation)

11. Boy Name: Christopher (my brother’s name, and would have been our son’s middle name if we’d had a boy)

12. Girl Name: Cathrynn (McKenna’s middle name)

13. Movie Title: "Can’t Buy Me Love" (remember that one? Patrick Dempsey before he ever thought about being McDreamy; he was kinda McGeeky; a cute movie!)

14. Alcohol: Cosmpolitan (love me some martinis!)

15. Occupation: College professor (my dad's one and I believe to this day that it has got to be one, if not the best, job in the world!)

16. Flower: Calla lilies (my VERY FAVORITE—calla lillies and roses were my wedding flowers)

17. Celebrity: Cusack, John (okay, I cheated and went with his last name. But he’s my very favorite celebrity guy in the whole world!)

(ooh... he just makes me happy!)

18. Magazine: Creating Keepsakes (my favorite scrapbook magazine)

19. US City: Chicago (love the Windy City; went several years ago and did the whole thing—Sear’s Tower, Field Museum, Art Museum, Lake Michigan, and Chicago Pizza! Yum-0!)

(that's me in Chi-town)

20. Sports team: Crimson Tide (what in the world else?)

21. Something found in a kitchen: Casserole dish

22. Reason for being late: Can’t find my car keys!

23. Something You Throw Away: Cat litter

24 Things You Shout: "Crikey!" (well, if I was Australian)

25. Cartoon Character: Curious George

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And some random musings, just because I had a few other things on my mind . . .

* We sure were rooting for Miss Alabama to win the Miss America pageant last night but amazingly the only "Yankee" in the group won! Four of the Top 5 finalists were all from the South--Miss Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Oklahoma rounded out the five, and I guess that it's pretty close to the South (we're just kinda kidding about her being a Yankee.. well, kinda!). Southern gals are beauties, that's for sure!

* LOVED "Heroes" last night! What a stroke of genius casting George Takei ("Sulu" from Star Trek) as Hiro's dad (even though we only saw him for a few brief seconds); and my favorite line of the night (said by Invisible Boy to Peter) was, "I'm no people person, but I sure don't want you killing them all." And I SO want to have the kid's superpower--the ability to manipulate technology (i.e., get money freely from ATMs. LOL) The ending was awesome, and I'm so ready for next week already!

* I'm so hooked on reading blogs that are telling me about the CHA convention out in Anaheim. My scrapbook store is posting regular updates, my sweet friend Maria is out there having fun and posting too, and all of you scrapbookers will love this OVERVIEW of all the new products coming out this season. SO much fun to sit there and drool over all the new stuff--if only I had the money (i.e., the ability to get money freely from ATMs) to buy all of these supplies!

* It makes me very happy when contacts finally come through for me! I was so worried about getting quotes from sources for two articles I have due tomorrow. And then, lo and behold, they came through in the clutch and I can now get them written. Thank goodness! (I will be busy today trying to meet those deadlines!)

* Scout just continually cracks us up with the things she says. Monday night, she was standing up in our bed while we watched television and was basically talking non-stop (she is very skilled at that!!); Gary was trying to tell her, "Stop talking so much. We can't hear." Her answer? "But it just makes me happy." How do you answer that one?

And then last night, she started dancing around, wiggling her little behind, and singing: "Sydn-ee-ey's Hungry, na na na na na na . . . Sydney wants somepun to eat . . . That's my song." Again, how do you really answer that one? Well, you laugh at her, give her a hug, and go get her something to eat. What can I say? We're pushovers (or at least I am!)!

Now that you've experienced all my randomness for the day, ENJOY your day. (And do the fun little meme if you're so inclined!)


Carmel said...

it sure looks like a fun meme. I like heroes too, good taste I say!

Jeff said...

Wow... This is a challenge. Here goes:

Famous athlete: Jaromir Jagr (New York Rangers! Do I get bonus points since his first and last name start with "J")

2. Four letter word: Jump

3. Street name: J Street (No joke, I lived two blocks away from J street in Eureka, CA where the use letters for streets)

4. Color: jungle green (introduced by Crayola in 1990)

5. Gift: jewlery

6: Vehicle: Jeep

7. Tropical location: Jamaica

8. College Major: Journalism (mine too!)

9. Dairy Product: Jack cheese

10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: ??? (total blank out on this one)

11. Boy Name: Joe

12. Girl Name: Jessica

13. Movie Title: Johnny Guitar (classic Joan Crawford, and its star also has a "J"...Jaws also came to mind)

14. Alcohol: Juleps (never had one, but it is the only "J" I could think of)

15. Occupation: Janitor (could've gone with journalist, but I've already used that)

16. Flower: Jasmine

17. Celebrity: Jennifer Garner (just saw her new movie, Catch and Release this weekend. Plus loved her in Alias, a show I miss a lot.

