Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sorry guys and gals . . .I'm Actually a Goober

You guys made me feel so good and adequate and professional I guess I needed to prove that I'm actually a goober underneath the published credits and speaking engagements. And, yep, this did it...

Sydney and I went yesterday afternoon on a quick trip to Walmart (I needed some sheets of felt for the School Days mini album I'm making and she had approximately 6 pennies that she said she was using to buy a candy bar). I parked, stood up to get out of the car and unbuckle Sydney when--thank goodness!--I looked down and noticed that my shorts were on inside-out. I closed the door and promptly took my shorts off, turned them back inside out correctly, and put them back on. From the backseat I heard, "You can't take your clothes off in a car." I just laughed (thinking, "I hope she always thinks that!" lol) and told her she was right. Thank goodness I hadn't walked into Walmart with my clothes on backwards (although I guess it would have been an even funnier thing to blog about this morning!).

There are days when I'm not sure if I'm coming and going, and there are those moments when I really do something so embarrasing that I can't quite believe it myself. (Probably the most goober-like thing I've ever shared on this blog was THIS; go down to the Thurs., Aug 17 entry.) Have you done anything embarrassing lately? Come on now...if you can't share with us, who can you share with?

Okay...what else is going on?

Just some things I'm feeling and doing right now--

. . . Tonight is the high school's first "jamboree" football game (it's like a scrimmage before next week's opening night of play) and the band/McKenna's color guard squad will perform (I'm looking forward to seeing how they do!) . . .
. . . I've been watching "Will and Grace" on late-night reruns when I've been the very last person awake in the household. How crude, but how stinkin funny, was that show? (I caught the one yesterday where Jack and Grace went insanely crazy over figure skating! High-larious!) . . .
. . . I am SO sick of ants I could scream! (this awful weather--103 again yesterday!!-- apparently has them all running for cover and hordes of them keep coming through my kitchen window sill. Icky!) . . .
. . . I'm hoping I get to have a GNO (Girls Night Out) with four of my girlfriends tomorrow night. It literally will be the last weekend that we can hang out and hang loose until like December, because there is Friday night high school football and Bama games every Saturday. So, hoping we can get our act together and go have a laugh- and food- fest tomorrow . . .
. . . I spent some time yesterday going through some old school-days pictures of myself for the album I'm doing for my CLASS. I could not stop laughing! The boys in my 2nd grade class wearing Fonzie t-shirts; the cheerleading pictures from ninth grade (Delaney looked at them and said, "I can see now why they called you chicken legs!"); pics of me and my friend Margie in junior high Physical Science (we, literally, blew things up in there!); the "lovely" pictures of me and my hair from 1985! I will have to share some these pictures with you in a Down Memory Lane post some day soon. Let me just say. . . priceless! ...
. . . I'm very happy when an article comes together well, and I have had the best of luck in getting sources for this fun article I'm writing on old-time gospel singing groups. Now to sit down and write it this weekend! (Not so good on the article I'm trying to do on menopause; for some reason, people aren't as eager to talk about that! lol)
. . . Why does this song just make me happy? I'm not a huge country fan, but there are times when I really get in the mood for it. This song just makes me laugh and feel kinda wish-I- was-seventeen-all-over-again (not that I did anything like that when I was 17; :-) ), and I think it's a good one to take us into the weekend!
. . . I have exactly one more week of being 38! Love birthdays and mine's next week! (And at least I'm not saying I've got one more week of being 39! lol)

Have a fabulously wonderful Friday and weekend!! I will be enjoying football, battling ants, putting albums together, hanging with friends, and trying to survive the heat. What will you be doing? Whatever it is...I hope it's all GOOD!!

(Added On: Okay, TK Angels popped on here with some pics of her grandkids bed jumping and it made me remember what I wanted to post here this morning!! HA!! I really DON'Tknow whether I'm coming or going, do I? Anyway...remember that I want your Bed Jumping Pictures. You remember all of my wonderful pictures of me, my girls, even Gary bedumping at hotels throughout this past year? Well, here is your chance to be in the First Annual Bed Jumping Photo Contest here at my little ole blog! Post them on your blog or email them to me at The winner--voted on by my own Bed Jumping celebrities--will win some sort of bed-jumping-related rak. Hmm, wonder what that could be? You have until August 31. Yay!!!)


