Friday, January 12, 2007

"Rzmatz" & TGIF & an Impossible Question

Tee hee . . . how about that for a title post?

Yesterday, I was commenting on someone's blog and it made me verify my comment with one of those "visual verification" thingies. Usually it's just a bunch of gobbly gook, but this one made me smile as I typed in the letters. They were RZMATZ. As I typed them in, I said "Razz-ma-tazz." I felt like I was typing in some magical code and it made me smile. That's what I need more in my life, I thought . . . more fun, more magic, more joy, more happy smiley moments, more "rzmatz." Don't you think we all need a little more of that?

And then . . . TGIF . . .Thank God it's Friday!! What plans do you have for the weekend? Anyone have an exciting, romantic, or otherwise cool way they're spending the weekend? Come share it with me--and the rest of us--so we can live vicariously through you and be just a little bit jealous.

Me? Well, I actually am excited because tonight I'm going to scrapbook at my lss all my MYSELF. Delaney has a spend the night birthday party at a friend's house and my niece, Lori, is coming to hang out with McKenna. And Gary's staying here to play with Sydney (they were already talking about it last night and she seemed excited to have some Pop-Time with him later on!) Then, the rest of the weekend will be doing a few errands and finishing up Delaney's room (it is looking SO cute!! I promise to post pictures after the weekend is over with!)

Last night, I had one of those evenings that was unexpectedly fun. Don't you love times like that? McKenna and Sydney and I went to watch a friend at a wrestling match at the high school, and my friend Allison happened to be there too. We watched the matches--and grimaced in pain everytime these guys twisted in some pretzel-like fashion and yelled cheers of encouragement. (And I was thinking the whole time that I should have attended wrestling matches when I was a teenager--cute guys in tights in some really "interesting" positions. Ha!) Anyway . . . I digress... After the matches were over, we decided to go hang out at Dairy Queen. I ordered something called a Brownie Avalanche (Holy Cow! ice cream, brownies, marshmallow cream, cool whip, hot fudge . . . my hips and butt are currently complaining to me about it!!) We then regaled the three girls with us with car stories from our teen years (this came from a discussion that McKenna will be getting her driver's permit in just two months--yikes!). I was laughing so hard as I told them about my friend who had the big station wagon and how we'd play Chinese Fire Drill with it on a busy highway through town (have you ever tried that with a station wagon? it takes a while toget around it! lol). And the friend who owned the cutest little Fiat, but it only had first and fourth gears. That was an experience!! Or the friend who had the old Vega without a front seat. We'd just throw our textbooks and purses in the empty space and pile into the back seat. I love sitting with friends and remembering things . . . and laughing so hard because the memories just make me happy.

(We also told a few jail stories--never been in one, but had a few funny ones related to jail--that I will have to tell sometime. LOL! How about that for a tease?)

Boy, how do I get to typing and I have soon digressed far from the planned topic? (Those few of you who actually know me in real life know that I'm that way too for "real"--I can go off on some tangents! ha!)

Anyway . . . I hope all of you have a FANTASTIC weekend and that you get to have some FUN! I'm excited because it's a three day weekend. Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so that will be cool (thinking of maybe going to the Civil Rights Museum or some related site on Monday to celebrate; we'll see about that!).

Oh, also, I've read a few good articles and discovered a few blogs. I thought I'd share:

* A really fun recap of the bowls this year (categories like "You thought you'd kick butt, but you didn't" with Oklahoma as the winner). If you like sports in general, you'll like this guy's columns as Sporting News. Go HERE for that one.

* Okay, if you haven't got hooked on "Heroes" yet, why haven't you??!! This is the coolest show on tv (although "Lost" is right there up with it in my book!) and it comes back on Monday, Jan. 22 and I CAN'T wait. But if you haven't watched it, you need to get caught up. You can go to the NBC site HERE and get recaps of every single episode, even watch the episodes free. (Heck, NBC should hire me for PR!)

