Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Random Tuesday!!

Nope, we're not celebrating the birthday of my Random Tuesday posts (although I probably should go try and find out when they were "born" and then I could do one! lol). This Random Tuesday post is based around the fact that this week is my birthday week! Just thought I'd post a few fun birthday-related questions to all of you, and share what I love about birthdays and celebrations myself!

(As always, you know how it works: put your answers in my comments section, mention in your comment that you're posting it on your own blog, or just don't participate at all and enjoy my and others' answers. Ha!) Either way...join in!)

If today was your birthday...

1. What kind of cake would you want to eat?

Well, since it's ALMOST my birthday I'll let you in on my cake secret. My Mom always makes me a cake and I can request whatever kind I want. This week I am requesting Italian Cream Cheese Cake. Her recipe is FANTASTIC and I cannot wait to get a piece of it on Saturday, when we will celebrate at my parents'.

2. How old would you be?

I'm still holding on and will be celebrating my 39th birthday on Friday (No, really, that is how old I'll be. 40's not until next year!). Born in the great year of 1968!!

3. And someone gave you $100 to spend just on yourself (no groceries! nothing for your kids! no exceptions!), what would you buy?

I'd probably go somewhere thrifty (maybe Cato or Goody's) and buy me a few pieces of clothing and some accessories (I'm really bad and rarely buy clothes for me!). If any money was left over, I'd go to Barnes & Noble and buy me a new paperback mystery. If any money was still left over, I'd go to the local scrapbook or hobby store and buy some patterned paper and probably some letter stickers. And if any was left over then (I doubt it!!), I'd go to Starbucks and round the day off with a frappucino!

4. Where would you go to celebrate?

Five or six years ago, we started a tradition that now the girls hold me to every year! We go bowling every birthday, followed a late-night meal at the restaurant of my choice. So, this Friday night (after the high school football game), we will be going bowling! We're looking forward to it!

5. Would you make a wish when you blew out your candles?

I ABSOLUTELY always make a wish when I blow out my candles. But I can't tell what it is or that would ruin it, right? (But I kinda think mine would be two-fold. One would involve Alabama having a great football season this year, and the other would involve my having a spirit of love and service and joy all year long!)

Okay, now, that was FUN!! So join in... and I can't wait to see your answers!!

(By the way: Thanks for letting me get away with not posting or visiting anyone's blogs yesterday. I finished both of my articles--one yesterday and the other just a few minutes ago--and I feel so relieved about that! We are having a great week here! Our Revival at church is ROCKIN!! I have already been so refreshed and pumped up by it, and we are all just anticipating a fun, fun week to come!! And, oh yeah...college football is just 4 days away!!)


Linda said...

LOL...I would totally take the $100 bucks and go straight to the lSS where I would spend every penny. I'm so bad, besides I have books coming out the closet that I have yet to read because I'm always buying them.

Love that you got the articles done and that you are sooooo excited for football.

Gin said...

Great answers Cheryl! That cake sounds SO good!!
i think you're gonna have a great week!

~gkw said...

I was so sure you were born in 67 and would be 40 this year!! I've already got a band to come over and sing happy 40th to you!! I think you are just telling everyone your 39 again...

Heather said...

Happy Birthday week to you... I love your blog. =0)

Cheryl Wray said...

Linda--Ha!!!! I'm so with you!! how fun it would be to spend $100 at a scrapbook store!!

Gin--Oh, it WILL be good. I can't wait to eat some!!!

G--You DID NOT think I was born in 1967!!! You better be lying to me!! LOL You know that for my 40th we've got to have a BIG party!!!!

Heather--Thanks!!! You're so sweet!!

Kari said...

Boy - this seems almost wrong, but - while I'm sure Alabama will do okay this year and I'm sure as heck hoping they stomp Auburn - I'm afraid that the University of OKLAHOMA is going to be THE team to cheer for this year! Come on, surely you agree - deep down inside???

Okay, okay, okay. I'm sorry! I never should have said that in a comment on your blog. It was wrong of me. It won't happen again. (Not today anyway.) I think Alabama's a fine little ol' team. (I've had this same rivalry with my mom ever since I was born - she's from Alabama, but she had the good sense to give birth to me in Oklahoma). Oh wait a minute...did I read somewhere that you were actually born in Texas? Was that you? I'll have to go back to your blog to check. We may have more than one team to argue about here! lol

Just kidding! I love reading your blog! Don't ban me - I'll be (pretty) good from now on!

I just have to say one more thing...Go OU!

Anonymous said...

This is such a fun post.
let's see--
German chocolate
45 (40s not so bad, i promise!)
Probably some really expensive, decadent perfume
We have a great little italian restaurant here that we all love and i'd probably pick it
I usually don't have candles on my cake, but i guess this year i need to!


Adrienne said...

3.Gosh! LOL I'd buy something realted to scrapping, knitting, and sewing! LOL
5.Yes I always make a wish!

TK Angels said...

Happy Birthday Virgo. We Virgo's are great people. My birthday of course was Sunday.

