Friday, February 23, 2007

Food, Drinks . . . and Friends!!!!! . . . a GREAT way to spend an evening!

You all know that I got together last night with two of my very best friends in the world... and you knew I'd give you an update, right?

Jeff and Angela and I were great friends when we were in college at the University of Alabama back in the late 80s and we had some wonderful times! Last night, when we got together, we got to talking about some of those times and it was like it was yesterday all over again. (Isn't it amazing how you can just catch up from where you were? Just so cool!). We remembered some of our favorite local bands and clubs we used to hang out at, staying out until the wee hours of the morning (my body cannot do that now!), parties at our apartments, road trips we'd take, ex-boyfriends, meals we ate, even sledding down a hill on garbage bag-lined cardboard. And we remembered all the times we spent at Kozy's, where we ate again last night. Just great memories and some of my favorite parts of my life.

Of course, now Jeff lives in New York City and is very "uptown" (lol!) so we loved hearing all the NYC updates and stories about life with his partner Will. Sounds like they live an adventure a lot of the time! And it was great to touch base with Angela too; even though she lives just an hour away, it's hard for the two of us to see each other near as often as we'd like.

To set the stage, we must first all have a Before and After Experience. Here are the three of us in 1989. Look how young we (I!) look!!! And I'm sure Jeff will love me showing off his 80s hair!

And then here we are last night! (Didn't even planthe seating arrangement, but it's the same as the 89 picture. This is SO becoming a scrapbook page!) You know--sometimes I feel really old and then sometimes I think we've aged pretty well! Same people, just a few more wrinkles and achy bones!

Now, you have to know Angela and Jeff and I to really, truly appreciate how much we love food! We always laughed that we can just sit there together and moan and we each understand how the other person feels! And we have had some great meals together over the years! Last night's was no exception!

Let me regale you with some of the food we enjoyed . . .

Bacon wrapped scallops (wow, they were BIG!)--


Shrimp stuffed mushrooms that were incredible!
Greek salad (with a wonderful vinagrette dressing, feta cheese, and red peppers; yummy!)

We didn't order entrees, but instead went with appetizers and salads--knowing we had to have room for our drinks and desserts (of course!)

I had a wonderful Flirtini before dinner and then a yummy Kozy Kremer afterwards (it is the wonderfully decadent ice cream, chocolate, kahlua creation; HEAVEN!) This is a picture of it, but it's a really blurry picture (but I love it... because see Ang cracking up in the background! lol). They were both amused by my taking pictures of our food!

And then . . .


We shared these three desserts and let me just tell you... whoa (insert moan here)! We had White Chocolate Bread Pudding (divine!), Hazelnut Mousse (oh yeah!), and Coffee Creme Brulee (my favorite . . . just melt-in-your-mouth, let-me-stop-and-have-a-moment delicious!). Wish you all could have enjoyed a bite of it with me.

Then a few other random shots. Of Jeff and Angela talking...

And of Jeff and I outside the restaurant after we'd closed it down 30 minutes after closing time!

My challenge to you today: Find a friend you haven't talked to in a while and have a long conversation with them, reminisce about the old times, and get together if you can! Does wonders for you!

Now, this weekend . . .

~ I'm excited because I will be spending most of tomorrow at a scrapbook event called Maniac Madness. I'm doing a mini album with the rest of the Scrapbook Mania design team, but also hoping I can get some of my own scrapbooking done. Should be fun!!

~ Delaney has a scrimmage game on Sunday for her travel softball team. Looking forward to seeing how they play!

I hope all of you have an excellent weekend as well!!

(I had to put in this U2 song for my video today, since one of my fondest memories with Jeff and Angela is going to the huge stadium U2 concert during their Rattle and Hum tour back in college. So much fun!! Takes me back!)


Amanda said...

GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, you had me at that Martini glass.....I will take some pics of the martini's (PLURAL) that I am having me some of those! And, the way this week has been going......wooooooo!!!!!

Ryan said...

Ok, I took a really close look at the '89 pic. Who's place were you at? SEVERE Trek Geek. I counted two posters and a mug. But Kudos for the Lost Boys poster over the ANCIENT computer! LOL!!! I actually found an old friend on myspace that doesn't live too far away. I hope to get with him in the near future!

Renee said...

