Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Let's say it all together now....Happpy New Year and Welcome to 2008!!!

Happy New Year to all of you!!!! Can you believe that it is already 2008? (Gary and I were laughing last night at how we can still remember being seven or eight-years-old and calculating how old we'd be in the year 2000. And here we are, still alive and kicking in 2008.)

I always look forward to the new year with a lot of anticipation and excitement. I am a glass-half-full person, so I always assume that THIS will be the year. This will be the year that is even better than the year before (although, I have to say that 2007 was a pretty great year so it might be hard to beat!). There is always so much to look forward to; so many memories to make; so much love and fun and good times to share with friends and family (and all of you, of course!)

So...this post is my chance to officially wish you a WONDERFUL 2008!! May it be a blessed year for you and yours!

And now...how about a few more pictures from yesterday evening? We had a wonderful time--we said several times to each other, "I had such a nice time!" and vowed to do dates more often--and didn't we look pretty cute together? (I wore my fun new red satin shirt, which I just loved! AND...I had grey-free hair and had actually also painted my fingernails! lol)

We headed first to Landry's Seafood for dinner and had a wonderful, totally moan-worthy time (if my food is good, trust me when I say that I actually moan. Gary can get quite embarrassed! lol)

I had the most incredible stuffed shrimp embrochette (pretty sure that was the name for it). Grilled jumbo shrimp filled with a crabmeat and jalapeno stuffing, wrapped in bacon. It seriously had to be about the best shrimp I've ever eaten! Then I totally helped Gary eat his tilapia pontchatrain (wasn't that nice of him?), which was also incredibly delicious. I had to take like a thirty minute break to even make it through the second half of my plate. Gary just sat there and laughed at me, since it took me over an hour to get through my food.

Or perhaps he was laughing at me because I also proceeded to drink two of these (which was really one too many, but what can I say? It was New Year's Eve, so Hooray for Mai tais!)...

Then I actually had room and ate this incredible creme brulee. (Actually, I DIDN'T have any room at all...I was stuffed...but creme brulee is my favorite so how could I possibly resist? After all, I don't start watching what I eat until tomorrow. Right? Tell me I'm right!)

Then we enjoyed THIS show. The Transiberian Orchestra. It was fabulous, filled with amazing musicians and songs, Really magical...

The concert was still rocking when we took a break to count down to the new year and have balloons and confetti stream out from all directions. A new year's kiss, and then another hour almost of music. Such a fun time!

And now, how about a quick Random Tuesday post to celebrate the new year? Here are some fun questions to get your brain moving and make your reminisce about the year that has passed. (You know the drill: share in my comments section or post on your own blog and let us know it's there!)

* What was your favorite trip in 2007? I have to say that I LOVED our trip to the beach, although it was filled with a bit too much softball and not enough pina colada-drinking. But we spent most of our time at the St. Andrew's State Park Beach, which was a new find for us and we just loved the way the beach was laid out. So relaxing and the girls loved it! (I also loved mine and Gary's trip to the winery for our anniversary. Very nice!). Of course, McKenna would probably vote for her trip to Europe (I know I would have if I had gone! lol)

* What was your biggest challenge in 2007? Probably the biggest was Gary having another mini stroke back at the beginning of the year. The older we get, the more I realize that health problems will start being more of an issue than ever before. And it was very hard for me to see Gary lying in a hospital bed again. But, everything is fine and he's going strong! Also a challenge was Delaney's move to middle school from elementary school. She has done great, though (straight A's throughout her entire first semester), and has adjusted perfectly. It's still been a challenge for me, though, to see her evolve into a teenager. Yikes!

* What do you remember laughing about so hard that you cried (or snorted, or whatever) in 2007? When you live with a three-year-old, life is full of a lot of laughter! And probably the funniest was when she decided to tell everyone one day at the ballpark about how her entire family had superpowers. You all remember that story, right? Apparently, she had decided that I could fly and Gary had super strength and Delaney could ran fast and McKenna could super-twirl flags. I remember just laughing and laughing as she recounted that story all day! (Close behind that one would be the night that my two girlfriends and I went out for Mexican food and margaritas. We got to laughing so hard that I literally was lying down in the booth in tears! )

* What was your favorite movie and/or tv show in 2007? I cannot say enough about "Lost"--it was my favorite show of the year, despite what so many people said about it lagging behind in developments. I stuck with it the whole season and it all came together in the best season finale of the year (if not ever!). And, thank goodness gracious, it returns on the 31st! yay!!! We didn't go see many movies this past year, but my favorites probably had to be Harry Potter 5 and Hairspray!

* What did you learn in 2007? An old standard, but one that I have to remind myself almost everyday--Let go and let God. I can worry way too much about a situation, but guess what? When I ask God to help me through it, what a surprise? He's there for me everytime. I gotta give some of myself up and quit holding on so tight to things.

