Thursday, March 29, 2007

Life's a Celebration!!

How FUN is that?

(Make your own HERE.)

Right now, The W's (that's us!!!) are in the midst of lots of celebration plans. And we're getting started a little bit early!

Today, Gary's sister--Aunt Angel to the girls--is treating Scout to lunch and playtime at McDonald's where she'll get her first official birthday present (Angel can't make it to the Princess Party on Sunday!) She will be SO excited!

And also today, McKenna's Granny and Grandaddy are stopping by to give her a couple of presents (they also can't make it to the Sunday party, which will also be a family gathering for McKenna).

I'm also supposed to be doing cupcakes for McKenna's softball team, to have a little bday celebration after tonight's game.

Anyone who knows us--and that now includes all of you--knows that we sssstttttrrrrreeeeettttcccchhhhh out our birthday celebrations as long as we can! We do birthday parties, birthday dinners, cupcakes for different groups of friends, ANYTHING we can to celebrate. And that often goes on for a week! Throw in the fact that we have two birthdays right next to each other (on the 30th and the 31st) and it makes it even crazier!

So, let the celebrations begin...

(Oh, btw, cooking spaghetti for 120 can make you VERY tired!! But I did it! Here's a big KUDOS and "Wow!" for all of you out there who work in the food business!)


Maria said...

SO TOTALLY TRUE! Life is most certainly a CELEBRATION! I love your post! :)

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

YAY!!!! Glad it came out good!! And that is TOO cute! Great post!

Stephanie C said...

Happy Birthday GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the cassette tape Cheryl! They have an album one too, I just made one of those hehe.

Have a great week celebrating the birth of those beautiful girls!

Dawn Bibbs said...

How stinkin cute is that tape??? Love that!

Hope you guys have fun with all your celebrating. We've got a birthday boy in our house today. Markell is 12 today! I haven't gotten a picture of him yet, as he won't let me. But I'll get him before the day is out!!!

Have fun!

Rene said...

Just caught up on yesterday and today's posts here on your blog - I'm LOVING the bed jumping photos!!! Very fun and how cool that you posted your own, too!! Love it!

Happy Wishes to your two birthday girls! I hope you ALL enjoy the many celebrations. I always say my birthday is my favorite holiday. And it's the big 3-9 this year for me, too! Woo hoo!! (When's yours??)

Cheryl Wray said...

Maria--I know that YOU love celebrations and you would totally relate to this post! Sounds like you guys celebrate as much as we do! lol
Adrienne--Yep, it worked out just fine!
Steph--Isn't that a fun site? i'll have to make me an album too. We will have a GREAT time celebrating bothgirls!
Dawn--Happy Birthday to Markell!!!
Rene--Hee hee, the bed jumping was funny! We will have a GREAT time celebrating both of them!!! My 39 will be in August; and then one more year afterwards until the big 4-0!!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Happy Birthday to your girls!!
Celebrate those good times..YEah!!
I hope you have wonderful birthday and get lots of goodies and laughs..

Oh, And I'm going to try the tape thing too..Cool.. thanks

Leah said...

That is a LOT of spaghetti! Happy Birthday to the girls and I love those bed jumping pictures in your previous post!

Phats said...

Wow you guys are going to be BUSY!! Btw my birthday is June 5th and I like cupcakes, ALOT!

Have a good one Cheryl

angel said...

thats very cool- i made a cassette for me and damien!