* Don't know what to write about? either for your creative writing, or for your blog? This is a really cool SITE that gives a ton of writing prompts to get you started. Very cool!

* I don't know if any of you caught my sorta random, oblique reference to French Vanilla Cool Whip on my blog the other day but, Whoa Nelly, this stuff is SO GOOD! I made me these yummy little pudding parfaits with them the other day and yesterday I actually used my finger and wiped the plastic tub clean! I'm SO cooking the recipe HERE this weekend. (And the whole site is fun; who doesn't love a little Cool Whip?)

* A few blogs I really like-- Elsie Flannigan's (all of you scrappers know her; she's just very cool!); Cream Puff in Venice is one of my fave food blogs (worth it just to drool over the pictures); Something So Clever is just a really fun blog with cool food and fashion and funky stuff (really like her writing style); I could go on and on, but I think I will stop with a shout-out to a new commenter onto my blog just this week. I really have enjoyed going to Stephanie's blog and appreciate her coming by mine!! (It's dangerous linking to any of you, though, because now I want to link to ALL of you. I just LOVE going to read your blogs and are full of great info and life!)

Now . . . how about an Impossible Question for this Friday? I was doing this pretty regularly for awhile, but got away from it. So, I'm bringing it back today. The question is . ..

* 47% of Americans say they have talked to this object before.

If you think you know the answer, leave it in my comment box. When I get a correct answer, I'll come back in and let everyone know it. Good luck!!!!

EDITED FRI afternoon-- Woo Hoo!! Congrats goes to Angel, who got the correct answer. It was an ATM machine. So cmon, everyone, fess up. How many of you have talked to an ATM machine before? especiallywhen it won't give me money!! Thanks for all the great guesses. It was harder than I thought!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

And, hey, you there...

Have a Razz-Ma-Tazz day!!!!


Ryan said...

Cool post! I hate I missed the DQ chat session. Stupid Work! Don't give M any ideas of goofy car stuff by the way! I cringe at some of the memories of things I did in my old '66 Chevelle. My guess: The TV See ya!

Stephanie C. said...

Thanks for the shout out Cheryl. My guess for the Q is...hmmm got two ideas in my head...eenie meenie miinie moe....their pet. Ok not very original..I agree with ryan, as a tv "yeller" myself (HA!)..but don't want to swipe someone else's answer :) Have a great weekend!

scrapperjen said...

My answer to the question is: TV

Hey there! Nothing exciting for us this weekend. I'll check in soon!

Gareth said...

Message to Gary: if your wife phones you at 3:00am tomorrow from the local jail you will know what happened ..... she went to her scrap book get-together do dah and half way through it got into a fight with one of her fellow scrap bookers. They started wrestling with each other - you know rolling about the floor as women do lol. A few minutes later the door bell rings, it's the local po-pos come by because they had a phone call from the neighbour telling them of the loud noises eminating from the house. They cart Cheryl and her friend off to the local jail house and now she wants you to hand over the bail money. I know it's a tough decision to make Gary - do you rush down to the jail house with the money in hand or do you just leave her for some peace and quiet for yourself until the next day?? Personally I would just let the bitch rot but that's just my take on it :P
But whatever you do don't bring the kids along with you! Seeing their mother behind bars could lead them into a life of criminality and debotuary and before you know it they are pushing out babies and little Scout is pimping her two older sisters!! :D

My answer is: significant other, hahaha :P

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey Ryan--yah, we had fun at DQ last night. Always fun to hang out and eat ice cream! I was thinking that we were being a bad car influence on M. Gotta hear some of the Chevelle stories! LOL
Steph--You're welcome!
Jen--Hey, nothing wrong with a do-nuthin weekend either. They're fun!
And-SORRY-- neither pet or TV is right!! Keep trying!

Cheryl Wray said...

