Monday, October 15, 2007

I take that back!!
(and a weekend recap)

Okay, you guys may remember how I waxed poetic about Gary back on Friday. I shared with all of you about how much of a sweetie he is, right? Well, I guess I may just have to take that back since he really enjoyed the fact that I COULDN'T TALK much of the weekend and he actually asked if I could go silent more often!


(Although I will be the first to admit that I really do talk way too much, and that I often interrupt him--which he hates! So, the fact that I basically had larangitis much of the weekend, made Gary quite happy!)

The story of why I lost my voice is actually a really great way to provide you with a recap of my weekend, so why don't I share that with all of you as my Monday morning post?

Our weather started cooling off this past week ... which I love!...but it wreaks havoc with my sinuses. I could feel my throat starting to itch a little bit by mid-week and by Friday I had a full-blown sore throat. I told myself I would just take it easy most of the weekend and try and rest my throat. Delaney even told me, "Just try not to talk Mom. You could even write instead of talk."

So those were some really good intentions, but everyone knows that sports are central to my weekends. And if you would guess that I am a loud fan, you'd be right. I can't sit idly and quietly by as my teams work so hard to win!

But, still, I had great intentions as I headed out to the high school game Friday night. Ranked #8 in the state and with a record of 5-0 so far, we were playing the also undefeated #4 team in the state. Well, the game ended up being a nailbiter that came down to the wire and I found myself yelling, "Go Gophers!" (yep, McKenna's team is the Gophers!) way too often! (We went ahead for the first time with a minute to go, but then gave up a touchdown on a kick return with 30 seconds to go. Then we didn't have time to come back, so we lost! Pretty sad!) By the time I went to bed late Friday night, I literally could not make ANY sound come out of my mouth.

I woke up Saturday morning being able to talk again, although it still wasn't pretty. I told myself that I would take it easy and not get worked up over any sporting events on Saturday. Only thing is...Alabama football and Delaney softball were both on the schedule for the day!

Even though I wasn't at the Bama game (it was in Mississippi), I still yelled WAY too much and often from the comfort of my own den. The game came down to the wire (on a crazy official call reversal with 7 seconds left that secured the win for us!! yay!!), and I screamed "Roll Tide" and "Go, go go!!" and "Run, run. Touchdown!!" more times than I could count!

Then, I went to watch Delaney play at her travel team's softball tournament and found myself yelling, "Go D!" and "Good pitch!" and "Go, go go!" more than I needed to! (By the way...she hit a GRAND SLAM!! It was actually her first homerun in several years. Because of her size, she's not usually a power hitter; she's very consistent and hits singles and doubles on a regular basis, but not usually more than that! But she slammed this one to the center field fence. And it was with bases loaded. Very exciting!)

I still don't have my "regular" voice back this morning, but it's much better today than yesterday...and much better than Friday night. So, Gary is having to listen to me talk too much all over again! LOL was your weekend? Did you enjoy some good college football like I did? Or did you enjoy some quiet, relaxing time? Or did anything especially fun take place? I'd love to know all about it!

(I have been offline pretty much all weekend, so I am just now getting a chance to read your comments from Friday. And I will be trying to visit a lot of your blogs sometime today!)

How about a few pictures to close out this post?

From Friday and the high school game...

(McKenna on her way to school, decked out in her pep rally attire.)

(yes, we have a bunch of high school guys who paint their bodies and cheer on the team. They are called the HYT Boys and, yes, McKenna thinks they're great!)

From Delaney's tournament on Saturday...

(and, no, Delaney is usually not #87. She is #11, but the wrong jersey came in!)


Adrienne said...

LOL you and Gary are SOOOOOOO funny!!! Isn't the weather great!! I am LOVING it! I actually TURNED my air off!!! LOL

Lynilu said...

Something tells me that "cooling off" is a matter of relativity, right? But still, "cooler" is cooler. Our nights are going to be close to freezing in the next few days. And I love it! But I need to get out some winter clothes! Yike!