1. I love angel food cake. With chocolate icing or strawberries Always have-no pun intended *smile*

2. Well- I just turned 51.

3. You know-someone did and I took Rick to a movie, bought me an angel and took the kids out.

4. We go every year to Friendly's ice cream shop. We go for EVERYONES birthday (in the family)

5. :( I did not get a cake this year but of course I do make a wish when I have a cake

Take care,

Just Me Again said...

OMG!!!! I knew I was forgetting someone VERY important in my birthday list post...I will just have to correct that with a post entirely for you...watch my blog tonight, okay? :) Soooo sorry! Happy birthday!

Now, answers:
I can't have cake...but if I could, I would say strawberry shortcake and cream...ahh, I miss that!

I think the best age ever has got to be the age I am now. But my answer never changes, therefore every year the "year" changes :)

$100.00 would get me killer tickets for a musical (in Broadway would be even better.) Okay I just answered the next question. What better place to celebrate than Broaway? Never been there by the way.

I always make a wish...the eternal dreamer I am of course.

delaney said...

1.An icecream cake or a cheesecake!YUM!!
2.I would be 12.
3.I would go and have a huge clothes shopping spree.I would go to Justice,Rainbow,and claires.i would also get the hannah montana 2 cd,jonas brothes cd,and the high school musical 2 cd.
4.if i was rich and ha a major birthday party, i would go to Paris!!
5.of course i make a wish!Who doesnt!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Kari--Oh no you DIDN'T!!!! LOL Alabama is the best and backing them up as my second favorite team are the Texas Longhorns!! I grew up a huge Horns fan, so we didn't care much for Oklahoma. In fact, as a native Texan I kinda wonder what's the use to ever go north into Oklahoma!! Just kidding (kinda!! lol) Actually, when Alabama played Oklahoma several years back on its regular schedule (for the opening game) we heard such great things about Oklahoma fans. That they were some of the nicest people when our team went out there to visit!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Marg--Oh, german chocolate is good too! yummy!

Adrienne--I got you thinking about Edgar's, didn't I? LOL The Spa sounds good!

Terri--The ice cream shop sounds look a wonderful tradition!!!

Maria--August is FULL of great birthdays!!! LOL The Broadway show would be wonderful/ If you ever make reservations to fly that way, I wanna go too!!!

Delaney--You crack me up!!! Getting on here and commenting!! You and cheesecake!!! You and Hannah Montana!! You and Paris!!! (I'm not sure, though, if you could buy all of that for $100!!)

Kathy said...

1. I am with Maria on the Strawberry Shortcake! We make ours with the recipe on the side of the Bisquick box and eat it while it's still warm. SO YUMMY! It's also good with warm biscuits from KFC or Popeye's.
If I had cake it would have to be white with butter cream frosting.

2. I turned 41.

3. I would most likely buy more stuff to add to my scrapbooking stash that I never use! LOL I am a collector of supplies. If I use them I won't have them anymore. ROFL!

4. I would go to my favorite mexican food restaurant called Margarita's.

5. I don't usually have candles to blow out but if I did I would probably make a wish.

I hope you have a GREAT birthday! You will have to share your mother's recipe for that delightful sounding cake!

Kimberly said...

Oh how fun..okay I would love my sis in laws red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting...Yum! I would be thirty one(Sept.20) And I would probably use a hundred bucks to go shopping for some clothes. And would love to celebrate with my family and friends at a good eating place like Logans or Cracker Barrel. Happy Birthday and Have a great week.

Jeff said...

Hey! Glad you stopped by and checked out the Ript thing. When Ilio sent that to me I thought of you. If you can, leave them feedback about your experience with it and any suggestions you'd have. I know Ilio and his team will appreciate that.

On to the randomness....

1. Will makes an excellent version of Paula Deen's Better Than Sex cake. That is my birthday cake of choice and has been for a couple of years now.
That said, that cream cheese cake sounds yummy!

2. 40... coming up next June really.

3. Clothes and books, and maybe some stuff on itunes.

4. We'd end up going to a Broadway show and the dinner somewhere in times square.

5. I usually wish to have a better year the following year than the one I just had.


Dawn Bibbs said...

Hi there lady! Missed you yesterday.

What a fun post. You are quite the celebrator, aren't you? :-)

Well, here are my answers:

If today was my birthday...
1. What kind of cake would I want? I truly love Devils Food cake. Although I wish it had a different name. Also, I'd like it with white icing. And if I could have 2 cakes (lol), I'd LOVE to have Apple cake. Boy, I have an AWESOME recipe for Apple Cake. YUMMY, my mouth is watering for it right now.

2. How old would I be? I am proud to say that I would be 41 years old. And I actually will be in November.

3. If someone gave me $100 for JUST me, how would I spend it? ARGH!!! I too have a huge problem spending money on myself. But being that I may have talked DH into letting me have my very own craft ROOM, I'd probably start buying stuff for it...starting with paint. Although I DO need a few articles of clothing.