GARETH---Boy, have I missed your comments lately!! WELCOME BACK!!!
Crackin me up seriously!! I can't believe you think G would choose a life of solitude and non-nagging instead of a lovely life with me!! LOL
Scout pimping is TOO funny!!! Rolling... k, gotta get a grip!
Sorry.. significant other is wrong too!!

~gkw said...

Gareth - Are you crazy...?? If I leave her in the jail... I have to keep the kids!!! I'm goint to Mill Creek tonight when she gets home... if she's in jail I have to get her out so I can go!! (or I'll just drop them off over at Adrienne's house....

hmmm, that's not a bad idea!

~gkw said...

my guess - Computer. I talk to mine all the time.

~gkw said...

hmmmm, how bout the telephone?? EVERYONE talks to their telephone. I guess thats more than 47%

~gkw said...

their CAR!!!

Jenn S said...

Car ?

Let me know the correct answer please... & have a good weekend!

Chris A said...

Maybe it's a scale . . .

Gareth said...

Gary all you need to do is take them with you to Mill Creek, lock them in the car with a large bag of chips and a couple of bottles of coke. They'll be as happy as Larry, honest. Meanwhile Cheryl gets some time to think about her criminality and upcoming prosecution case whilst being rogered in the shower cubicles. It's a win win situation.
Message to Cheryl: leave the soap where it is!!! :D

Is the answer that 47% of people talk to themselves?

aimee said...

Alarm clock?

angel said...

nice post- we need more rzmatz indeed!
i reckon the thing people have spoken to... is an atm!

angel said...

i reckon the object people have spoken to is an a.t.m.
really cool post- i couldn't agree with you more about having more razz-ma-tazz in our lives!

Kentucky Gal said...

thanks for listing some interesting blogs...I'm always on the lookout for new reads!!

Alicat said...

wow -- thank you so much for linking my site! I'm so glad you enjoy it. :)

I was on a blog a while back and the word verification required german letters -- like an a with an umlout (sp??) above it. Now THAT was unexpected! :)

NMOTB said...

Nice Post Cheryl. We just came back now from a night out on the town with the kids - thought we would take them out!!! I have been so very lazy and my blogging is lagging behind!!! Hope you guy's have a great weekend!!!

Missy's Blog said...

Dairy Queen ... MMMMMMM ... we have one only 2 miles away and it's soooo hard to stay away.

I read your impossible question, and my guess was going to be "the car". I don't think I've ever talked to an ATM machine though.

Hope you enjoy your solo scrapping time!

~Telah said...

Happy Razz-ma-tazz to you too! How funny. Guess what I'm gonna be doing this weekend. We are painting our bedroom because I got a phonecall this morning that our furniture that was gonna take 2-3 weeks to come in, came in today...less than a week after we ordered it. So paint this weekend so we can have it delivered on Monday! Not very romantic....but fun none-the-less.

Cheryl Wray said...

G--I love all your answers, but I guess you see now that they were all WRONG!! LOL
Jenn & Chris--Sorry to you both too! LOL
Gareth--Stop making me spit food out of mouth from laughter!! "Being rogered" is a new term to me. Is it European?
Aimee-Sorry! But you know I talk to my alarm clock all the time. Or YELL at it! lol
Angel--YOU GOT IT!!! Yay to you!
Tammy--I love surfing around and finding cool things to read!
Alicat--You're welcome! I just think that your blog is WAY FUN and wanted to key people onto it!
New Mom--You have a great weekend too!!
Missy--I try and avoid the DQ as much as possible. I LOVE their Moolates (the coffee drinks. yum!!)
Telah--Ooh fun!! I know you're excited about your furniture!! Yay!! Happy Razz-ma-Tazz to you too!!

jessi said...

when i was pregnant with haillee...I couldn't get enough of those brownie earthquakes!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm...just a whole bunch of goodness in one bowl!!! gotta love it! and they are still a favourite dessert of mine...I make them home...cheaper and i don't have to go out to get one...heehee!!

and yup...I talk to the AtM and have been known to talk to various other inanimate objects as well...LOL!!

can't wait to see delaney's room(hope I spelled it right!!!)and i love the fact that you are a talker...too cool!!!! have a fabulous plans are to hang out and do some fun things with my family...maybe a trip to DQ...hahahaha!!!

cheryl said...