Mississippi Songbird said...

lol..I can identify with the shorts on backwards.. Sometimes we do get in too much of a hurry.
Being a Mom sometimes makes us silly, desn;t it.. Yeah,Just keeping her thinking that it's not good to take clothes off in the car.
On my husbands side of the family, the girls go a bit wild, so I am going to have to watch my guy, or either lock her in her kiddin..
Anyway, I hope you have a fun weekend, whatever you do...

Kari said...

Way back, about a hundred years ago, I attended a party for my aunt and uncle's "25 years in business" celebration or something like that, down near Mobile. My cousin and I went and bought what we thought were stunning one piece outfits. We had to look good, don't you know - all her parents business contacts, etc. were going to be at this party. It wasn't until half way thru the evening, during a bathroom break, that I realized my outfit wasn't really cut way, way low in the front...I'd been wearing the stupid thing backwards! I was mortified! I thought it was one of those plunging neckline things so I'd just kind of "pinned" the "V" together between my ...well, you get the picture. Never even dawned on me that the tag was also on the "V" side and tags almost always go in the back, don't they? My cousin almost ripped the seat of her pants laughing at me so hard. Would have served her right, too. I guess it's just as well - I never would have figured out to wear a "plunging back" outfit anyway - how could you hide your bra strap? I just think it would have been a little less traumatic if my big mouth cousin hadn't of gone out of the bathroom and told everybody and their brother that I was wearing my clothes backwards. You gotta love family, huh?

Adriann said...

Your Goober moment is too funny! I can't think of any embarrisng moments to share. ;p

Have fun on your GNO!

Gin said...

Ha ha! Too funny! I have absolutely done that before.
Have a fun weekend. I'm kinda jealous about the going out.

TK Angels said...

Shorts on backwards-had my shirt a once at work on backwards and was told by a patient *smile*

I posted pics of my grandkids just for you. They are bed jumping *smile*

Take care,

Renee said...

I do embarrassing things all the time, so it's hard for me to pinpoint it to just one! But, just know, that you are definitely not alone.
With 3 kids, anything can happen!
Have a great weekend.

Cheryl Wray said...

Songbird--You are TOO funny!! It gets kinda scary as they get closer to the age when we ourselves did some things we shouldn't have done. Hopeyou have a great weeend too!

Kari-I LOVE this story!!! Sounds totally like something I'd do!! And, yep, you can count on family can't you? Sheesh..LOL

Adriann-Oh, I'm sure there's a story out there somewhere! I am definitely looking forward to a night out!

Cheryl Wray said...

Gin--I think we've ALL done that before!!

TK--I am SO excited about the bed jumping pics!!! yay!!!

Renee--LOL!! Yep, they happen all the time with 3 kids!!

Just Me Again said...

HOw funny...I often find myself doing funny things like that which at the time they happen aren't as funny of coming in to work with different color socks. I've done that twice. Oh yes, the bed jumping contest! I am so doing that. I need to get on with that and take a photo shoot with DD...I know she'll be all for jumping on the bed. This might be the first time I won't have to beg for her to let me take her picture, LOL.

Adrienne said...

ROFLOL!!!! Thats like the time I wore Aj's Auburn Tshirt to drop him off at Daycare!!! I thought it was a little tight but he called me on it......and when I wore my GAP red shirt INSIDE OUT all over town! LOL

Linda said...

Hey, I'm a former cowgirl who traveled rodeos, and changing in the car (truck) was sometimes the only option (along with finding empty horse trailers). As a dirtbiker, now, on a day trip, we have to change in the car too. LOL I will never out grow that I guess huh? But count your blessings, I do stuff like that all the time and the worse part is, my friends or family see it AND DON'T SAY ANYTHING. Let's see if we can embarass Linda....HA! By the way, you are sooooo lucky that Sydney didn't say anything to the checker like "hey my mom took her clothes off in the car" that would have been embarrassing.

