Friday, December 28, 2007

Hello again...and welcome to a really random post on this Friday evening!

I am posting this from my Dad's computer, since MINE has decided to continue being very cantankerous. It likes to taunt me with its non-activity. (In fact, I imagine that it is sticking its tongue out at me every time I try and turn it on. It's sticking its little cyber tongue out at me and jeering, "Yep, I'm totally ignoring you. I want to continue to drive you crazy by keeping you from blogging or checking your email. I want you to just try and live without a computer. Nanny, nanny boo boo!")

We are visiting my parents while my awesome Grandma, and aunt and uncle, are in town from Texas for a holiday stay. The girls and I spent most of the day shopping, then we came out here to watch football, eat good food, open up another round of gifts, and just generally enjoy some time with everyone. It's been a good day! (In fact, it's been a good several days since Christmas...even if it has been a computer-free one!)

So, on this Friday evening, I've just got a few random thoughts running through my head. I am very excited about several things...

* I received five books as Christmas gifts and am currently on my second one. I absolutely LOVE having time to read! 

* Fifteen- and eleven-year-olds can out-shop me any day of the week (and I, actually, really enjoy shopping!). Three-year-olds, on the other hand, get kinda cranky after looking at jewelry and trendy outfits for three hours in a row. But...I did get a few great finds today (AND enjoyed a frappucino from Starbucks!)

* We are going to an Alabama basketball game tomorrow and you all know how much I love sports that are live-and-in-person. And doubly fun is the fact that the girls and I are going, along with my Dad, my brother, my two nephews, and my aunt and  uncle. And then on Sunday, I will be watching Alabama finish off its football season with its bowl game. I'm hoping we can pull off a win at both games and am very excited about them both! I will be yelling "ROLL TIDE" as often as possible over the weekend!

* I CAN'T wait for my New Year's Eve date. Gary and I are going to the Tran Siberian Orchestra concert that night, along with a nice dinner out. The girls all have plans and today I bought the cutest, jaunty, red satin shirt for the evening. I am quite excited about it all!

I am, though, a little bit distressed about a few things...

* The aforementioned computer non-activity has made me very upset. I have had several important things to email and that hasn't gotten done...I have had no chance to visit any of your blogs (although I'm going to try and visit several here in just a minute! yay!)...I haven't been able to partake in any of my daily internet reads (sports, entertainment, scrapping, etc.)...all-in-all, I just wonder how in the world I have ever survived without a computer!

* I have eaten WAY too many cookies, candies, and assorted sweet treats. I have probably gained five pounds since last week, which means I may have to go on an exercise junket very soon. Which, of course, will end in disaster when I decide (yet again!) that I really don't enjoy walking a mile and doing 100 sit-ups each day. Yuck!

So... that's just a little glimpse into my life on this late Friday  night. What are all you guys up to? Were you treated well at Christmastime? Do you have New Year's plans? Catch me up on everything!!!

And OH YEAH....I was totally going to give away a RAK by drawing a name on Christmas Day but then...well....all this junk with my computer has set me back. How about we do this? Keep on commenting and I will draw a name on New Year's Day instead. Hopefully by then, everything will be happy again in Computer Land. So...see ya then!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how upset we can get at computers; objects that just a few short years ago, we didn't even own. ARGH!

Glad you are having a great year end. Mine has been rather boring and uneventful, but after my week last week, I'll take it!

Happy New Year!


~gkw said...

Good to hear what's been going on while I've been gone! I'm in a stand in the woods now on my blackberry! Miss you and will be home tonight...

camport said...

So hoping you get your computer fixed. I also can not live w/o it!!

Have an awesome time at the game and on your New Years date!


Adrienne said...

Gary, are you bringing some tenderloins back!?!?!? :-) Hope you get your computer fixed soon!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Cheryl, I know exactly how you feel about being without your computer. What did we use to do before we had them? I'm willing to bet I was a very boring person...that, or I talked WAY too much, lol :-).

Oh my goodness, I remember the days of shopping with a teenaged girl. My oldest daughter could hang out at the mall ALL FREAKIN DAY!!! Sheesh! I'm sure my day is coming again with Jayla. I'll probably be rolling around in a wheelchair by then :-). Just kidding!

BTW, I got your comment. You know how to find me if you're heading this way this week. Hope we can hook up.

Happy New Year!!!

Loreluca said...

Totally can relate with the computer. Last year, a few times i had cable problems and had no conection to the internet. I almost felt paralized!
Such a NEAT thing to do on New Years! We will probably have a date when Connor turns 18... yup, one of these days!

Linda said...

I know what you mean about the cantankerous activity of computers. Ugh.... Hope you have a fab time with hubby on New Year's Eve...stay safe...hugs.

Dettao said...

How did we live without the internet? I can't imagine life without all my cyberfriends, anymore.

Danielle said...

LOVE all the randomness eheheheh :)

Happy New Year Cheryl!!!!

Jeff said...

I know what you mean about the food. I've been off from work since the 22nd and we keep cooking and eating. Luckily there I've still been going to the gym and getting some hockey in too... but I've still put on some pounds. But, that said, I wouldn't really trade that food either.

Glad to hear the holidays are going well! It's been nice here being off and just taking it easy. Still two more days to go... yay!

Miss 1999 said...

You've got so much going on, I don't know when you've got time to breathe! :0) But definitely blessed to be surrounded by so many people you love-- just wanted to leave some wishes for a safe and happy new year! *hugs*

Nina Diane said...

Hey Cheryl....hope you and Gary have a blast at the TSO show! Happy New Year

~Telah said...

I got my hubby tickets to see Alabama play Clemson on Tuesday. The plan was for both of us to go, but I'm not so sure now. I don't know if my preggo body will be able to handle a 3 hour ride down there, 2-3 hours watching the game and then the 3 hour drive back. We shall see though....

And one thing about being 34 weeks preggo and having to visit the dr. more regularly...they weigh you each time. So I KNOW how much I gained over Christmas!!!!! Hope you have a great New Year's Eve date and a very happy 2008.

angelsamoungus said...

Hi Cheryl I am back. If you send me your e-mail I will be able to add you to my new private world of blogging-send to Put Your blogging buddy Cheryl in the subject ortherwise, I will erase.

Oh how I love the Tran Siberian Orchestra. I can't wait to see you in your cute red satin shirt.

Take care,

Edleen said...

Hi Cheryl!!!

dropping by to Wish you a Great 2008!

love that tshirt Gary got you! it's so cool and what nice photos you took! so heartwarming :)

take care!

NancyJones said...

OH NOOOO I hate it when our computers decide to get a life of their own totally sucks chicklit! missed ya!
I was glued to da tv for our cotton bowl and the chicka fila bowl (how many times do you see that rofl) WAS AWESOME and a nail biter for sure!
I was sick all through christmas with that new med I was telling you about they put me on. Made me dizzy and headache. I got up long enough to open presents and christmas morning stuff take a few photos nad go back to bed. Bella had the flu so we have been a LOVELY household. New years was kinda blah this year. we didnt do anything cuz we have all been sick. glad you got your puter working (I read the posts soonest to latest so I know the future im so impatient hahahaah) smoochies
glad yall did have a good christmas and hope your new year was awesome

I havent been shopping in FOREVER my dr wont let me go out in public aroudn people I cannot catch this flu, i have had to stay away from Bella (3 feet he said yeah tell that to a 4 year old that is cryin wantin mama) and no places like wal mart, blockbuster, library, church, any inside event, party, so yeah its BEEEN SOOOOO NOT FUNNNNN! COME GET ME AND BUST ME OUT AND TAKE ME SHOPPIN!!!!