18. Magazine: Jet (there are not a lot of J magazines out there I don't think, excpet for dry Journals of this or that)

19. US City: Jacksonville, FL

20. Sports team: Jazz (Utah's NBA team... and I don't like basketball really, but it's the best I could do. The closet thing the NHL has to a J team is the Columbus Blue Jackets)

21. Something found in a kitchen: Juicer

22. Reason for being late: The "J" train was delayed.

23. Something You Throw Away: junk (is that too genric?)

24 Things You Shout: ??? (and another blank out)

25. Cartoon Character: Johnny Quest

Heroes... another great episode! Yay!

NMOTB said...

That was a fun one Cheryl - Thanks for sharing!!! I will copy it and save it for a rainy day!!!! *:-)*

Carol said...

Love this meme!! It's a long one, so I'll have to get back to you. (Besides, it's still early in the morning.)

Jennifer said...

I went to high school with Miss Alabama!

delaney said...

Famouse Athlete-Derek Jeter(even though hes a Yankee)
Four letter word-dogs
Street name-Dexter Ave.(thats where one of my BFs lives there)
I got to go to school! Ill come back later and finish.

Brown English Muffin said...

I'm going to let you know now...there's no way I could do that tag...my letter would be M...it would take me forever!!! But I loved reading yours though...probably because I'm so stinking nosey!!! LOL

Ms. Oklahoma was beautiful though.

"But it just makes me happy." ~ TOOO cute...don't you wish you had a perpetual video camera watching your every move in your home so could catch things like this on video to watch years from now!!!

aimee said...

That is funny that you think that Miss Oklahoma was a yankee! LOL! Different perspectives!

Ok, here are my answers:

1. Andre Agassi (both names too!)
2. Aunt (I love being an aunt to my 7 nieces and nephews!)
3. Ashecroft Drive (my street)
4. Angel Ivory (I just painted my bathroom ceiling that color)
5. a chocolate covered apple
6. Audi?
7. Anywhere in Hawaii (I know that was reaching!)
8. Architecture
9. ?
10. Arrowheads
11. Aiden
12. Ava (both are fairly popular names right now!)
14. Appletini (from Scrubs! love that show!)
15. Air-traffic controller
16. Aster? is that a flower?
17. Apple, Fiona and Apple, daughter of Gywenth and Chris
19. Austin, TX
20. Astros
21. Apples
22. Airplane delays
23. apple core
24. Atta-boy! (ok, I don't really shout this.)
25. what is Garfield's girlfriend cat named? I know it starts with an "a".

Whew. Notice my theme was apples and airplanes. :)

Amanda said...

These are SO cute!! I will do it now, but I'm not very creative to come up with answers to these, but because I always copy your blog, I'll do it now!

Cheryl Wray said...

Carmel--I knew I had good taste! LOL Thanks!
Jeff--I LOVE your answers!! The famous athlete killed me (I don't know howkcy players; and yes,you get extra points!!) J Street-ha! Maybe jewelry in a souvenir shop too? (you know, there's always tacky rings and such)I have had a Julep, pretty good although I'm not a big mint fan. Love the reason for being late! Things to shout? Maybe, Jeepers!! Ha ha!!
New Mom--Can't wait to read yours too (on that rainy day! lol)
Carol--yes, it's hard to get the brain to work early in the morning!
Jennifer--How cool! I thought she did great!
Delaney--Can't wait to read the rest of yours!
Muffin--Yes, Miss Oklahoma was beautiful too! I liked her (she just wasn't one of my Southern girls!) I love memes like this because you get to be nosy and learn all sorts of fun stuff about people!
Aimee--All the apples just made me laugh! And yes, I think that Anywhere in Hawaii definitely counts (I want to go there!!!) Atta boy!!
Amanda--Yay!! I love sucking you in with these little quizzes!

Ryan said...

1. Famous Athlete: Reggie Jackson

2. 4 letter word: rube

3. street name: RAWLINGS

4. color: red

5. gift: Reticulating Saw

6. vehicle: Rolls-Royce

7. tropical location: Rio de Janeiro

8. college major: Radiology

9. dairy product: Ricotta cheese

10. Things in a souvenir shop:

11. boy's name: Robert

12. girl's name: Regina

13. movie name: Rain Man

14. alcohol: Rum

15. occupation: Retail

16: flower: Rose

17: celebrity: Robert Redford

18. magazine: Redbook

19. US city: Riverdale

20. sports team: Rockets

21 something found in a kitchen: Radichio

22. reason for being late: Ran into a cow

23. something you throw away: Rubbish

24. something yous shout: Remember the Alamo!

