Friday, February 02, 2007

Looking Forward to February . . . Birthday Fun . . . a Recipe . . . & an Impossible Question (and oh yeah, some pics)

Whew, it looks like you could be in for a long read!

Well, it's hard for me to believe but February is here! Wow! Does it seem to you like it should be February already?

I have always really loved February for some reason; I like celebrating the "season of love," and March madness and softball is fast approaching. Mostly, though, I think I like it because it's getting toward the end of winter and I can anticipate the Spring coming. Just a good time of year!

This February, I'm looking forward to . . .

* The Super Bowl (Go Colts!)
* Our big Scrapbook Day (fundraiser for McKenna's SLU Europe trip) on Feb. 10! (Come if you're nearby!)
* Family Life Retreat at Camp Sumatanga (this is our weekend retreat with friends from church and it is always a BLAST!! As soon as it's over, we're ready to go again! At a beautiful rustic location, with some great spiritual moments, plus lots of laughter and fun with friends. Can't wait!
* Valentine's Day (I know some people are anti-Val Day--but I love having a night to have a good excuse to go on a date with Gary and I love making little goody baskets for the girls and I just really like pink and red!)
* Softball is getting closer and closer!
* I'm teaching two classes at Scrapbook Mania. A "Things I Love" mini album class and a Heidi Swapp calendar class. Fun!
* "Lost" is coming back! (HURRAY!!)
* It's pretty much our one last good chance for snow. Pretty Please, I want some snow this year!
* You can pretty much eat chocolate all month long!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last night we finally got the chance to celebrate my mother-in-law Clara's birthday. She had knee and leg surgery last week and came home from the hospital on her birthday (not a fun way to celebrate the day!); she finally felt like us coming over, though, and we had a really great time.

Clara is just a sweetheart and a wonderful mother-in-law. I always say that those of us with good husbands should have a lot of gratitude toward our mother-in-laws; you can also tell a lot about how a man treats his mother and Gary has always treated her with love and respect (and, in turn, he treats the girls and I the same way). So--Happy (late) birthday Clara!

We also celebrated Gan Gan's birthday, also a few days late. This is Clara's mom, Gary's grandmother, but ever since Gary was about 3 years old and said everything in doubles ("dog-dog," "ball-ball") she has been "Gan Gan."(And now EVERYONE calls her that!) We celebrated her 82 birthday! She is a wonderful woman. We love you, Gan Gan!

Gary's sister, Angel, and I prepared a dinner for the whole crew. I made huge pots of spaghetti and fettucini alfredo; she brought a yummy salad and garlic bread; and I also made a delicious Peanut Butter Pie (I actually made it in a 13 x 9 inch pan, so I called it Peanut Butter Pie/Birthday Cake). For some reason, I have become the Designated Dessert Baker in the family but I don't mind at all. I love to bake desserts and try out new ones.

I thought you all might enjoy the recipe I used last night for this super easy Peanut Butter Pie. I like tripled this recipe to make a big pan, but this is for a single pie. (And I'm just warning you right now--this is GOOD!!! LOl)

Peanut Butter Pie

1 (3 oz.) package of cream cheese
1/4 cup crunchy peanut butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 (8 oz.) cool whip
1 graham cracker crust

In large mixer bowl, blend together first three ingredients; blend in cool whip. Pour into crust and chill. Enjoy!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How about an Impossible Question?

At one point, I was posting an "impossible" question almost every Friday but I tend to skip a week pretty regularly. But I thought I'd bring it back today.

Remember: if you think you know the answer, post it in my comments section and when someone answers correctly I will pop on here and edit to add the answer!

The Question is: 90% of kids will eat THIS, but only 10% of adults will. What is it?

Good Luck!

