Monday, March 19, 2007

What Were We Thinking? (aka: The joy of travel softball in 35 degree weather and at 10 pm!)

We had a fantastic tournament again this past weekend with Delaney's travel team, getting all the way to the championship game. We lost 4-2, but put up a great fight against probably the best 10-and-under team in the state.

The good?
* Like I said--playing great games (we scored like 46 points in 5 games and gave up only 5 points!) and coming in second!
* Staying in a hotel so that we didn't have to get up at 4 am on Saturday morning to travel the two hours to the tournament (Gary set up his photography booth, so he had to have all of his equipment there by the first game's starting time.)
* McKenna worked hard again all day long and made some more money toward her SLU trip to London this summer (our last payment is $1300 and she's helped make about $900 of that!) Yay!
* The laughter in hearing Delaney's various nicknames being called out. At the ballpark, she is usually just called "D" (which came from a coach about three years ago yelling to her that she was playing great D-fense and then it sticking as her name); her travel coach gives everyone nicknames and he has gone through several with her. The latest was "Chicken Bone" (because her legs are so skinny; lol!), but now he has settled on "Money." It just cracked me up to hear her being called all of those names during just one at-bat ("Cmon, Chicken Bone, give me a hit. You can do it D! Cmon on Money!") LOL!
* The joy I get in seeing Delaney LOVE to play!

This is my favorite picture of the weekend and it captures that joy. See that serene smile on her face? (or maybe it could be because she was in a numb, 30-degree stupor!)

Which brings us to The Bad! LOL
Some of the bad included:
* Sitting in cold weather pretty much all day long! The wind was brisk and we just about froze our little tushes off. And believe me, sitting in the stands is HARD work when you're freezing (ha ha! Delaney always likes to remind me that it's HER doing the hard work, when I complain about being tired at the end of the day! I guess that's a tad bit true!)
* Sitting on a toilet seat that has pretty much turned to Frigid Toilet Status and being afraid that your butt might be permanently stuck!
* Trying to walk when your feet have Near Frostbite!
* Sitting in cold weather until 10:30 at night! There are benefits to being on a championship team. The bad side of it is that you are often still at the ballpark after everyone else has left!

I LOVE this picture of McKenna, Sydney, and I watching the last game of the night. McKenna had worked hard all day and finally got to actually watch a game! As we wrapped up tight before the game we were laughing about how crazy we were. "Yeah the only people here are the parents, and then the people who are being held hostage by the parents," McKenna said. (I think she meant herself, although she laughed as she said it! LOL)

One more picture before I go--this one of the team holding their runners-up trophy!

And hey, Gary, thanks for the pics! I stole them from your blog post this morning!!

See ya tomorrow... I've got a fun Random Tuesday planned!


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Ohh, can't wait to see what you have planned...hey email me, i have a question....

~gkw said...

yay!!! Second Place to the comets is Great!!!

That was a great hit Delaney had and the best one of the game!!

beadinggalinMS said...

I was freezing just reading that. :) Making a mental note wait let me write it down for tomorrow. :)

Maria said...

Can't wait for your Tuesday post :) I love, LOVE your pictures today! Very cute! It looks like it was certainly cold at the game! Wow...that's what I call dedication!

rhonda said...

oh wasn't it a COLD weekend at the ballpark?! We were there at 7:30 Saturday the time we left the ballpark at was just getting warm enough for my blood!!!
Take a peek @ my blog to see pics of Abbey pitching on Saturday.

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--I will email you! LOL
G--Yes, it was WONDERFUL!!!
Beady--Oh, it's so much warmer today. Thank goodness!!
Maria--Thanks about the pics! Youre such a great photographer that it means a lot!! Yep, we're dedicated--or CRAZY! LOL
Rhonda--oh, I'm going to check out the pics! Yes, it was WAY cold! It will be warmer for tonight's games!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh the joys of being a "sports mom"! Although I wasn't out there all day long like you were, I spent several hours watching our 2 playing soccer. Had it not been for that wasn't too bad.

Congratulations to Delaney! (and all her other names...hee hee)

Marg said...

You are TOO cute Cheryl! Love the recap!

Renee said...

Congratulations! Sounds like they worked hard and did a great job. I can't even imagine sitting in the freezing cold all weekend. I'm bowing down to y'all!

Amanda said...

Those are GREAT. I've been a little MIA, just a little busy, and crazy but have been poppin in here pretty consistently!!

Michelle said...

sorry to hear the weather wasn't so great, but glad to hear you were able to make the best of it and have a great time!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I was hoping it wasn't going to be that cold though!

Phats said...

Awesome pictures!!

Second is awesome, that's something to be proud of I know how competitive travel softball can be. Well, I don't know firsthand haha

Our ladies won WOOHOO moving on to the sweet 16

Anonymous said...

You people are crazy hanging out in the cold just to watch some softball. Ha ha! (can you tell I'm not a sports fan?) Congrats though to the team!