Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Morning "Hey ya'll!"
(and go Boys!!)

Doing a lot of different things this morning...

* Dug out the Advent wreath; now I gotta go buy purple taper candles to go with it (and they are always hard to find for some reason!).
* Also want to come up with some fun, creative way to countdown the 25 days of December, but I don't want a purchased Advent calendar. Have any of you created something like that this year?
* Need to find the big pole for the artificial tree to go up (have found all the limbs, but the pole is mysteriously awol; I need it so I can "make" Gary put it up tonight!) And talking about a tree pole made me totally think of that Seinfeld episode with the "Festivus" holiday created by the Costanzas. Remember? they danced around the Festivus pole and "aired their grievances" of all the things they were disappointed in from the last year. I'm laughing just thinking about that!
*Wanting to scrap SO bad, but gotta get two more articles done instead (it pays the bills, though, and might allow me to go buy a few new scrapbook goodies to play with!).
* Have some adorable pictures of Sydney practicing last night for her play (let's just say that she enjoys being up on stage a BIT much!), but am gonna hold on to them for tomorrow along with some other Christmas things.

And so right now I'm just really looking forward to this tonight...

My Dallas Cowboys play the Green Bay Packers in a rare Thursday night NFL game. Both teams are 10-1 with rockin' quarteracks right now.

(Isn't it nice when we all just get along? T.O. and Romo are clickin' and it's all good!)

Are any of you NFL fans? You all know how much I love my Bama football team (my first allegience!), but I have also been a Cowboys fan since birth (probably conception actually!)

Have a super-duper day and night! This week is flying by, isn't it?

An add-on: I'm seriously DEPRESSED because I just found out that the game is on the NFLNetwork tonight. And do I have that channel? Nope, it should be on ESPN instead!!! Poo-poo on ESPN for not broadcasting it!! Okay, plan...I will listen to it on the radio or find a sports bar where I can take kids. LOL


Adrienne said...

I don't like the cowboys! LOL, I want the OTHER Team to win!!! So does hubby!! LOL and YES the week is zooming by!!!!

Linda said...

my hubb is a diehard Raiders fan. He was raised in Oakland so forgive him that please. Me, I love Green Bay. Farve is the bestest of the best to me...Love his ethics, that he stuck it out through such hard times, love his comebacks, and ya know, I just think the guy is a rockn QB. Watch football when I can but usually dirtbiking when games are on....except MNF. Hugs friend. You blog is always such a lift.

Latharia said...

The week sure is flying by!! I'm not sure it CAN be Thursday. Are you SURE?

~gkw said...

Go Boys!!!

Maria said...

Oh yes, I've heard all about the cowboys tonight from my hubby...they are his first love! He loves them more than he loves me...quite literally! LOL.

camport said...

I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to football!

I am making an Advent "calendar" today if I can find the one main ingredient!! I'll post it by days end hopefully. I think it's a pretty cool idea and hope it turns out as well as I'm picturing it in my head.


Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--Hey!! What did I EVER do to you guys?? Especially Tony!!! LOL That man refuses to like any of the teams I like!!!! :-)

Linda--I actually really like Brett Farve too and has been cheering him on all season. I think he is a great story this year and want him to do well (except tonight, of course!!)

Latharia--I know!! This week is going by SO fast!


Maria--I knew you'd understand this post! :-) Tell your hubby I'm cheering with him.

Chrissy--Ooh..I can't wait to see what you create. I will definitely pop by and see it later!!

Kelly said...

I believe Jerry JOnes is a big proponent of the NFL network. I heard an interesting story the other day by Frank Deford (sp?) on NPR regarding this issue.

Nina Diane said...

Hey Cheryl
sorry about the NFL network situation.....I will be watching the game but it means I have to stay up late because the TV in our bedroom does not get that channel. I have a feeling Johnny and I both will fall asleep in the den tonight! haha I'm excited to watch another addition of the Tony / TO show but somewhat nervous!! Go Cowboys!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for an inexpensive and cool advent calender for the past 3 years. So if you find anything like that drop me a! As for being a football fan, not really but I'm a huge UCLA football fan. Does that count?


Gin said...

I'm NOT a football fan but will say GO COWBOYS just for you. ha!

Dawn Bibbs said...


Hey, you could come to my house and watch the game! Sure, bring the kids...I've got some stuff around the house they can do while we watch the game, LOL.

Michelle said...

Uh Ho, Houston we have a problem.

Lifelong Steelers Fan here!

I love your blog!

Leah said...

I'm so ready to get my Christmas decorations up. Maybe that will happen this weekend. Good luck finding a place with the game. That's really dedication! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Kelly--I can totally see Jerry J getting the game on NFL Network. He is all powerful!!! LOL But, shucks, I still don't have anywhere to watch it. I guess I'll use Gary's satellite radio!

Nina--I feel pretty good about the game,but the Packers are looking good too. We'll see. Go Cowboys!!

Yvonne--If I find a good Advent calendar I'll let you know. I'm gonna go look tomorrow.

Gin--Thanks!!! :-)

Cheryl Wray said...

Dawn--Oh man!!! If only I were closer to you, I would be SO THERE!!!!! Thanks for the invite anyway! :-)

Michelle--Oh no, the Steelers!!! :-) But,hey, you're welcome here anyway! Glad to "meet" you!

Leah--Me too!! I'm gonna put some nativities up tonight and then maybe the tree tomorrow or Saturday. I hope so!

Adriann said...

Hope you find the pole so hubby can put up the Christmas tree for you... That doesn't sound right does it? LOL!!!

This month has gone by pretty quickly, no let me change that to this year. Time is surely moving.

Susie Q said...

Oh how I followed the Cowboys...I LOVED them so. For years and years...have I ever told you I met Roger Staubach, Bob Lilly AND sat in
Randy White's lap once?
Or are they from so long ago that you have no idea who I am talking about? *grin* Nah....a Cowboy fan would know!!!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

YAY for the Cowboys!!! They looked good last night!!

Greta said...

ok so everyone knows i loathe brett favre....i cannot stand him....grrrrr!!! and i can say this because i know him

to see him lose was soooooo awesome...i was jumping up and down like a mad woman hoppin and hollaring like a crazy woman...running around just acting like a pure damn fool!!!!

Aghhhhh....that was pure sunshine