Well, Jeff you Smarty Pants--you commented and got the right answer!! The answer is SNOW!!! (If you all needed a hint, it was going to be that I mentioned it in my post today. But Jeff got it before I had to! I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that he is surrounded by snow up there in New York City!! Jealous down South where we still haven't gotten any!!) So... do any of you adults eat snow? If it ever actually snowed, you bet I would!! My head would be tilted way back, trying to get as much as I possibly could! And I'd even make some Snow Ice Cream!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now, I thought you might enjoy a few pictures from our festivities:

We didn't have candles, so we lit matches on top of the pie (and had them blown out REAL quick; lol) . . .

(I'm trying to be better about having my own picture taken. Now if only I'll remember next time to brush my hair and put on some makeup before asking Delaney to take a shot of me. ugh!) . . .

Scout, of course, had to help Gan Gan open her gifts (next time, I need to make sure I brush Scout's hair too; double ugh!) . . .

Along with some other gifts for Clara, I made the cutest little photo cube for her. SO easy, but SO cute! I found an acrylic photo cube, took out the insert, then put pictures of each of us in it and embellished with some patterned papers and stickers . . .

I used another one of those fun Heidi Swapp blingy frames on top . . .

It was a school night, so McKenna spent most of the time back in the bedroom working on Biology (what kind of looks were those? oh yeah, I think it was the "Why are you taking our pictures?" looks LOL) . . .

This is who really runs Larry and Clara's house. Daisy . . .

Lori and Delaney . . .

And then Scout found her jump rope while she was there, and proudly showed us how she could do it. It was TOO cute, because she never actually got the rope over her head. She just jumped up and down while swinging the rope up and down. (Look at the bubble gum in her mouth here! lol) . . .

(She certainly entertains us!)

Do any of you have exciting plans for the weekend? Are you excited that February is here?

I hope all of you have a FANTASTIC Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend! Talk to you soon!


~gkw said...


My answer to the Impossible question

Gummies (Gummy bears, Gummy worms, etc)

gin said...

I LOVE the pictures!! Kiddoes are socute!
It's hard to believe Feb is here. But I like this month too!

NMOTB said...

The pictures are gorgeous! Glad to hear you finally celebrated MIL birthday!!!

Sounds like you are in for one helleva month!!!! We are also going on a family camp but only in March

Ok my answer to the impossible question:

Boogers / Snot (Eeewwww).

Have a great weekend!

I see you popped around - did you see the circus pics in the post below?

Cinderella said...

Yeah it has to be Snot!! LOL Or dirt!! Fingernails? God, I am gross today!! lol

That peanut Butter dessert sounds yummy, I may try it this weekend!! Thanks again for a wonderful recipe!

I love reading your blog. I usually don't read long posts but you always make your stories so much fun!!

The pics are adorable!! Lots of Birthdays this month in your family, it's a blessing!

I like February b/c it's short.
Valentines Day
The Spring is coming!
Income Tax time (We get money back, yayyyy!!)

Have an awesome weekend!!

Jeff said...

I believe the answer you're looking for is snow.

and hmmmm.... peanut butter pie. YUMMY!

Cinderella said...

How about fruit roll ups? Fruit snacks?

Peanut Butter and Jelly?


Cinderella said...


Anonymous said...


Cheryl Wray said...

Jeff is right!! Going to edit it right now!!!

Linda said...

Hi Cheryl - that was a fun post. I enjoyed the pictures. Your little ones are just as cute as can be.
I do like February - just seems like a "happy" month to me (short and sweet).
Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. I feel like a bit of a "whiner".
Have a fun weekend.

Ms.L said...

I was eating snow just the other day,lol

Thanks for the recipes,droooool;)

Brown English Muffin said...

So I've decided there can never be a bad day in your house...if you ever feel like the day started off not right all you need to do is grab a cup of coffee and just sit down with Scout and she'll cheer you right up!!!

Just looking at her in the pictures of her and Gan Gan and her jumping rope she looks like a spirited little girl who has no idea how many hearts she touches. I can only hope for my baby C to turn out like this.

Kelly said...

I love February because my birthday is February 27! And growing up in Fayetteville, it meant that spring was just around the corner with the daffodils coming up at the end of the month. But as I am writing this right now, there is snow coming down steadily. And, no, I wont' be eating it but I did make snow ice cream as a kid. I don't think snow ice cream is popular up here.