25. cartoon: Robots

Ryan said...

Oh, it's funny how you said john cusack "Just Makes Me Happy" and then Scout used the same phrase when Gary told her to stop talking so much. Do y'all really use the same pharses? Funny!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

That was fun to read!!!

Susie said...

Fun, fun, post! You did a great job with the meme! Loved the coins answer as our grandson also collect the pressed pennies from our travels!!
Your life sounds busy and very happy!

Amanda said...

Glad you sucked me in, but my answers SUCK!

Gin said...

I don't have time to do all of it (but it sure looks fun!), but I did think of . . .
Goat cheese (yuck)
Gin (like my name; cool)
George Clooney (oh yeah)


Barb said...

Hi Cheryl,

You've been to visit me a few times and I'm just not getting over here to thank you. I seriously do not know where my days go! I suspect my little grandson and my poor wounded husband could help me find them. LOL

You did a great job with the meme. I've seen it all over the place and I think it's harder than it initially looks.

I had to laugh at your bunko party in the previous post. I play occasionally as a sub for my daughter's group and those ladies are nuts! Talk about having fun. I've won the big prize twice. I usually walk away with nothing but a lot of fun memories.

Thank you again for leaving such nice comments for me. Rob is doing better...just terribly bored. He's not used to not being able to do anything. I hope six months from now he's back on the golf course!

By the way, your daughters are beautiful.

Kathryn said...

Cheryl love the Tuesday post and if it wasn't already funny that our youngest daughters have the same name, Delaney and I share a name just with different spellings...cathrynn and Kathryn..cool!

scrapperjen said...

Great list! I love Chi-town too.

Andy said...

i haven't posted my name thing on my blog yet but i am at some point. it looks fun. and i watched miss america last night too. once it got down to the final 5 we were pulling for texas. oh well.

Kentucky Gal said...

I love the way you did the meme...so colorful!!
ps...when I saw crop I thought of food crops...glad you clarified...lmbo!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Ryan--"Remember the Alamo" Hallellujah and Amen!! That just MADE my day!!! And you know, I never really realized that I do say "That makes me happy" pretty often; I guess I'm rubbing off on Scout!
Susie--yeah, the pressed pennies are really fun!
Amanda--Oh, I'm sure they don't suck! I'll go check it out in a minute! lol
Gin--"Geronimo!!!" I love it!
Barb--Thanks for stopping by! So glad to see that Rob is doing better! Come back again!
Kathryn--Yep, you two have pretty good names!
Scrapperjen--Chicago is SO fun!
Andy--Yeah, once Alabama was out we were pulling for Miss Texas all the way! She was gorgeous!
Tammy--So funny about the crops!!

Colleen E said...

Hi Cheryl! Glad you found my blog so I could likewise find your's. And I absolutely agree about the banana bread w/choc. chips. Try substituting a cup of wheat flour -- you'd be surprised at how great it tastes (and you feel like you're eating something healthy: ww & fruit!) I don't change anything else in the recipe...and have gradually replaced all the white with wheat. So you touched my heart with your comment about Chicago (my city - although don't live there anymore). Miss so much about it including the deep-dish pizza from Gino's & Lou Malnati's (& family!). Had fun with your Tues. entries too. xo

Nancy said...

I had seen this meme before and it looks like fun. I really enjoyed finding out new things about you. Thanks for sharing.

~Telah said...

Great meme...I'll have to give it a try! I too have been reading Scrap Etc. blog to see the new products...it makes me soooo excited!

Angie said...

Lets see if I can do at least some of these (this is gonna be hard, I'm afraid):
Andy Roddick
Anything you'll buy me!
?(boy, i can't think right now)
Absolut Vodka
Arnold Swarzanegger (think that's misspelled. ha ha)
Art & Antiques
Alabama (for you!)
Ashes (from cigarettes; boy this IS hard)

Mississippi Songbird said...

I was routing for Miss Mississippi..lol
Oh Well, Maybe next year..

Okay..I love the challenege.

