Monday, February 05, 2007

~Fun Stuff ~

Okay, so I got an email this past Friday that gave me heart palpitations and labored breathing. I couldn't see straight for a few minutes--it got me THAT excited!

It was an email letting me know that the publication date had been announced for this--

I absolutely LOVE he Harry Potter books and I can't wait to get my hot little hands on this one. Yep, I might be one of the Nerds up at mignight the night of the release in line at the bookstore with all the other Harry Potter Nerds. This time, I'm really going to try and take it a little slow and savor every momet (although I've told myself this each time and I ALWAYS end up reading it in like 2 days!!). I can't wait!!

I thought last night's Super Bowl turned out pretty great! It wasn't as dramatic as I would have liked (I like the close, down-to-the-wire contests), but I sure was glad to see the Colts and Payton Manning win! (I also thought that Prince was pretty good at halftime! A couple of near-40 friends of mine and I were having a major 1985 flashback with "Purple Rain"!).

I do have to share with you, though, what happens When a Cake Goes Horribly Wrong... I had plans to make a really fun cake to take to McKenna's Youth Super Bowl Party. It was going to be green with white lines and field goals to look like a real football field; I was going to put pictures of Colts and Bears helmets in the "endzones," and everyone was going to be SO impressed!

(But . . . well... my printer screwed up so I couldn't print out the helmets. And the white writing frosting that I thought I had bought had apparently not made it into my grocery bag! So, I attempted to freehand a football on a green field. And the football ended up looking like a deflated balloon. But, the good news is that it tasted good!)

Right now, Scout's favorite little phrase is something she says after things don't go quite as she'd planned. Maybe no one will play a game with her that she desperately wants to play, or maybe we have to go do an errand when she really just wants to stay at home and watch "Dora the Explorer" . . . at moments like this, she just scrunches up her face and says "Ah Sn-aa-pp!!" It is the FUNNIEST thing to hear her say (and I'm guessing she got it from the Disney show, "That's so Raven" because Raven is always saying, "Oh Snap!").

Well, when my cake got so far from what I wanted it to be I felt like saying, "Oh Snap!"

Here's a peek at what it ended up looking like (it didn't look good, but it TASTED good! LOL) . . .

I got a really fun RAK package in the mail on Friday and it just made my day. My sweet friend Maria spent part of last week out at the Craft and Hobby Association's big show (interpretation: all the fun, new scrapbooking stuff that you could stand!!). She asked on her blog what her favorite exhibition booth was and I guessed right--I guessed Elsie F's--so I won a fun package that she sent right off to me. Here's some of the fun stuff in it--

(Maria, you'll notice that those Pirate stickers don't quite look like they're supposed to and that's because Scout decided to take them all of and put them all over the top of Gary's laptop--when neither of us were looking, of course! I had to unstick them and I hope they will be in good enough shape to make it onto a project! LOL And I LOVE that "Rock Star" iron-on. I'm definitely making a shirt out of that! Thanks, Maria, you're a doll!)

I'm teaching a "Things I Love" mini album class tomorrow night at Scrapbook Mania. It's using a really fun tabletop flip album, and it's designed around a Valentine's Day theme of the things you love in your life.

Here's some pics of mine. . .

Well, ready or not, I guess I'm ready for this week to start. McKenna and I are about to go to the Passport Office to apply for her passport for her trip this summer (hoping that doesn't take an eternity to get done!), and then I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for our Scrapbook Extravaganza we're having this next Saturday. Plus, I've got a few articles I want to send off queries for. So, busy busy as always!

(And, woo hoo, "Lost" comes back on Wednesday!)

(And, oh, why does this song just get stuck in my head and never leave?!)

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and that you have a great week coming up ahead of you!


aimee said...

SO excited about Harry Potter! July seems like it is so far away!

Steph C said...

Love the cake...and that project looks adorable! So glad the teaching is going well for you!
DD is as excited as you for HPotter, she has marked it on her calendar so we don't forget lol!

jessi said...

