Friday, March 23, 2007

Scout-Isms and Weekend Plans . . .

Overheard in our house during the past week . . .

(All said by Scout, if you can't figure that out as soon as you read the first one! LOL)

* "Momma, I neeeeeeed a haircut. Because it is WILD!! (as she swings her hips and shakes her head)"

* "Everybody, everybody...I've got GREAT news!"

* "Oh no, I've got BAD news!"

(both of the two above are said with much dramatic flair; and you just BETTER be ready for whatever's coming next)

* "Knock, knock." (Who's there?) "Meatball." (Meatball who?) "Knock, knock." (Who's there?) "Meatball." (Meatball who?) Repeat this back-and-forth at least three more times. "Knock, knock." (Who's there?) "Orange." (Orange who?) "Orange glad I didn't say meatball."

(She currently loves to tell jokes and make up long, convuluted stories that include such far-flung characters as birds, monsters, penguins, and random people we may have met once in our life! It is just priceless!)

As my Mom told me just yesterday, "I think Sydney's going to be your most histrionic of the girls." I love that word and it describes her to a tee--she is so very dramatic! I see lots of elaborate storytelling and high school drama productions in her future!

Let's just say that life is NEVER boring around our house!

And some plans for the weekend...

We are heading down to Florida tomorrow morning (EARLY, like at 5:30 am) to make it to a Family Reunion at 11. (We can't leave tonight because Delaney has a game.) We will spend the night down there tomorrow, which wll be a nice break and hopefully get some energy back. The reunion is for Gary's maternal grandmother's family. Gan Gan is SO excited about it, because she planned it and didn't really know what kind of response she'd get. Well, she's got 96 people confirmed to come!!! WOW, that's a lot of people--a lot of people that we had no idea were related to us! (It will totally rock Delaney's world to realize she has so many distant cousins!! I can already imagine her saying, "All of these people are related to me?" She's amazed by things like that! LOL) I talked to Gan Gan on Wednesday and she said, "Cheryl, you just don't how happy it makes me."

To get ready for the reunion and then other stuff going on in our lives, I've got to find time to do a few more things either today or Sunday (or both):

* Make a few big dishes to take down to the reunion. Gan Gan bought some food from The Pig (as we call Piggly Wiggly down South! lol), but I think we need more (even though she told me not to make anything). So I think I'm gonna make an army-sized tub of scalloped potatoes and maybe fruit salad late tonight.

* Scan pictures for a special scrapbook I'm making for MY grandmother. Grandma is turning 80 on Monday and I've got a scrapbook laid out for her; I just have to scan some of the old pictures from the 60s and 70s that I got from Mom the other day. I'll probably spend a lot of Sunday working on that!

* We've got TWO big birthdays coming up next weekend (McKenna turns 15 and Scout turns 2!), and I haven't done invitations yet for either one of them! Aargh! So, Sunday afternoon I will probably be working on those. (Scout is having a Princess Party at the park and I'm going to try and make royal "scrolls" for the invitations; McKenna wants to invite five or six of her best friends to either go bowling or laser tagging and I will have to make some invitations for that as well!) You will probably get tired of hearing me talk about invitations, and cakes, and goody bags next week! lol

* Finish up some marketing and clerical work I need to get done for my parents' publishing company (I work part-time for them, doing things like editing manuscripts and sending out late bill notices).

* Wash clothes for this weekend! (A never-ending cycle!!!)

* Watch some basketball tonight, if I can fit it in. (I hope I can, especially if it's anything like last night's exciting games).

* Catch up on some blog-reading. I apologize before-hand if I don't get around to yours; my life is just busy right now and really I'd rather sit her and surf blogs ALL DAY LONG, but I can't always do that (You know--they need to come up with a Blog Reading career. I could SO do that!)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Get out there and do something just for fun. Enjoy yourself!!! Make some memories!!!!!


aimee said...

Hi! Just wanted to pop in--I was out of town most of the week. Have a great weekend!

Dawn Bibbs said...

OH MY...where to start?
FIRST of all, Scout and Jayla would have a ball together. Well, maybe not...I have a feeling there would be a fight for "staring roles". LOL Jayla is our drama mamma too and it's so hilarious. She's one of those kids that's hard to stay angry with...hard to discipline. I suspect you have that same issue with Scout. Too funny!!! LOVE it!!!

Sounds like you've got a busy weekend planned. You've got softball and we've got soccer. Starting 8pm! What's up with that? Soccer? at 8pm?!?! THEN back on the fields tomorrow for team and individual pix AND games. Gotta love it!

When exactly are Delaney & Scout's birthdays? Markell's is next Thursday, he'll be 12. Whew, where does the time go? That is too cool that Scout will be having a princess party. That's what we did last year for Jayla's 5th birthday. I made scrolls for the invites too. AND we hade life size Princesses all around. You'll have to contact me, I may be able to give up some decorations...the Princesses are complaining about the rent being too pricey here at our house...LOL. Seriously, if you wanna use/have them, let me know. I've got 2 each of Cinderella, Jazmin & Belle. Each a little over 4 feet tall.

Anyway, have a safe, fun weekend. Looking forward to hearing all about it next week. Toodles!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Too cute! I have a "Gran Gran" lol

Jeff said...

Can you stop mentioning McKenna's age? It just makes me feel old. To know that it was 15 years ago that I held her as a baby just freaks me out just a bit! ;)

Have a great weekend!!! The reunion sounds like a lot of fun. Good for her for getting it scheduled... and even better that so many people are coming! And good luck with the softball.