1.Famous athlete - Steffi Graff
2.Four Letter word - sack
3.Street name - Shady Grove
4.Color - Seashell (my walls)
5.Gift - Saphire Ring
6. Vehicle - Saturn
7. Tropical Location - Santa Cruz
8. College Major - Social Science
9. Dairy Product - (I'll come back to it..lol)
10.Things in a souvenirs shop- Shirt
11.Boy Name- Stephen
12. Girl Name - Stacy
13.Movie Title - Slither (lol)
14.Alcohol- Southern Comfort
15.Occupation - Scientist
16.Flower - Sunflower
17.Celebrity - Sally Field
18.Magazine - Sports Illustrated
19.U.S.City - Saint Paul
20.Sports Team - Seahawks
21. Something found in a kitchen - Spoon
22.Reason for being late - sick
23.Somethig you throw away -sack
24.Things you shout! - SAFE!
25.Cartoon Character - Sylvester

Whew! I felt like I should be rushing... Like on the family feud..That was fun..Thanks, Cheryl


Delaney said...

I'm back. heres the rest of mine:

Dark purple
Delia's gift card
Dump trunk
Disney World (it is in Florida)
Dalmatians (101 Dalmatians)
I'm too young!
Disney Channel Actress!
Dylan Sprouse
There is no magazine that starts with D!
Dallas Cowboys
Duck flew into your windshield
Daisy Duck

Anonymous said...

Love this tag! So fun. And I learned a lot about you--love calla lillies and the Braves

Susie Q said...

What a fun Meme! Yours was great fun to read!

Kids do say the most fun things don't they? I LOVE it! I wish I had written down everything that Dan and Grace ever said but I do have a lot. They think it is silly but they won;t when they are grown! : )

Good news on your writing too...and your scrapping. You creative lady you!

Love and hugs,

Miss 1999 said...

I might hafta borrow this meme! I've read so many good one's today! I missed Heroes last night, I had to watch Wife Swap and Supernanny *embarassed*

NancyJones said...

hahahaha BELLA does that same thing.. WHY IS IT when heros or Jericho or Greys or american idol is on SHE INSISTS to share EVERY SECOND OF HER LIVE with us in song.. must be something about 3. Miss mississippi that got in the top three. That is a good friend of ours little sister!!! IM SO PROUD OF HER! (actually pretty shocked!) I didnt know she was in it and another friend called screaming TURN ON THE TV TURN ON THE TV your gonna fall over!
so that was really fun! OH I WISH I had the little boys power too that was rockin cool!I liked it too when the D.A. lady was telling the girl that she really wanted to talk to her "other personality" (my brain jsut lost total thought of the name cuz well Im trying to remember and that is what normally happnes when I WANT TO Remember something UGHHHH!!!) anyway and she looks at her and says" I realllllyyyy am thinkin' isnt a good idea" cuz I mean she knows chick is gonna flip out.. I was crackin up! But Yeah Im lovin that show. CANNOT wait for lost to come back on and cannot wait for Jericho and all my fav shows to come on again so I can be a total lamo' tv watchin blob on the couch!
SO I totally blabbed your ear off huh!
Bwahahaha Loved your challenge little thingy.. Mine is N and IM not so sure yet Im gonna try it but i may do it on my blog later this week.
Hugs lady!

Missy's Blog said...

Love the tag you posted ... how fun!! And you posted just creative answers!

Cheryl Wray said...

Colleen--So great to see you stop by! The choco-banana bread was TO DIE FOR and, yes, I love Chicago too! I've been wanting some deep-dish pizza for like a week now!
Nancy--That's what's fun about these things. You learn cool stuff about each other!
Telah--I get just GIDDY over new products.Can't wait forthem to get back to the stores!
Angie--Love your list! LOVE Aruba; gorgeous island!!! And thanks for the Alabama shout-out!
Songbird--LOVE your list! It did kinda feel like Family Feud, didn't it? LOL Maybe sour cream for a dairy prouduct?
Anon--Go Braves
Susie--Thanks! Kids do say (and do) the darnedest things!
Miss--HA HA on the Supernanny, etc. You must come over to the "Heroes" side!!
NancyJ--yes, why do they wait until there's something GOOD on to blather on and on (of course, she talks ALL the time! lol) Niki/jessica really freak me out on Heroes! And I cannot WAIT until Lost comes back. Counting down the days!!

Michelle said...

great job on this meme - the picture of the calla lillies you posted was beautiful!

We love watching Heros too...and that line was great! So I guess we get to find out who the mysterious father is next week! And I sure didn't see the twist coming of Hiro's father showing up like that!

Steph C said...

ok, a day late, but mine are on my blog :) LOVE the photos of the family, looks like a good time was had by all :)

angel said...

what a cool meme! my damien's second name was going to be christopher had his father and i stayed together- and i must just say that your brother is a dish!