Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Buncha Scrappy Stuff...and then some more scrappy stuff!

Yep, after not doing ANY sort of scrapbooking for weeks, I finally sat down some last night and today and worked on several projects. My thinking was this...Christmas is in, what?, 19 days? In less than three weeks, I will have a BIG ole pile of Christmas pictures to do something with. I need to get those photos that have been piling up for two months in my scrap area out of their piles and onto some pages and into some albums. So, I caught up on some Halloween and Thanksgiving pictures, and also did a few mini projects.

You all know how much I love to do scrapbook challenges. I hadn't done any of them in forever, though; so I used a few of my Thanksgiving photos for the latest challenge over at the One Little Word blog. The word this time around was "Live" and when I took these pics out of my Costco envelope, I knew I had to do something with them. They are two of my favorites from Thanksgiving at my parents'; the light was just right (the sun was warm and shining on our faces) and Sydney was just being a doll. And then I spotted some papers I wanted to dig out and use and it just worked out!

So, here is my "Live" page: "As long as I live...I will love you." Love that girl!

I had fallen behind on the OLW words, and I wanted to get caught up. So, I did another Thanksgiving page using the word "Full." My page and the photos show that the yummy Thanksgiving food makes me literally "full," but that the love and thankfulness I feel for my family really makes me "SO full."

I did just those two pages for Thanksgiving and put the rest of my photos in the little mini album I made a few weeks ago (remember me sharing it with you?).It has my pictures and also the sheets of paper where Gary, McKenna, Delaney, Sydney, and I all wrote down the things we were thankful for this year. It's a good memento of the season!

Then, I have a TON of gorgeous pictures of Delaney from her middle school pageant a few weeks ago. I'm in the process of doing a mini album with all the pictures (right now I am just LOVING mini-albums; I just think they are such a cool way to capture a specific event or emotion and they also are easy to put together), but I wanted to do at least one page to put in my larger, chronological scrapbook of the year. So, this is what I came up with and I really, REALLY like how it turned out. She really was a beauty that night!

Then, with Christmas almost here, I figured it was about time to do something with my Halloween pictures. (LOL) So, I put together another little mini album. This one just takes some of my favorite pictures over the years of the girls in costume.

(you can spot McKenna's first Halloween as a bunny, and Sydney's first as a bumblebee. And there at the front is this year's. My, how time flies!)

And then I did a two-page spread with a ton of pictures from this year. This was the first page of it; I just loved how funky and retro-looking the colors of our costumes were this year, so I wanted to create the same feeling on the page (and I just love those cool, puffy stickers I found at the dollar store!).

And then...finally...I finished up a little mini album dedicated to Delaney's Spring and Summer season with the Thunderbolts (yes, we've already been through another Fall season so I definitely was behind in doing this!). I really like how it turned out; it's cute, but more importantly, it's a great way for Delaney to sit down and look at her memories from this softball season.
(I'm anticipating already doing a similar book dedicated to McKenna's Color Guard season this year. Just too fun to do these things!)

(I am actually going to spending most of tonight and tomorrow doing a similar mini book for Delaney's coach. Her team is havings its team holiday party this Saturday and Gary wanted me to make one for her coach. I hope I can get it done!)

Well...that's enough for now (sorry to you non-scrappy blog friends!). I hope all of you are having a wonderful Thursday!

(and oh, by the way, I LOVED all of your comments about my teaching McKenna to drive. It's very reassuring to know that so many of you have been through the exact same situation before--or are going through it alongside with me right now! lol)

So...have a great night! I'm off to catch up on my "Heroes" watching (I DVR-ed it on Monday and have yet to sit down and see it) and rustle up something for dinner.

See ya soon!


Adrienne said...

You have been BUSY!!!! I love that album! HEROES WAS SO GOOD!!! Let's dish after you watch!

Ms.L said...

WOW,you do great work!

Rachael said...

wow!! the mojo has been running wild at your house!!! Send her to me, please? :)

Great work!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! These are awesome!!


Lynn said...

absolutley gorgoues stuff! Love what you did with the word "LIVE" awesome!


Lynn said...

sorry! can't spell! lol

Rock'nmama said...

I have that same album...I NEED to use it. Great ideas!

Adriann said...

Sydney looked so adorable during the program. Like a little angel! I know you must be proud. Love the newest LO''ve been busy!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh Cheryl, you've been workin it out, huh? :-) My goodness, I've got SO much catching up to do with my scrapping...but I just can't make it happen these days. Maybe seeing all the work you've done...which is GREAT, by the way, you'll inspire me to get my act together.

I have a question for you too. On your list of do you have it tell you that we've UPDATED? I've been looking for something like that. Can you email me your secret? lol. Thanks!

~Telah said...