That's so cool that you have before and after pictures. Sounds like a great time.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, that food looks so good!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Looks like you had a BLAST!! ANd those scallops look FANTASTIC! Oh, I don't have a friends stamp....

beadinggalinMS said...

Sounds like a great time with delicous food. :)

maria said...

Wow! How very fun! Spending time with friends is always a blessing, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories and pictures...yum!

~gkw said...

I'm jealous.... I was at softball with the kids... You looked way too happy when you got home

Jeff said...

That would be my place with all the "Trek" stuff. Sadly, it's all gone now. When I moved to New York from California all of the Star Trek stuff I had and all the Star Wars stuff Will had was sold on ebay becuase the New York apartment simply didn't have room for it all.

What Cheryl left out was how geeky we all were back then--and there was a lot of talk around this last night too. There are three or four videos that we each have copies of that capture the truly wacky times we'd spend going to Star Trek conventions in Atlanta and Greenville.

Excellent recap Cheryl! I'm going to grad some time to blog on my own space later today, no doubt I'm going to link over to yours since its so comprehensive!

Now it's your turn to come up to NYC!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Looks like you had a great time.. It's fun talking over old times.. Great memories and making new ones..
Have a terrific weekend..


Cheryl Wray said...

Amanda--Ooh, I love martinis!! (you know it!) I had a Flirtini, which I've never had. It was GOOD!!! Enjoy yours this weekend!!!
Ryan--Oh yeah, we all loved Star Trek and Jeff was a serious Trekkie. He had all the cool posters, toys, etc. Renee--I love the before/after pics. It sure ages us!! LOL
Anon--It WAS good!!
Adrienne--You would love the food there! That's okay about the stamp! {smile}
Beady--I know you can appreciate the good food!
Maria--Yes, nothing like time with friends!!
G--Sorry, sweetie!! I WAS happy--had such a good time!! And thanks for taking such good care of the girls!
Jeff--We were kinda geeky, weren't we? At least in the way we loved Star Trek. Of course, I STILL am a geek about some things (Heroes! etc.) I'll have to go check out your blog. You must put a pic of the van on it!!! lol I would LOVE to come to NYC. How fun would that be??

Cheryl Wray said...

Songbird--You popped in while I was posting too! lol
Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!!

NMOTB said...

Great post! You look even more stunning now than then!!!!!! I think it is great that M is prepared to trade Mspace for lent!!! Way to go - just goes to show what a great job you and Gary are doing with your gorgeous girls!!!! Hope you have great weekend too - Good Luck to D with the softball and oh well just give S a big kiss - cause she is too cute for words!!!

Take Care!~

cityfarmer said...

I'm diggin the bacon wrapped thingy.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl and Jeff...It was a blast! Absolutely LOVE the menu picture! I had to think hard about it (and after the Kozy Kreamer,thinking was an effort!), but I have been going there for 20 years! (Isn't it about time for me to start wearing purple...?)LOL! Forgot my blogger account info, so had to post anonymously. (I'm sure you can crack the code, though!) Let's get together soon...have to buy the girls books! Angela

jessi said... brave girl for posting that old photo!!! how cool...and just so you know...even on a full stomach I am drooling over that food!!! it looks heavenly!!! and I love touching base with old friends... I had an opportunity to do so a few weeks ago with a highschool pal!! have a crazy busy weekend full of good times...ciao for now!!!

Jen said...

Wow, love the before and now pictures, That's so cool!

Miss 1999 said...

Ok, I'm absolutely STARVING after looking at those pics of the food! I'm so happy you got to go to dinner with two of your best friends! The pics were priceless- don't ya just love the 80's hair!

I've been in a nostalgic mood this week myself-- I picked up the phone and called a friend I haven't talked to in a year. It felt really good to talk to him. I've decided life is too short to not keep in touch with those I love!

Thanks for sharing this with us! *Hugs*

Gin said...

Wow! What a great time you had!
I alwas love coming to read your blog, because of all the good times.

scrapperjen said...

That sounds like SO much fun! What wonderful memories. I love your then & now photos - tee hee! :D
Hope you are all doing well!

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a great time with some friends!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Awesome photos (as always) and looks like you guys had lots of fun. I loved the before and after.

rhonda said...

so glad you had fun...I had a "friend-catch-up" not long ago..and they are a blast!