Pretty normal weekend here, play some hockey, probably catch a movie and do some dreaded housework (ick!).

One bit of interesting news I found this week. The lead singer of Bentley Tock has written a novel that's coming out in July! Check out How cool is that!?!

Gin said...

Sounds like a fun-filled weekend. Have a great time!
Oh, I will love hearing about the birthday parites. So fun, so please tell us all about them. lol

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that reading your blog makes me tired. I don't know how you do it. I wanted to tell you about the scrolls that I made for my daughter's birthday last year. I printed them on parchment paper and then burned the edges and then rolled them and tied them with a purple ribbon (her fav color). This what I used for the wording:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Princesses, Princes, Kings and Queens! Her Royal Highness, Princess Sarah, is turning four years old! In celebration of this joyous occasion, the Princess requests the honor of your presence at the royal gala marking her fourth year. Come One, Come All, in your finest royal attire to Redmile Castle on Sunday, April second, two thousand and six at three thirty in the afternoon. Follow the purple carpet to the castle entrance where Princess Sarah and her Royal Court will eagerly be awaiting your arrival! Please ring Queen Jen to announce if you will be in attendance:

Everybody loved them. Just wanted to give my 2 cents. Have a great party.


April said...

Have a fun weekend! Next time we all go to Birmingham to go shopping, you should meet up with us!

Jen said...

Oh have fun!! That should be a blast meeting all those "family members" and I think it's great that the response was so high!

Scout's stories are too cute!

jessi said...

I love your stories about scout...what a cutie!!! would love to meet all that energy one day!!! her and my haillee would make great friends!!!

have a blast this weekend at the family reunion!!! it's gonna be good times!!! can't wait for some photo's!!

so I am off to start my weekend of scrapping fun!! i am doing another online crop this weekend at POTP so i getting an early start...LOL!!! but you have got quite the checklist ciao for now chica!!! go make a dent in that list!!!

jessi said...

okay i'm back...forgot to say, haillee had a princess party last year... we bought those foam crowns and star wands from micheals and let the girls each decorate thier own crowns. I also made a 3D princess cake with the 3D pan (also sold at micheal's!!)...anyway, can't wait to see the photo's of the b-days!!!

Mississippi Songbird said...

lol... The kids have their phrases , Don't they..

My daughter went from the Why stage to the "Guess What? " stage ..
They are so funny sometimes..

Lynilu said...

Hey, Cheryl, you have so much energy that surely you can share some. I really need help unpacking and organizing! C'mon over!!! LOL!

Cheryl Wray said...

Aimee--Hey!!! I've noticed a lot of people who haven't been around this week. Most be a lot of busy-ness going on!
Dawn--OH!!! That would be great!! And would super ideas for the party you've got! I will email you separately about any decorations! BTW--McKenna's bday is on the 30th (will be 15) and then Sydney's is on the 31st (will be 3!). So your Markell is right before theirs. Cool!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--LOL Gary named her Gan Gan when he was bout 3, becuase he couldn't say Gran and he said doubles of everything!
Jeff--Believe me!! Having an almost 15-year-ld makes me feel OLD!!! That is to cool about the Bentley Tock singer. I'll have to check that out!
Gin--I'm sure we will have a fun time! You'll hear all about bday snext week! lol
Jen--Oh, your wording for the invitation is GREAT!! I had written something, but yours is better an dI'm definitely going to use some of it. Thanks SO much!!!!
April--Hey! Good to see you here!! Yes, you guys definitely need to mee tup with me the next time you're down this way!
Jen--We will certainly be meeting lots of "new" family members (to us!!)
Jessi--Yes, you know that my Scout and your Haillee would have a blast together!!! If only... lol So funny, because I saw those exact things at Michael's and I think that's what I'm going to do for the main party activities! Thanks for the great ideas!!!
Songbird--Kids just crack me up. They are just so sweet (most of th etime!) lol Love em!!
Lynilu--I have missed "seeing" you so I was glad to see your comment!! If I weren't busy, I don't think I'd know what to do. You know? Hope your moving, packing, unpacking, organzing, etc. is going well!

Cheryl Wray said...

Aimee--Hey!!! I've noticed a lot of people who haven't been around this week. Most be a lot of busy-ness going on!
Dawn--OH!!! That would be great!! And would super ideas for the party you've got! I will email you separately about any decorations! BTW--McKenna's bday is on the 30th (will be 15) and then Sydney's is on the 31st (will be 3!). So your Markell is right before theirs. Cool!!

NMOTB said...

Hi Cheryl,

Wow and I thought I was busy!!!!!! I don't mind hearing too much about cakes, goody bags and party's - thats just what I like to do! I have so missed you guy's and am definately going to make a plan to blog more often and oh yes I would suite just fine as a professional blog reader!!!! I have been snooping around yours and garys blogs but for some strange reason have not been able (up till now) to leave a comment!!! Hope you all have a safe weekend and take care!

Lots of love to the family!!!!

Leah said...

I'm tired just reading that post. What a great fun filled weekend..

And BTW..we're planning on coming down that way again sometime in April to hit several of the stores there. Maybe we can meet up with you!

Miss 1999 said...

WOW! You've got a lot going ok! I hope you're having a WONDERFUL time at the reunion, and that you've been able to at least slow down a little and get some rest! Take care can't wait to see the pics when you get back! *hugs*

Jennifer said...

hope your trip went well!