I love Kari's comment, I about busted a gut reading it

Anyway, this is so funny, I had a great time reading it. LOL and you my friend are not alone. I can keep the multitudes entertained with my stupid stuff. Have a good gno. hugs (I'm still busting up)

Liz Ness said...

That's so funny...I'm always doing something like that! It's bad when I'm not wearing my glasses.

=) Also, best wishes to stay cool and beat the heat!

Jeff said...

Hey... what's wrong with 39 ;)

Dawn Bibbs said...

So, you people in Alabama try and get as much wear out of your summer clothes as possible, huh? :-) Ok, that was mean...but my mom has told me that she's gone out to run errands and noticed her shirt was on inside out AND backwards...sheesh!!! LOL

I hate ants!!! My MIL had some in her room yesterday. You should've heard her down there smashing them my WOOD floor! LOL

Have a great weekend, Cheryl. And try to keep cool!

Renee said...

I am constantly embarrassing myself. And if I can't manage it by myself, I have a teenager to do it for me (smile). BTW, I just realized that you crop at one of my all time favorite stores.

Dawn Bibbs said...

I knew I was forgetting something...I think I already sent you our Bed Jumping Photos, didn't I???

Leah said...

I was just waiting for you to say that Sydney announced inside the store that you took your clothes off in the car! LOL

Sounds like a fun weekend! And next almost here!! Roll Tide!!

Phats said...

I would laugh at your clothing mishap, but I was playing tennis one night inside and I was having the hardest time finding my pockets to put the balls in, and what do you know on backwards! I politely excused myself and fixed them in the restroom.

We had our 2nd game of the HS season tonight, it was a grand time 3 30 min delays for thunderstorms, and never got in playing Sat at Noon. So I have to accompany the cheerleaders back sat, can't wait. Wanna go instead and chaperone?

Jacquie said...

Oh my that was a good one. I have had a few shirt inside out moments lately, fortunatley I have realized before I made it out of the house.

Ugh ants. Not fun! My girls had bad ant experiences awhile back. It was blog worthy LOL.

Brad Paisley and Ticks is such a fun song, going to see him in October and can't wait.

charlotte said...

Funny thing about the shorts! HA! An embarresing episode in my life was when I told my dad a lie! (I never lie .. but for some reason I tried it out on my dad when I was only 15 years old). I told him that my girlfriend and I was going to babysit her nephew and niece. My dad (and mom) said Okay! And then my girlfriend and I ride our bikes all the way to some cute, cute boys to hang out with them. My dad found out where I was (till this day I don't know how he found me) and he rang the doorbell.... HE WAS SO MAD!!! I was SO embarresed and I went home with him. For days I couldn't watch him in the eyes.... Oh man!! I have never told a lie ever since! LOL!

I hope you will have a girls night out! Sonds like a lot of fun!!

Today we are just relaxing. We will go to the cosiest little harbour later today and bring some food and a cold beer! ... just the 4 of us!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Cheryl Wray said...

Maria--Oh yes, PLEASE do some bed jumping pictures for me That would be fabulous!!!!

Adrienne--Those are SO funny!!! hey, that just shows you how little you are that you fit into AJ's shirt. LOL

Linda--LOL!!! Wasn't Kari's story great? And I bet that you do a lot of changing when you're dirtbiking. That's too funny!

Liz--Yes, without my contacts on, you never know what I might do!! lol

Jeff--Hey, I'm not knocking 39.I'll be joining you there in 6 days!!

Dawn--Yes, we're just trying to strip to stay cool!!! LOL

Cheryl Wray said...

Renee--I didn't realize you were from around her!!! If you ever come into town, let me know and we'll go crop together there!!!

Leah--Ha!!! That would have been JUST like her to say something like that!! i know..I can't wait!!! One more week till kickoff!!!

Phats--Oh no about the backwards tennis shorts!! ha!!!! And so sorry your game was so sucky last night!!

Jacquie--Ooh, I'm jealous of you seeing Brad P. He's a cutie pie!!

Charlotte--Oh no!!! He caught you for sure, didn't he?? Your day sounds SO fun and relaxing!!!

Kimberly said...

I am so sick of grasshoppers and ants. They are coming in by the truck loads. But it rained today...thank goodness! Hopefully the weather cools down. Have a great day.