Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"By the Numbers" Random Tuesday Fun

Okay, boy and girls...it's time for your regular Random Tuesday post.

As is the custom, you are invited to participate by putting your answers in my comments section or (even better and more FUN because we get to come visit you!), do this fun little meme on your own blog. Just let us know in the comments section that you've put it in our blog (so we can all come visit!).

(First off though... seriously LOVED "Heroes" last night...so glad it's back on... so glad to see Peter hanging out--and seriously not dead--at the end of the show... avoided "Dancing with the Stars" because I have such a weird-o problem with reality shows because I get so nervous for the contestants and don't want them to make fools of themselves, but I DID catch the end of Sabrina Bryan's performance and heard the judges raving about her... the girls said she did GREAT... and, of course, I know who she is only because she's a Cheetah Girl and is constantly on Disney Channel, which is absolutely the most-watched channel in our home!...)

Now to the fun...

By the Numbers

1. Age I was when I first walked:
Of course, I don't remember but Mom said I was right at 8 months. See...gifted from the beginning! LOL

2. Ag of my very first memory:
I have several very vivid memories of kindergarten (one of me crawling through a maze at the school's Halloween carnival), but I have a very vivid memory of a time that Mom says I was four. I was at my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Philip's house in College Station, Texas riding around on a tricycle outside their apartment. Funny..the things we remember.

3. Number of stitches I've had in my life:

4. Number of broken bones I've had in my life:
Zero (well, unless you count the toe that I THINK I broke last year; but I've never been to the doctor with a broken bone). And weird also is that none of the girls have ever had a broken bone either (Knock on wood!).

5. Number of cars I've owned:

6. Number of countries I've visited:
Four (US, Aruba, Mexico, Jamaica; LOL...I had only three listed when I first posted and my sweet husband had to come on and comment that I had actually been to four; I had forgotten Jamaica; just thank goodness I hadn't been there with HIM; now if I'd forgotten Aruba--where we went on our honeymoon--I would have been in BIG trouble!)

7. The age I was when I moved out of my parents' house:
17 (moved into a dorm on the University of Alabama campus; of course, I came back home a few times before moving out for good! LOL)

8. Number of ex-boyfriends in my past:
Five who were at least "semi" serious

9. Number of televisions in my house:

10. Number of days old I am right now:
14, 269 ( cool...go HERE to find out how many days you've been around!)

Okay...join on in!!

(And, yes, I know I'm seriously goofy, but have any of you realized that I try and make my videos match up with the theme of my post? It doesn't necessarily work all the time, but it does today. I so LOVE this song from the "Rent" broadway show and it's perfect for the post today!)


Mississippi Songbird said...

Thanks for this fun meme..

1. I think I walked at about 2 years..
2.My first vivid memory was when My papaw let me in the fence to feed the chickens..at about age 3.
3.Zero stitches.Thank the Lord..
4.Zero broken bones..again,Thank the Lord..
5. total of 11 vehicles..
6.I have never visited another country.
7.I had just turned 19 when I moved into my forst place.
8. About 5 ex-boyfriends..although I have been on a couple of blind dates before in my life.. But I won't count those..lol
9.Three TV's
10. I'm approx 16,150 days old..

This was fun..
I had not thought of my Papaw and feeding the chickens in a while..Bunches of hugs....

~gkw said...

You've been to 4 countrys... you left out Jamaca... geeze since Gareth hasn't been around, I have to watch you every minute so you're not lying to your bloggers.... tsk, tsk..

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that song!!!!


Just Me Again said...

Great questions! I'll come back with a real answer later...I'm at work (swamped as usual), but I just wanted to say hi and I'll be back!!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Songbird--LOVE your answers! Isn't it cool how you can not think of something in ages and then something just sparks your memory? Ha ha on the blind dates...i didn't even think about them!

G--LOL!! You are SO bad!! But you'll see that I edited it!!

Marg--I do too!!

Maria--Can't wait to see you here again!! Hope your day calms down some!

Jeff said...

Yay. My most favorite show represented on your video! Makes me happy.

1 . Age I was when I first walked: No idea.

2. Age of my very first memory: I remember seeing "THe Sound of Music" in the theater when I was like four. I didn't understand the concept of the intermission and why we were getting up while seemingly the movie might still be going.

3. Number of stitches I've had in my life: Zero

4. Number of broken bones I've had in my life: So far nothing fully broken, though I have been sprained many times and factured once.