Hope your voice is back to normal soon. I hate having a croak-y voice!

Phats said...

haha gary's a funny guy! I have lost my voice before as well, but it was when I was cheering.

That sucks for your HS team, but it sounds like a great game, I think every school has guys paint their bodies like that, we even have some girls that wear sports bras and paint their tummy's.

My weekend sucked because not only did we lose we got killed. So now that you have the W Be honest was that a good or bad call by the ref in the Bama game? haha I thought he was escorted out

Edleen said...

sounds like a fun weekend! love those shots of Delaney :D

my weekend here in Singapore was pretty much about eating..hehe :D since it's the festive season now, everyone's visiting their family and friends and having a jolly good time :)

have a Great Week Cheryl!

Mandy said...

I know what you mean! That's the only thing about the first few weeks of fall...the weather is all over the place which can leave you feeling pretty yucky.

Congrats to Delaney on her GS..that is terrific!

The Bama game ~ I am really wishing we could have a game that does not come down to the last play. I heard someone refer to our team the other day as the "Cardiac Kids" and I couldn't agree more! But at least we got the W and now on to the Vols.

~gkw said...

There was now doubt that was a good call as long as we didn't touch the ball first. He easily stepped out!!!

Sorry I had to answer PHATS... he's so crazy just because his team lost this weekend!

I have to admit the silence this weekend was nice... I got to finish my own sentences... Yeah Delaney on her first Grand Slam!!!

crazy working mom said...

It was cool here over the weekend, but it's supposed to rain today and then be warm again by week's end. :(

I'm taking both kids to the dr today, one with sore throat and runny nose. The other with sore throat and cough. Ahhh...the joys of changing weather.

Oh, yeah and I tagged you for a meme. Come see.

Renee said...

I'm sure Mark would tell me the same thing!

patti_cake said...

The hub feels the same way when I lose my voice - sweet relief LOL

I am loving the weather also. I love how your so into sports. Me too!

I posted about Maddie's dance debut at the Sweet Potato Festival and i'll post more on my week-end tomorrow :)

Gin said...

Great pictures, Cheryl1

Kimberly said...

Looks like you had a great weekend...hope your throat is feeling better. I can take anything but a sore throat. Didn't get to watch much of the bama game..we had a youth devo/wiener roast at our house. We thankfully won! Roll Tide!

Nina Diane said...

Hey Cheryl
it's a wonder I didn't lose my voice what with all of that screaming last night with the Cowboys / Patriots game. Oh well....5 and 1 is still a good record. We need some major work on our defense!

Susie Q said...

Oh always know how to make me smile...: )

My family always cheers when I lose my voice!! Now, should I take that the wrong way??? Hmmm....

Love the pictures! Congrats to your girl!!


Kari said...

You Bama people! Talk about hardcore. This sounds so goofy to me (although apparently effective so who am I to say?), but they actually turned on the Bama game in my cousin's room the day the doctors started bringing him out of his coma. Can't tell you how happy I was to hear they'd won! I had to laugh (and think of YOU, the other Bama Freak that I know of) when I heard they'd done that. Crazy Bama people. You're all just plain crazy. :)

Melissa said...

If I lost my voice, my husband would also enjoy me cool nights here though!!

Phats said...

Did I ask you Gary, i don't think so haha! I asked the REAL sports fan in your family. I just gave you my honest unbiased opinion :) haha

I am glad Bama won though, especially after the poor sportsmanship by the Ole Miss fans after the game

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I thought we were "cooling off", too. I am roasting in my office today.... At least you don't have to be able to talk to blog... ha!

~gkw said...

HA!! Phats... You gotta go to one of my post today (I did 3) see the picture of cheryl as she cheers at a softball game. Can you imagine what she's like at a FOOTBALL Game!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

A GRAND SLAM??? How totally cool is THAT??? Way to go, Delaney.

Too funny that you couldn't...or shouldn't talk over the weekend. I get like that at least twice a year...hasn't happened this year yet...Poor hubby :-).

Take it easy, my friend.