Happy February, Cheryl!

Nancy said...

Snow... I love to eat it. I guess I am in the minority. Have a great weekend and enjoy the superbowl.

Jeff said...

I will totally eat snow as it falls and immediatley afterwards before it can get dirty and icky. Snow ice cream is awesome, though I haven't had that in years. That is something I haven't done as an adult, even though I will still eat the stuff.

cityfarmer said...

My kinda girl!

angel said...

i nearly forgot- i do love the new look!
and i love that photo cube, you really do have some incredible brainwaves cheryl!
i was gonna say "silkworms" for your impossible question... heh heh!
and my granny will be 82 at the end of february! how cool is it to still have a grandparent at my age!

Colleen E. said...

I'm right there with you on loving Feb. for many of the same reasons (the only downside is all the prep work for parent-teacher confs., but that really begins in Jan.). One of my fav. desserts is Rice Krispie treats (homemade of course) - still love 'em. Your children are so cute and your life sounds pretty great! I'll be rooting for the Bears this weekend!


Colleen E said...

Oops - forgot to put in my website - sorry,

marg said...

Looks like it was a wonderful birthday celebration. I love getting together for family birthday.s Nothing like it!

jessi said...

loving the sound of that pie...copy and pasted that recipe...I am drooling as i that normal for an adult???

sounds and looks like it was a great time celebrating birthdays!!! I wish I could say that february here meant spring was coming...but alas...winter is so darn long here in alberta!!!we have like 10 months of winter and 2 months of summer...LOL!!!

have a great weekend!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay, I haven't really checked in since Jeff got the answer right and I edited my post. So... just thought I'd comment on a few things--
New Mom--I did NOT check out your circus photos. Will go do that now!
Cinderella--Yes, tax refunds will be soon. I totally forgot that, but that is GOOD!!
Ms. L--Don't make me mad about you eating snow just the other day. We haven't had any snow! Wahhh!!
Muffin--Scout definitely keeps us entertained. She says the craziest things!! I guarantee that Baby C will be just as entertaining. They all are at this age!
Angel--I know! It's so special to still have grandparents. Both of my grandmothers are alive. my Grandma will turn 80 this March!
Jessi--Does it seem like I ALWAYS am talking about food!!!??? I think I do, because you're always talking about drooling over the computer after reading my blog. LOL!!! Oh man, I can't imagine a winter that lasts that long. Stay warm!!!

Susie Q said...

I was going to say can se I have been in schools a long time huh? : )
I too love February...always have. It is my second favorite month! : )

Your pictures are always so sweet...lovely family. Lovely Cheryl!

Love and hugs,

gina said...

I want a blog over, a Daisy and my birthday it the 4th! are so glam on the blog photo, glad to see you can look "normal" on occasion,...I was scared for a minute...super bowl, hmmm...Bears of Colts? i choose the Beolts!

maria said...

Ahhh Cheryl, how I wish I could take your classes and get to hang out with would be sooo cool!
Love the pictures...soooo cute!

Tawnya said...

Ok this is some entry! Wowzers.
February is a coolish month I suppose but winter isnt as close to being over here in VT so I think I will vote for some April :) I love Valentines Day. Havent always but I am gonna make this one fun somehow :) Very fun pictures. Love how they say so much! :) Enjoy the SuperBowl! Tawnya

Brooklyn Frank said...

go colts!

Phats said...

How about the Crimson Tide and Boilers today, ROLL TIDE and BOILER UP!

I can't believe it's Feb either, our girls HS basketball tournament starts Tuesday with Sectionals, once they are winding down my girls tennis season starts. go Colts as well

I love Peanut butter Pie, you gonna make me some :)

Phats said...

BTW beware of Yellow Snow

Rachel said...

Wonderful pictures! I will have to try that peanut butter pie! Sounds awesome!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Beautiful pictures! :)
My sister makes that peanut butter pie. Gosh, it is TO DIE FOR!!!
I love it. It's great with coffee or milk.