LOL - yes, I talk to the ATM. hee hee. Happy New Year! Thanks for the cool links!

I am also tagging you! Can't wait to see your answers.

And you get to scrap. Alone. So jealous.

cityfarmer said...

I simply cannot keep up with you!!!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Hey, Not much going on for us this weekend. I just want to relax really. After all the holiday stuff, It's just nice to chill..

Have a Great Weekend!

Ellen said...

Love your post! You really get excited about food don't you, girl? I loveit!

Cheryl Wray said...

Jessi--Those earthquakes are SO good. So funny that you knew what I was talking about.And you could SO absolutely make those at home. Great idea!! I will post pics of Delaney's room (you got it right!) on Monday probably. It's looking neato!
Cheryl--Scrapping alone tonight was very nice! (I just got home!) I will go check out my tag. Fun!
Cityfarmer--Keeping busy keeps me from being bored, that's for sure!
Songbird--Just relaxing sounds GREAT!! I'm hoping to do some of that tomorrow and Sunday!
Ellen--LOL!!!Can you tell I like food?!

Miss 1999 said...

You know, I love when I have days/moments like that-- those are some of the best memories I have in my life. I also must admit, I totally miss Dairy Queen. We don't have one in Elizabethton, so I have to drive all the way to Johnson City for my Blizzard needs!

Gareth said...

I never would have thought about an ATM being the answer so well done Angel. Actually we have a nickname for an ATM - we call them a 'hole in the wall' - yeah we are a very simple folk over here :P

Yes 'rogering' is an old British word or to be more specific an English word. I would be surprised if that word hasn't made it across the Atlantic to you guys as we tend to exchange words quite a lot lol.

Gareth said...

p.s. I'm guessing that you know what it is because otherwise I can show you pictures if you like. I would be really surprised if you didn't know through your recent dabbling in the porn world. Hahahahaha ;)

Cheryl Wray said...

Miss 1999--Traveling a bit for a DQ Blizzard is a sacrifice worth taking! LOL
Gareth--Thanks for the clarification! I think I can figure out what the word means! LOL I love all the different words and phrases that people say from "all over."

Lee Ann said...

Have a Razzamatazz weekend!

Susie Q said...

You are oh so razmatazz dear Cheryl! I am razmatazzing out in the rain! I am so envious of your warm, sunny day! : )
Hmm...I love the DQ chocolate dip cones! : )
Nothing special this weekend but some fun things hither and yon. Mostly yon, but at least one hither.
Go out and razmatazz tonight!
Love and hugs,

Lara said...

I never would have guessed ATM machine,LOL! But, I definitely have talked to one or two of them now that I think of it.

Thanks for all the blog links...I've been looking for some fun reading material. Especially loving the football one. :)

Heather said...

Cool! I wouldn't have guess ATM machine either! Love Shack...that song takes me back...Nothing much planned for this weekend. Taking down the decorations to celebrate our family Christmas with my husbands family finally on Friday and the kids spent the night at the grandparents last night! Pretty boring...but relaxing and quiet...can't beat that! Take care!

Gin said...

Hey!! Love the post today (well, from a few days back. I'm a bit behind on my reading, because things have been busy.)

Cheryl Wray said...

Lee Ann--(smile!) Thanks!! hope yours was great too!!
Susie--The choc dip cones are really my favorite thing there (besides the Moolates!). Your hither and yonning cracked me up!
Lara--Glad you liked the links! I'm forever reading sports stuff online!
Heather--Sounds fun to me! MORE Christmas stuff!! yeah, I love that song!Actually, my reminiscing about car adventures reminded me of that song! Fun, fun!!
Gin--Hey! Thanks!! I hate when iget behind on blog reading, but there's so many of them...