5. Number of cars I've owned: Four

6. Number of countries I've visited: Does the US really count since you're not really a visitor here? I'm going to say one, Canada.

7. The age I was when I moved out of my parents' house: 22, into my own apartment right before college graduation.

8. Number of ex-boyfriends in my past:
0 ex boyfriends (Will is the one and only there)
1 ex girlfriend

9. Number of televisions in my house: Two

10. Number of days old I am right now: 14,336

Gin said...

Great questions. How fun!
No stitches, but a TON of broken bones (was a really clumsy child. ha ha).

Melissa said...

LOVED Hereos last night. Seriously, it was good stuff. :) Peter is such a hottie...

Miss 1999 said...

1. Age I was when I first walked:

I'd say a little over a year, honestly, don't know?

2. Age of my very first memory:

3 or 4?

3. Number of stitches I've had in my life:

3 (where my wisdom teeth once were :0)

4. Number of broken bones I've had in my life:
Zero (Knock on wood!).

5. Number of cars I've owned:

6 : 3 straight, 3 automatic

6. Number of countries I've visited:

None, unless you count where we live now :0)

7. The age I was when I moved out of my parents' house:


8. Number of ex-boyfriends in my past:

WAY too many! *L*

9. Number of televisions in my house:


10. Number of days old I am right now:

I don't want to know, it might depress me *LOL*


Cheryl Wray said...

Jeff--Cool early memory! And I think you're right. The US can't really count, I guess!! :-) I KNEW you'd love the Rent song!!!!

Gin--Oh no! I;m actually very clumsy, but somehow haven't broken bones because of it. Really miraculous actually!

Melissa--Yes, it was GOOD!!

1999--The ex- boyfriend comment cracked me up! :-)

Dawn Bibbs said...

Boy, I tell ya, Cheryl, you know how to keep your readers goin, don'tcha? :-) Once again, I'm on board. You have suckered me...ONCE AGAIN, to share even MORE about myself. I've taken the bait and my answers to your fun questions will be on my blog directly! :-)

Great answers, by the way.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Cheryl, thanks for stopping by to see me. I don't always get around to visit everyone, but wanted to say hello!

I read through your list of questions & we have some similarities. I walked at around 9 mos., no stitches, or broken bones either.

I have been to several countries, will have to add them up sometime.

Have a good week!


Susie Q said...

Loved this meme list and LOVE anything from RENT!!!

I don't want to think how many days old I am!!!

One broken toe nothing else!
Stitches in my chin at the age of 6.
First walked at 11 months old.
6 cars
3 ex boyfriends
I remember being on my Grandfather's farm as a 3 year old...most of my memories begin about 3.

This was a fin game and LOVE the video and music!


Anonymous said...

Okay, my turn.
1. Not sure when I started to walk
2. Not sure( ..I'll think of something and get back to you..)
3.4 stitches from falling while collecting bugs on rollerskates. It sounded like a good ideal at the time.
4. One broken bone but only realized it was broken when it healed crooked. Not pretty!
5. 5
6. I've been to Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Mexico, St Martinique and Austria. I work for an airline, perks!
7. 17 amd going off to bootcamp. Fun times....
8. 6
9. 3 tvs
10. I'm old in dog years, does that count?....hee-hee

Love the musical rent. Its one of my all time favorite musicals and that is one of my favorite songs.

Kingcover said...

Oh piffle I missed my one billionth second birthday!

HAHA Gary - I'm glad you were able to correct her. She's just OLD so cut her some slack! :-D

Cheryl Wray said...

Dawn--SO glad I can help you out with your posts! LOL (Heading out to read yours)

Rhoda--I don't get to your blog as often as I'd like to either. It's always such a nice place! :-)

Susie--Rent is awesome, isn't it? Loved your answers!

Baberry--Catching bugs on roller skates, huh? I LOVE it!!!! And, ooh, I'm jealous of all those places you've been!

King--Yeah, thank goodness for Gary, huh? Not sure what I'd do without him checking up on me. (dripping with sarcasm....)

angel said...

1) i think i was 1...
2) i musta been about 2, i remember the staircase in the townhouse we lived in then...
3) um, about 10?
4) 1, i broke my collarbone as a baby
5) 3
6) 0... never been out of south africa!
7) 21
8) 4
9) 1
10) 12,327