Great job, Cheryl! I have a ton of pics if you wanna come scrap some of them for me. ;)

Loreluca said...

Oh, Cheryl those mini albums are awesome! I love mini albums, they just seem to be so "cozy" (is that the word I'm looking for???) Anyways, you get the point...
Want to thank you for your prayers and support during these tough times for my family. It's great to feel God's many blessings in the form of my friends online!

Wendy G said...

Ok I just have to say this....If you ever want to give away that little Sydney, I want her....She is so cute and I love the "As long as I live, I will love you" page. So you mind if I copy that? It actually brought tears to my eyes....I love your pages. they are awesome.

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--I JUST watched Heroes. Wow!! The ending just killed me! So sad...

Ms. L--Thanks!!

Rachael--The mojo had been sadly absent around here. ButI finally got some!! :-)


Lynn--You're so sweet! Thanks!

Rocknmama--I horde a lot of little mini albums and have to make myself use them. Get that one out and make something with it. LOL

Adriann--Sydney is a nut! And, yes, we were so proud of her. She was so sweet that night!

Dawn--Hey!! To tell the truth, I can't remember how I got it to do that. Let me ask Gary and I will email you with details tomorrow sometime!

Telah--Ha ha! I was SO behind, I had to get some scrappin' done.

Loreluca--I think "cozy" is a perfect word for mini albums. I love them!! I'm praying that you and your family are doing better! It's great to have people there for you, isn't it?

Wendy--I am blessed with all my girls. And God knew what He was doing when He gave us Sydney--I think he knew we were old and needed a sweet one! lol And, yes, of course you can use my idea. Steal away!!! :-)

NancyJones said...

these are beautiful girl! I need you t email me your phys address too at

You were telling me about your mom. What are they doing for her and her shingels? they put em on a new med called famvor? i think its called they said it has been proven better for peopel with shingles like upper liek head ears etc. They cahnged me to a strong steroid too, Go back tomorrow for another ct but I was just courious what other treatmetn options there are, Ic ant take the lyrica stuff it makes me insane (seriously I get so angry on that med IC annot take it) so IM looking for anyting to get rid of this mess. HOpe christmas isnt messed up especially for my dd :(
Thank you for your prayers so much. ANd take care of my LaTonya I hear she is teaching up there she is my heart I just love her. I got the sale flyer from yall I wish I lived closer so bad lol ID be on teh HOOK UP BIG TIME!!!
lymi xoxoxoxoxox

camport said...

I LOVE that half circle album. I've seen them in the store, but never as a finished project. You did a great job!

Love all the other pages, too. You've been busy!


Tania said...

Thank-you for the comment on my blog :) Love teh purple and golds in your layout. Awesome layouts.

Edleen said...

Cheryl!!! they're all Gorgeous!!!

hope you'll have a Fun Weekend! :)


patti_cake said...

Even though I don't have time to scrap and would love to I love reading/seeing your scrap posts.

Just Me Again said...

Wow, wow, wow. Eye candy for sure. That album is adorable and the LO for the Little Word site is just FABULOUS!!!

Kingcover said...

I guess you are going to start using Gary's cardboard box soon to stick your pictures on?
Sorry Gary but I think you are going to have to find an old barn somewhere to hide that box before Cheryl gets her glue and scissors near it! :-(

Cheryl Wray said...

Nancy--I will talk to Mom and find out what medication her doctors have her on. Then I will email you with what I find out! When Mom's shingles rear their ugly head, she is just miserable. So I definitely am feeling your pain! Hope you have a good day today!

Chrissy--Isn't it funny, how you see cute little albums but until you see what someone does with them it's hard to visualize how to use them. I dothat all the time!!!

Tania--Purple and gold are two of my fave colors. Together they just scream "Fall" to me!!

Edleen--Thanks!! i hope you have a wonderful weekend too!!

Patti--You're so sweet! I wish I had more time to scrap.

Maria--Thanks! You're too sweet--and coming from you, compliments are really appreciated! (Since you're so danged artistic!)

Gareth--You are TOO funny!!! Yep, Gary better watch out for my glue and scissors. He could be taped up in the proverbial dog house for a LONG time!!!

Dettao said...

Wow, you did get a lot done. I especially love the page about Delaney's pageant. Love simple pages like that.

NancyJones said...

Hey girl did you ever find out what your mom was on for the shingles.. they switched me to a new thing called famvir and found out the lupus med Im on Methotrexate (the injections once a week) is why I keep getting it :( but I have to take ti for my kidneys so its kinda whatdoyado...
teh famvir dried it up but holy cheese it made me sick as a dog.
was curious which one your mom had been on, email me chicky! or and ughmm IM JEALOUS you all MIGHT get snow WHAT THE HAYDAY? I have on shorts still down here :;sniff sniff::