I love the harry potter will probably wait for that instead of reafing the book...LOL!!! I am horrible with reading...I like to read for mindless relaxation and gravitate towards things like Johanna Lindsay and such...LOL!!! absolutely mindless!!!
love your mini album...what a fun class that would be!!
sounds like all in all a pretty great weekend!!! good luck with gettting your daughter's passport!! ciao for now!!

Pat said...

I LOVE Harry Potter. I don't know if I canwait that long to read it. SO excited!!!
I bet th cake was yummy!

maria said...

Cheryl, I'm so excited about Harry Potter too! And so glad to read you liked the RAK! Your cake looks fabulous! I bet it was delicious! With free hand work as amazing as yours, who needs a printer anyway! :)

Amanda said...

I am totally doing that "things I love" scrapbook...FOR SURE! I have been wanting a little mini album idea...that is such a GREAT, CUTE, Adorable album!

Anonymous said...

your little album is so cute. I'm ready for anonline class right now! lol

Renee said...

I'm a nerd too. I also can't wait to read the new H.P. book!

Andy said...

i love your scrapbooking stuff. it's always so creative and cute.

Cheryl Wray said...

Aimee--Oh, I am SO excited! July can't get here quickly enough!
Steph--The cake was yucky-looking, but yummy-tasting! LOL Your dd has GREAT taste!!
Jessi--Oh, you really should try the books. They read SO fast and easy. I think you would love them! We actually had very little problem getting her passport today. SO glad about that!
Pat--Yep, it was!!
Maria--Well, it really DIDN'T look that good, but it was a hit nonetheless! LOL
Amanda--Oh, you definitely need to share the album with us after you've made it. I just think it's a great theme for a little mini scrapbook!
Anon--I've actually been thinking thatI might start posting some directions and scrapbook challenges online! I'll let you know!
Renee--HP Nerds unite!! LOL
Andy--Thanks! I love doing it!

NMOTB said...

Another Harry Potter!!! Ok I have a small confession to make..............................I have yet to read one of the HP books! I know, bad girl!!!!!

That cakes looks super yummy (love that colour).

Your projects are amazing and that is one thing I will be doing this year still and that is scrap booking - yeah yeah, I know I say it each time but I am serious this time round - by next month I will have my starting kit and then there will be no stopping me!

Take Care and love to all!

Phats said...

do you watch the harry potter movies? The star of them has been in the news alot lately for posing nude, and doing a play where he is naked and does a love scene, he is 17! CRAZY

Cake looked good, I am sure it tasted better.

Indy is going nuts, parade today at 4:30 in the -10 degree weather

Liz Ness said...

Ooo! I love your mini! I bet the class is so fun, too. Also, that cake looks yummy -- I'd be in line for a piece, for sure! Finally, I just love your new banner. Really cool!

Miss 1999 said...

I didn't realize there was another Harry Potter book coming out! I love the movies, but just don't have the patience to sit and read a book that long!

Love the cake, don't feel bad about it, though-- anything I cook turns out to be a big disaster!

Leah said...

As long as the cake taste good thats all that matters!

And no you didn't put that song on your blog..!:) Now I'll be singing "to the left" for the rest of the night!

Linda said...

My daughter's friend at work is a huge Harry Potter fan. She got all excited last week too. She arranges to take a couple of vacation days the day the book comes out so she can stand on line to get it and then run home and read it. I have yet to read them, but you do make them sound good.
I think the cake is very pretty - a wonderful shade of green.
And those pictures for the album are beautiful.
Have a wonderful week.

Barb said...

Well, I think it looks good. What on earth is wrong with that? It looks wonderful!

Don't feel like a nerd because if you do, then I have to, and I'm addicted to Harry Potter. I can't WAIT for the new book. I also can't believe it's the last one. Sigh.

By the way, I saw photos of "Harry Potter" in People last week. Oh my word, has he ever grown up!

Heather said...

Yes, that song does get stuck...and I catch myself singing it over and over! LOL
Scout sounds so cute with the quote from Raven. I bet she and my little Miss Kennedy would be a blast to get together!
Cake is supposed to taste good...not necessarily look good! Great job....or that is my humble opinion! Much better than I could decorate! And lastly, but not least! You continue to amaze me with your creativity! Love the flip album!