4. Where would I go to celebrate? Well, last year we went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse for my 40th birthday. So I think we've started something. I'd LOVE to go there again. Not to mention, you'd probably need to save up for a year anyway to go there...YIKES!

5. Would I make a wish when blowing out the candles on my cake? Well, assuming that I'd have a cake with candles...I probably would make a wish. BUT...all my wishes have already come true. I've wanted to be a SAHM for a LONG time, and I'm doing that. Also, I wanted for SO many years to have a baby with my DH and almost 6 years ago, I did just that!

Thanks Cheryl, that was so fun!

Adriann said...

Happy Birthday if I don't get a chance to do it!

A homemade vanilla cake from Sister Player. This woman makes the best cakes and William and I always have a cake made by her for our birthday's.

I stopped counting after 25. LOL!!!

I've got a bad addiction and it's called scrapbooking so Hobby Lobby would see me coming...

I would go to my sister's house and have her fry up some of her famous fried chicken. Um,um good!

I don't do candles, than you would know how old I am...

The cake you and your girlfriends had over the weekend looked deeeeelicious! I would like to try that cake. My address is: ....

Hoping you have a fabulous birthday week.


Leah said...

I love the idea of a week long celebration! You and your family know how to do birthdays! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Kathy--Okay, you have got me wanting strawberry shortcake. I have never done the bisquick recipe, but now you've got me wanting to!!!! And I will share my Mom's recipe next week!

Kimberly--That sounds like it would be a good birthday! Red velvet is another good one!!

Jeff--Better than Sex cake is GOOD!!! Yummy!!!!! You'll be 40 before me!!!

Dawn--Yes, please, I will have BOTH of those cakes!! I love Devil's Food with 7-minute frosting (my favorite white frosting!) and yummy on the apple cake!!!! I am so excited about your craft room!!!

Adriann--The homemade vanilla cake sounds SO good!!!! And fried chicken!!! Mmmmmmmm....

Leah--We really do stretch out our birthday celebrations!!! LOL

crazy working mom said...

Strawberry with cream cheese icing!

Sweet 16...I had a fun party. NOT MTV style, but poor girl kinda fun!


Somewhere on a beach!

I'd wish for happiness for my children.

Jacquie said...

Happy Birthday week to you.

1. I would love a cheesecake. Something ooey and gooey.

2. I will be 34 in January.

3. I would love to find the 1st season to Dharma and Greg! Loved that show.

4. Probably to Montana's or Red Robin's.

5. I would so make a wish!

P.S. Snape looking into Harry's/Lily's eyes when he died, I so missed that symbolism butt it totally makes sense.

Jacquie said...

Ok I didn't mean "butt" LOL. Oops must proofread better.

Kelly said...

Hope you have a great birthday Cheryl!

cityfarmer said...

I adore carrot cake....enjoy it a couple of times a year....cuz most of it ends upmon my hips!!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Chocolate cake with the bakery icing. No canned icing for me..yummy.
If it were my birthday today, I would be 44 if I went back in time, and 45 if I jump forward.I would just go back, if I had a choice..lol

I'd probably save the money for a rainey day.. no really...

Out to eat to Red Lobster.

yes, I would make a wish..lol

Happy Tuesday!

Mississippi Songbird said...

and, I got all wrapped up in answering the questions..
Bunches of hugs!

Jenster said...

Happy Birthday!!! 39 was a GREAT year!

1. Something chocolate! Although Italian Cream Cheese sounds yummalicious!

2. I'll be 42 in November. Really. Who would lie about that??

3. Probably spend the entire day at Barnes and Noble - including a stop at Starbuck's.

4. Hmm... Maybe a family evening in the trendy section of Philly, a good dinner at a fun restaurant and walking around after, finishing off the evening with ice cream or something.

5. Sure! What's the point of having candles otherwise??

Cheryl Wray said...

Crazy--Yumm!!! Sounds like a good cake!! All this talk of cakes is making me SO hungry!!!! And the beach sounds great too, of course!

Jacquie--I just saw Dharma and Greg on tv this morning. Surely it's out on DVD! Cheesecake...yum!!


City--Yummy on the carrot cake too!! You guys are killing me!!

Songbird--Red Lobster sounds GOOD!! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Jenster--Could there be anything better than spending all day at Barnes & Noble by yourself??

Susie Q said...

LOVE this list and your answers and how cool that it is your birthday week!!

Ooh...can we all have a piece of that cake??

I am putting this on my blog if it is okee dokee with you!

Love ya,


Mandy said...

Well, go figure I'm doing this late again. Maybe you should retitle this to Random Thursday because I always seem to finish these things closer to Thursday than Tuesday, LOL.

1. I'm definitely a chocolate on chocolate kind of girl. Can't beat that! :)

2. Edging ever closer to the big 3-0. Next b'day (May 2008) I'll be 28.

3. Manicure and Pedicure! Love 'em!

4. Well, until this past year my choice for birthday dinner was always Steamers, but since they've moved to Northport not so good.

5. Gotta make a wish...that's part of the fun.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!!!