Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"You can hug me if you want to" on this Fun Random Tuesday....

I begin by interrupting our regularly scheduled "Random Tuesday" program with a quick "Sayings by Scout" update. I couldn't let this one go by!

Yesterday, she and I were making blueberry muffins together and, after we finished and she was apparently pleased with how she did, she smiled smugly and looked at me and offered, "You can hug me if you want to." I tried not to laugh too loudly and, of course, gave her a hug. Then she batted her eyes and said, "You can kiss me if you want to." How could I resist? I gave her a kiss too.

And now...for my Random Tuesday post, I thank Dawn for tagging me last week with this cute idea.

You take your middle name--mine happens to be Annette--and use every letter in it to tell something about yourself! I'm officially tagging you all on it and asking you to play along. Put your answers in my comments section, or post a comment letting us know that you are doing it on your own blog.

Here's mine...

A Alabama gal. I wasn't born in Alabama (see "T" below for "the rest of the story"), but I have lived here since I was 15. So, it's absolutely home! I love so much about Alabama, which really gets a bad rap from the people who haven't ever visited or lived here. The food is wonderful, the scenery is beautiful (we have mountains and the beach in one state!), the people are so incredibly friendly, and there is a slower sense of enjoyment than in other places. I love other places--and even love big, northern cities (Chicago is one of my very faves!)-- and dearly love to travel, but I always want to come back home to my South. (And, besides, I have three girls who are all Alabama born and bred!)

N Nuts about my family, good girlfriends, fried green tomatoes (and most things fried!), donuts (and most things that come from a bakery), Alabama football, flying anywhere an airplane will take me, scrapbooking, John Cusack, rainstorms at night, Diet Dr. Pepper, birthday parties, a really great photo, cozy mystery novels, poetry, convertibles, sports radio, my faith, a good cry,old Seinfeld episodes, a roaring fireplace, lying on the beach, science fiction movies. (And boy could I go on and on...but I'll think I'll stop there.)

N Not so nuts about getting up early in the morning, mayonnaise, heights (deathly afraid!), slow people, getting stuck in a line, cereal with milk (without is okay), people who don't think of their children first, processed meat, whining, an unmade bed, prejudice. (And boy could I go on and on...but I think I'll focus more on the good!)

E Exciteable. I tend to get really excited about things when I'm having a good time! I will squeal over any gift I get; I will scream way too loudly at sporting events; I will jump up and down, dance, and act really silly if I think the situation warrants it (and it's even better if it embarrases one or all of my daughters! lol). It's all about joy!!

T Texas native.
Though I consider myself an Alabama Gal, I am a Native Texan and nothing can take that away from me! Yes, we native Texans are a little proud (but don't say elitist!) but for good reason. We have awesome history (yes, we were once a nation all our own), great food, great sports, beautiful cities (San Antonio is my favorite!), and cool people! In fact, I think the two most perfect words in the English language might just be "barbecue brisket" (either that or "chili relleno" or "Dallas Cowboys")!

T Tapping my toes to really great music from the 80s (I tell my girls all the time that I grew up in the 80s--turned 12 in 1980 and graduated from college in 1990--so they will just have to suffer through some Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses, and Paula Abdul! lol); praise music; loud contemporary Christian; Radio Disney (we have this on our satellite radio and Gary and I sadly enjoy it way too much!); great music from before my time (I was raised by a wonderful Dad who taught me the fine points of the great music from the 60s and 70s, so give me some Beatles, Stones, Byrds, Cat Stevens, Moody Blues, Van Morrison...oh yeah baby!); and plenty of helpings of today's rock and pop music (I'm a big fan of all music, so I really believe in keeping up with the music my kids like. And it's nice that I actually like a lot of it. Right now my favorite songs are "Umbrella," "The Great Escape," and this great new song by Linkin Park on my video player.)

E Expectng today to be better than yesterday.
Which means that, even though I have my negative days when I feel depressed, I live 99% of the time in a world were my glass is half full. I tend to see the best in people, the positive in a situation, and the better thing around the corner!

That was Fun, Fun, Fun!!

Join in... and have a wonderfully, fun, random Tuesday!!


Linda said...

hmm have to think on that one....very cute idea and love your responses. Love Scouts comments...they are always so funny. I miss that about my kids being little though. Have a beautiful Day girl...and I will have to add that into my next post. Very fun idea.

Gin said...

I LOVE all of your letter answers.

Nina Diane said...

very cute idea Cheryl. Fun reading and seeing where we are a lot alike. Since I'm just getting back into town, loads of work and laundry, I'll think on it and post on my blog

LZ Blogger said...

I loved the music on the video, but the video itself is a little haunting (by intent I'm sure). I loved the EAGLE in it though! ~ jb///

Ryan said...



Young at heart



~Nancy~ said...

I'm so happy that you left me a little note on my blog!! Enjoy your Tuesday! Big hugs!

Jenster said...

Scout's comments are TOO CUTE!! How could you resist??

Cheryl Wray said...

Linda--I love 3 year olds. They say the darnedest things! I hope you do this on your blog. I will be checking it out!
Gin--It was fun!
Nina--I'd love to read your answers! Good look with the work and laundry--the worst part of going away is the coming back!
Lz--I do love that song, but yes the video is haunting. Powerful,I think!
Ryan--LOVED yours!!! Short and simple, but GOOD!
Nancy--you have a great Tuesday too!
Jenster--Nope, resistance is futile!! lol

Gretchen said...