* What was any other favorite, random memory from 2007? Hmmm....lots of great ones! Halloween was a blast this year; watching Delaney play ball; watching McKenna flourish at color guard, while also enjoying our high school football team do so great; nights out with the gal pals; July 4th at the lake; reading a lot of great books; going to Bama games (and watching so many of the other memorable sports events of the year); getting to know all of you via your wonderful blogs; and now my new, great memories of New Year's with Gary. Just a lot of great, great memories!

So...have at it and post your own list! Can't wait to hear from you and visit your blogs!

And also...remember to comment now and often (ha!). This evening--after we return from seeing "National Treasure 2"; yay!!--I will draw a random name for my RAK winner!

And one more time...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!


Jeff said...

* What was your favorite trip in 2007? Well, it's sad I guess to say there was only one trip in 2007, and that was my trip to Bama in February--which was a great trip. We're planning on more travel in '08 for sure. We're already planning a summer getaway that when it's firmed up I'll blog about.

* What was your biggest challenge in 2007? Dealing with the old job, which I finally jettisoned in September. It was one of the key reasons we didn't travel much, simply becuase I couldn't get away from long spans of time. I'm wrapping up 10 days off today, which has been great and becase that was at the holidays we didn't travel (which was fine, it was great to just be at ease at home).

* What do you remember laughing about so hard that you cried (or snorted, or whatever) in 2007? Will and I were both in hysterics when we saw Xanadu on Broadway, both times. It's entirely too funny and I know I snorted at least once both times.

* What was your favorite movie and/or tv show in 2007? Best TV hands down was Ugly Betty, always good for a laugh and a cry (usually in the same episode). It's a tie between Hairspray and Waitress

* What did you learn in 2007? That I can hammer my near-40-year-old body and get away with it. I played more hockey than ever in 2007 and trained harder than ever before. I came out of it with no major injuries (I don't count brusies and aches) and better stamina than ever before.

* What was any other favorite, random memory from 2007? Celebrating 10 years of marriage/commitment (whatever you want to call it) with Will. It was awesome hitting that milestone.


Cheryl Wray said...

Hey Jeff!!

I LOVED your answers. I knew YOU'd come on and join the fun!!! Sounds like you had a great year and I wish you a great 2008!!!

Nina Diane said...

Hey Cheryl....that dinner sounds yummy! and glad you enjoyed the TSO show! I just knew you would love it

Gin said...

Yall look so cute, and the night out sounds fabulous. Happy new year to you too (and your family).

Ms.L said...

Happy New Year,pretty Lady!!!

That concert and eveing out sounds divine,I'm glad you had such a rockin' time:)

Deborah and Sally said...

Happy New Year, may it be richly blessed !:)


camport said...

* What was your favorite trip in 2007? meeting most of my blog friends in Denver!

* What was your biggest challenge in 2007? it came within the first 3 weeks of 2007 and it was finding out the company we had just signed a contract with had filed for bankruptcy. Sean didn't get paid and it was a huge fiasco for a few days, but all worked out in the end.

* What do you remember laughing about so hard that you cried (or snorted, or whatever) in 2007? oh geez, that's an everyday thing. I can't think of a specific.

* What was your favorite movie and/or tv show in 2007? Dan in Real Life and the Jason Bourne{whatever the third one is}movie

* What did you learn in 2007? that witnessing isn't all that scary and to start seeing people as more than just people, but as souls also. I don't want anyone that comes into contact with me, to not know where I stand!

* What was any other favorite, random memory from 2007? sitting at the top of the Space Needle, celebrating our anniversary. Sitting on the tarmac with two children, alone for FIVE hours in Detroit. That was bad.

Love the questions!! I need to do a mini of random memories from 07.


crazy working mom said...

What a way to ring in the new year?! TSO!
I'll bet that was amazing. I love the photo of you and hubs. You guys are all snazzed up and you look awesomely happy.

Here's to a great '08!

Melissa said...

Happy New Year :)
You looked great and the concert I'm sure was fantastic!!


Cheryl Wray said...

Nina--You know me! :-) We loved it!

Gin--Happy New Year to you too!

Ms. L--It was great to have an evening out together. I highly recommend it!

Deborah--Thanks! The same to you!

Cheryl Wray said...

Camport--LOVE your list, especially of what you learned! So true!

Crazy--You're too sweet! Hope you have a wonderful new year too!!

Melissa--Happy New Year to you too!!!

Kelly said...

Happy New Year, Cheryl!

Amsterdam was my favorite trip overseas. But coming back to Arkansas in june was great!!!

wendster said...

Hi Cheryl! Happy New Year! I am so glad you got to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra! They SO rock! They have my favorite Christmas song. If only I knew what it was called. It is the one the radio always plays at Christmas. And those mai tai's look SO pretty. mmmm. How fun to have a date night. We had friends over and played games. Just thought I would stop in and say: My computer is fixed. Hope to be around more often now. May the new year bring you many choice blessings. p.s. I love your number 1 lesson: LET GO and LET GOD. Amen. Amen and amen.

