Friday, October 19, 2007

"I'm In!" . . .
Feelin' the Hate (for the Vols)...
Some Pretty Pictures...

Well, it's hard to believe that another Friday is already here. Do the days and weeks just go by quicker and quicker to any of the rest of you? (I guess I'm just getting o-l-d!)

We are looking forward to another jam-packed weekend, but first how about a little "since I last talked to you" update? I know...I know...I just talked with you all yesterday, but you know that a lot can happen in 24 hours!

Actually, it's just been random stuff that's happened since yesterday but some of it is still worth sharing (at least I THINK it is...there's also a very good chance that I just really bore you guys and gals most of the time with these tales of my daily life!).

Well, yesterday we were SO excited about going to Delaney's first newcomb tournament (this is the "quasi volleyball" team that she made at the middle school); Delaney is absolutely thrilled to be on this team (you all know how much she loves sports!) and could not wait for the first matches of the season. When I picked her up yesterday I could kinda see some tears in her eyes under the surface. I figured she'd gotten a bad grade; or someone had been ugly to her. No...she was crying because their tournament had been cancelled because of the possibility of bad weather later in the evening. Yes, my child cries because of SPORTS! (If there were ever any doubt that she was my child, that right there would completely dispel it since we are compadres when it comes to loving sports).

So she kinda moped around for a while until I told her that after we picked McKenna up from debate practice (yes McKenna, in addition to color guard and band and youth council and golf, is also on the debate team!) we'd go to Walmart so she could buy a music CD she'd been saving up for. That significantly cheered her up! She bought the newest Hannah Montana CD and was happy the rest of the evening!

I spent the rest of the evening doing a few of my favorite things--watching college football (#2 went down this time), baking a cake, and reading!

~ ~ ~

Last night, Sydney looked at me and said, "I can't believe that Halloween is so close by [I thought that was so cute; she couldn't figure out how to say "Halloween is coming up soon" and I like how she put it.]." I told her that, yes, it's just over a week away and that we were having a Halloween party at Nannie and Papaw's, and also we would be trick-or-treating. Sydney looked at me, clapped her hands, and said, "I'm In!!"

Oh yeah, I loved that phrase. "I'm in!" Me too, Sydney!

~ ~ ~

Okay, another Big Weekend planned! What's going on, you ask?

Tonight is another high school football game for McKenna's school (if we win, we'll actually be awarded our first state playoff game at home which would be really big for us!) . The game is about an hour away, though, so I won't be going. I think that I will entertain myself by going and buying some scrapbook goodies--I am seriously jonesing for some alphabet stickers and I haven't bought me any in a long time!

Then tomorrow McKenna has another band/color guard competition. They will have 16 schools in their class alone, so if they can do well it would be a BIG accomplishment!

Then...the biggest activity tomorrow is the Alabama vs. Tennessee football game! And Gary and I will be there live and in-person!

And let me just say that I HATE the Volunteers! I want to beat them SO bad!! I try and be a pretty even-keeled, nice Alabama fan. In fact, I really don't hate Auburn (our biggest rival) too much, because I figure that their winning makes us beating them look even better. But I seriously can't stand to see Tennessee come to town. I don't know if it's that ugly orange, or that incessantly-played "Rocky Top" by their band, or the awful memories of defeats at their hands (I still vividly remember losing to them 17-15 back in probably 1988, back when we still played at Legion Field in Birmingham. It was one of those "kill me in the final moments" games and I seriously sat in the stands for 30 minutes afterwards with my friends Cheryl, Scott, and Mike and just moped!) So...tommorow's game is going to be HARD (probably our hardest opponent so far this season) and we're going to have to play really well to have a chance! So..if you have no college football allegiences, promise me that you'll yell a big "Roll Tide" for me around noon tomorrow!!!

(And I don't like to keep barrading people with youtubes here, so I'm not posting any videos. But, if you want to see evidence of us beating Tennessee the way we should, here's a GREAT VIDEO of it!)

~ ~ ~
Gary took about 50 pictures of Delaney the other day, to submit to the Miss Photogenic contest portion of the middle school pageant she's gonna be in. She thought it was fun pretending to be a model!

Here are some of my faves from the day...

~ ~ ~

Well, before I can get to the FUN parts of my weekend, I'm off to do some Friday stuff that's got to get done...washing clothes, working on two articles due next week...

Then let the weekend begin!!!


Dawn Bibbs said...