I did this too. Fun time. I loved getting to know a bit about Alabama and, of course, Texas. :) I would love to visit AL sometime. I feel spoiled in WA, too because we have such a diversity of settings (beach, lake, mtn, stream, etc.). I have only been to a smattering of places east of the Mississippi, so it's nice when people really share a love of where they live. It's like armchair traveling for me. And, I love travel! Have a great week, Cheryl.

Just Me Again said...

I love Scout's sayings...tell her I am sending her a hug and a kiss too (to add to her collection of hugs and kisses from her mom.) Very cool random Tuesday post...I love the idea of using every letter in your middle name to say something about yourself! That will just have to be my next post! GREAT idea! :)

Adrienne said...

ROFLOL! She is TOO cute!!!

marg said...

I loved reading the things you like and don't like. I agree on a lot of those. Slow people, waiting in line, heights--ha!!
have a great night!

see ya!

~Telah said...

Enjoyed hearing all that about you!

Jeff said...

Wow this was kinda hard to come up with. I decided to go with a theme of all music loves.

A: ABBA. No surprise to Cheryl I'm sure. I've got every ABBA song ever done. Nothing can get you into a better mood than a good ABBA song or two. After all, after listening to "Take a Chance on Me" or "Voulez-Vous" how could you not be happier?

L: Live. One of my most favorite songs from college comes from Live's Throwing Copper album. "Lightning Crashes" is amazing.

A: Audra McDonald: This woman can do no wrong. She sings amazing Broadway tunes as well as standards, and even does stunning work with the likes of John Mayer and Neil Young.

N: Neil Diamond. Some of the first music I can ever recall hearing and to this day I'm still a fan.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Thank you Cheryl. What great answers you gave. You're so creative!

I too am a music nut. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

Thanks again. You Rock!!! Have a great evening.

TK Angels said...

Loved your answers. Sometimes when I feel down I also try to see the glass 1/2 full. It cheers me up along with my faith *smile*

take care,

scrapperjen said...

I love that idea - using your name. VERY cool! I'll have to give this a try...

Linda said...

We haven't visited in a long time, and this was a really great post to catch up with you on. You did a great job. I can identify with a lot of the things you mentioned. San Antonio is just down the road a piece from where I live, and I couldn't agree more.
Thanks for visiting Cheryl.

Susie Q said...

You are a doll dear Cheryl...and I love your list and the fact that you are so positive!

LOVE the Hug me if you want to...: )
Okay, so give Scout a HUGE hug from me okay??


Susie said...

How sweet of her to give you permission to hug and kiss :)
The middle name meme is a fun one, and you have some great choices for your letters!

Cheryl Wray said...

Ooh, fun!!I leave for a few hours and then A TON of you have popped in to say hey!!
Gretchen--I went back and read yours. It was great!! I also LOVE hearing about where other people live. So cool to armchair travel (in fact, that gives me an idea for a really great blog post that I will do someday soon!!! :-)

Maria--I will give her a hug and kiss from you! I hope you do this tag too.I'd love to read your answers!

Adrienne--She Is funny!

Marg--I do NOT like those things!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Telah-- Thanks!!

Jeff--Of course, I knew the Abba and Neil Diamond. In fact, I may have to go listen to some of each of these soon!!! And I will have to check out Audra McDonald. I can trust you for good music recommendations!

Dawn--Thank YOU for the inspiration!

TK--I always try and be positive. I get down sometimess-who doesn't?--but I have always been very positive. Why shouldn't you be, really?

Scrapperjen--you should do it too.I 'd love to read your answers!

Linda--I hadn't beenby your blog in SO long, so I definitely was glad to make it back to "see" you. I LOVE San Antonio!!

Susie--Okay, another hug is coming her way from you!!!

Susie (hee hee, two in a row of you!)--Thanks! It was a fun one!!

gold said...

That was nice!!Nice idea.

Tannis said...

first off, thanks for the blog love girl! I totally HATE my middle name but just for you...here goes
F-fun wherever I can find it and I try for it each day
L-loved by an amazing man!
O-open minded to so many things and I am glad, cuz i always have the opportunity to make my own choices
R-ready to scrapbook, Red Deer is where I resideand Red is one of the colors you need to make PINK! which just happens to be one of my favorite colors!
E-enrolled in school to finish my degree and go to law school...been a slacker on the assignments but hey, I can visit blogs! Can I make money doing this? Anyone knows...please hook a gal up!
N-new me! I am a third of who i used to be and I love the new me. New found confidence and new outlook on life. I like New sharpened pencils and fresh paper and I love how they look together...I know, I need help
C-children, cake lots of great things start with C! I am CRAZY about my cute children and I am crazy about making cakes. I love to be CRAFTY!
E- everything, a song by Buck Cherry, reminds me of the one who loves me and hey whats better than that?
K- I will quit burning up your blog, and if you tell anyone my middle name is florence, I will come to alabama and whip your little alabama butt! (then hey, since I am there, maybe we could scrapbook)!

charlotte said...

This is fun Cheryl! I might take this one up on my blog! :-) Fun reading!!

There is a little something for you on my blog! ;-)

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Chataqua said...

Hey Cheryl, just showing ya some Luv since u checked out my blog( nobody ever looks at my blog :( lol) So I have a cool title for ya ;)

Heather said...

S - scrapbook addict for sure
U - unbelievably great people person
E - excited for Christmas to come!

Jacquie said...

Your DD sounds adorable.

Loved reading some new info on you. I am definately going to give it a whirl on my blog, come check it out. Thanks for the idea.