Maria said...

Wow....very cool post! I enjoyed reading all your answers!

Happy New Year!!!

Andy said...

here are a couple of your random tuesday questions answered.

What was your favorite trip in 2007? probably my trip to the hospital to have baby sawyer.

* What was your biggest challenge in 2007? going to the hospital to have my son. he was 2months early
* What was your favorite movie and/or tv show in 2007? defiantally "LOST"

* What was any other favorite, random memory from 2007? seeing my sons face for the frist time. he smiled at me and i will never forget seeing his little face for as long as i live.

Kingcover said...

Hehehe, yeah I do something similar ..... I know what days my 40th and 50th b'days will be on - Friday and Thursday lol.

Gary looked really dapper in his suit!

I'm looking forward to doing more picture posts on my blog this year and hopefully do some more traveling this year :-)

Happy New Year C. I hope you and your family have the best of years in the whole history of our planet :-D

Linda said...

I didn't get to travel this past year...too many thing going on with the business...biggest challenge....I'll leave that one alone, too personal...lol, laughing so hard...Gosh, the girls at work, we get to laughing at things so hard sometimes it would be impossible to name just one...I mean there are days when I cannot stop laughing they get me so much.
(BTW I am a big snorter)

I loved Bourne Ultimatum, Pirates 3, and not much on tv.

What did I learn....change and growth are the most important things to do...

Fav random memory....hmmmm....that one I'll have to think about.

Glad you had a great time, love the pic of you guys....Happy New Year

Mandy said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time on New Years Eve. The TSO concert sounds great!

Patti said...

Cheryl Happy Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family. That is a GREAT pic of you and Gary. I'm so glad your evening was as memorable as you'd hoped it would be.
I wish you good health, happiness and blessings by the multitude for 2008

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Happy New Year, Cheryl! I hope the coming year is full of blessings for you and your family.

~gkw said...

I see that you didn't say anything about me looking over and catching you drinking MY drink once you had finished YOURS!!!

angelsamoungus said...

My favorite trip? I would say to Florida for a seminar in March. I actually rode a Greyhoud bus to Clearwater from Ohio. A very interesting trip.

Biggest challenge in 2007? Dealing with a job that I need to get away from and my daughter's messy divorce.

Laughing so hard that you cried, snorted, etc. It doesn't take much for me to do that especially when I am with my brother. I would also say some of the cool things my grandkids come up with *smile*

Favorie movie or TV show? Yes, we were some of those Jericho fans of the TV show. I enjoeyed Hairspray and The Bourne Ultimatum.

What did I learn in 2007? That I need to let go of things. I am finally getting rid of some things of huge collections as well as realizing that I cannot control all things that are bad. Live life to the fullest.

Favorite random memory? Gosh there are alot of wonderful memories this year. I would say-just getting together with family and friends and creating the memories.

Take care,

NancyJones said...

oh how fun is this!! Ill have to think on my list. I ahve so many! Yall looks so cute all fixed up!! go check out my blog what bella did for me on my birthday YOU dont need to have any liquids in your mouth that may exit your nose when reading just to warn you hehehehehe
happy new year!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hey there, you KNOW how I love your questionnaires! But you see it took me a few days to come up with some answers,lol. So here goes:
~What was your favorite trip in 2007?
Well, we didn't get to go on vaction in 2007. Actually, I never really even left my county :-). SO, I guess my favorite trip was every trip I made to Archivers, JoAnns, Michaels & Hobby Lobby, LOL.
~What was your biggest challenge in 2007?
Other than finances being a constant thorn in my side. I'd have to say the BIGGEST was when my nephew, Markell left us after being raised by us for 12 years to go live with his mother/my sister. That was VERY difficult.
~What do you remember laughing about so hard that it made you cry?
I can't remember specifics, but I'm SURE it was something that Jayla said or did. And maybe something from my weekly Girls Nights. Boy, we laugh hard at those.
~What was your favorite movie (or TV show) of 2007?
I'd had to say Wild Hogs. That movie was hilarious! If you haven't seen it, go check it out.
~What did you learn in 2007?
I learned that kids want what they want...whether it's good for them or not. Regardless of how hurtful or sad their "wants" are to those around them and who love them...they want what they THINK they want. (referring to my nephew leaving)
~What was any other favorite/random memory from 2007?
Turning 41, my daughters turning 23 and 6, my marriage hitting the 19 year mark, and that God IS faithful (what a shame that I continually have to "re-learn" that), and lastly, I met more wonderful people in BLOGland.

That's was fun, Cheryl. Thanks again. And Happy New Year again!!

Anonymous said...

You are right! Creme Brulee is da bomb! The food looked divine!


Kathy said...

WOW! Your New Year's Eve sounds AMAZING! I am SO glad you had a good time!