Great post, Cheryl. You (and your sports) are too funny. And I see that it's genetically transferred too :-). I honestly think Jayla is going to be that way. But she's one that may tick her coaches off...she cheers for BOTH teams, LOL.

For the record, I don't like TN either (I was told not to..hee hee). I just can't get with that ORANGE. That's SUCH a "Glamour Don't"...especially on guys!

SUPER cute pix of Delaney!!!

Have a groovy weekend, my friend.

Renee said...

Sounds like another good one, Cheryl. Have fun!

~gkw said...

Rolllll Tide! Now get over to my blog and judge the entries to my joke contest! :)

patti_cake said...

Aww the pics of Delaney are gorgeous. She's so pretty!
Honey i'm like you when it comes to playing sports - pass!

Roll Tide! (Gamecock Fan here so I hate orange - reminds of those nasty Clemson tigers)

Adrienne said...

LOL!! You are too funny!! Love the pics!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Dawn--We do take it a little too seriously! And, yes, I think Jayla may be the same way! LOL SO glad you don'tlike Tennessee either, even if it has more to do with fashion than football!!

Renee--Thanks!I will!!

G--Roll Tide!!! I just sent you my joke winners!!

Patti--Thanks for the Roll Tide!! ;-)


Maria said...

Loook at these pictures! JUST TOO CUTE! I think the days ARE getting shorter and shorter!

Gin said...

Have a great weekend, Cheryl. Love the pics of Delaney and all the stories!

ryan said...

Tell Sydney, "I'm in!" for Halloween, too! We gotta get together and coordinate T-O-T time. We're planning on heading down to Sunny Dell like last year.

Rhonda G. said...

a big ROLL TIDE...We don't like the orange teams in our family at all...abbey loves to say "tennessee and auburn STINK!"

good luck with the game tonight. y'all really ahve a good team this year.

love those pics!

Mandy said...

Delaney looks so pretty in her pictures! I was at that game in 2005 and had my head buried in my dad's shirt during that last field goal. Such a great game...I hope the result is the same tomorrow.

Kari said...

Tennessee doesn't thrill me either so ROLL TIDE! And I was pretty happy to see #2 get beat, too. My Sooners are lookin' better and better! lol
Thanks for visiting my cousins site and leaving your kind words! I know that all the good thoughts/prayers, etc. mean the world to Karen right now and will mean so much to Joey when he's able to read them for himself. God bless them, they have such a long road ahead of them. Thanks for helping out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl,
Good pictures of Delaney..
I don't like TN either. I do not like the color orange (yuck) So go Bama.


Brown English Muffin said...

I love those pictures!! love them...her hair is soooo long!

Cinderella said...

D is just soooo beautiful! I love the last picture the most...the background is lovely!

I did all of my shopping, prescription lessons and such. Now it is time to enjoy the weekend!! Yay!!! I hope you have a wonderful one!

Edleen said...

wow...sounds like a busy weekend for you Cheryl! :) love those photos you took. she's beautiful :)

Enjoy your weekend, which i'm sure you will :D

NY KAT said...

Did you see that there is a new movie that comes out in November with John Cusak! I bet you are excited!

Have a great wknd!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Cheryl. Everytime I think I'm busy I come to your site and realize I'm fooling myself. Can you bottle up your energy and give me some? hee-hee! I love the pictures but the last one is my absolute favorite. Have a great weekend

Kelly said...

Yeah, I don't like the song "Rocky Top". I do like Peyton Manning, however. I lived in TN while he was quarterback for the Vols.

Arkansas plays Ole Miss. The razorbacks are not looking so good this year...:(

scrappermimi said...

I am so with you, it seems like each day there is less time. UGH!

Those pictures rock, I especially love the sepia one!

Adriann said...

Roll Tide!! I just came back from Bham visiting my dad in the hospital and it was like I walked into a scene from Dead of the Dawn. Everyone turned into Zombies until the game was over. LOL!!! I thought about you and Gary being at the game. I know you guys had a fab time!!!

angel said...

oh cheryl those are spectacular!

Travis Erwin said...

Great pics and congrats on the Tide's big V.

Glad somebody's team is winning since mine isn't.

Phats said...

ROLLLLL TIDE!!! I will keep picking against Bama and if you all go undefeated here on out, i want some kind of credit please.

Hannah Montana I keep hearing her concert tickets are like EXPENSIVE

Theresa Tyree said...

Love the photos of Delaney. She's a great combination of you and Gary. Loved little Sydney's, "I'm In!" SO precious!