Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm an "American Idol" Scaredy Cat

I didn't join in the collective pop culture event of watching the first episode of the new "American Idol" season last night. Sure, you'll eventually find me dialing in for my favorite contestant and I'll be crossing my fingers for and then cheering wildly for the winner on that final episode of the year...but for now I totally avoid the show.

I like to call myself an "American Idol" Scaredy Cat.

While the girls last night watched our recording of the first episode after they both got home from winterguard and pitching practices, I went upstairs and made me a drink, took a hot bubble bath, and then checked some email. I could hear them squealing with excitement, and other times laughing hysterically. One time Delaney even ran upstairs to excitedly tell me that some girl "sang Soooooo good" and she was "going to Hollywood!".

I avoid the beginning stages of the season for much the same reason that I always avoided watching "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" until the contestant got to the $1000 round.

It all comes down to the simple issue of embarrassment.

I have this strange inability to watch anything on television that involves anyone getting embarrassed. It's like I'm standing right there with them and I'm embarrassed too.

So, I avoid the first month of "American Idol" because all it is is idiots making fools of themselves...or people who actually think they can sing getting soundly rejected. It makes me sorta sick to my stomach.

(See the "Millionaire" connection? There was NO way I was going to watch the $100, $200, and $500 questions because if anyone missed the first, overly easy question I was going to be so embarrassed for them and I just couldn't handle the nausea.)

I'm kinda the same way when I watch a sitcom and I realize that a character is about to do something embarrassing. I will cover my eyes or even change the channel.

Or when someone I personally know has to get in front of a crowd and I'm afraid they might not do well...I will avoid watching it if I can.

I know I'm a wimp! I know that the allure of "American Idol" for many people is to see people make fools of themselves (as McKenna says, "That's why they audition anyway. To be as outrageous as possible, so they can get on tv").

But I'll just be myself and wait until March to really get into the show. Once people with talent (or at least "almost" talent) are left, I'll cheer them on. In the meantime, I'll just get ready for "Lost."


Adrienne said...

hahahahah too funny!

Patti said...

You know what Cheryl, I am the SAME WAY! LOL I cringe, I cry my husband thinks I am more entertainment than the TV!

Heather said...

Oh my husband would completely disagree with you. He loves the first month or two but won't watch the rest. He is evil I tell him! LOL He loves watching Simon yell at them. Men! I love watching the auditions to see if I can pick out who is going to win just from the auditions. LOL

Gin said...

You are SO funny! i love any and all reality shows. The people just kill me!

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne-- :-)

Patti--I KNEW there were others like me. LOL But I can't even WATCH it!

Heather--Ha!!! My Dad is the same way. He will ONLY watch the auditions because he likes to see the crazy people! When he gets more serious, he stops watching it. I guess it is men!!

Gin--For some reason, the reality shows are just hard for me to watch. But my girls love them! ha

Lynilu said...
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Lynilu said...

Oops, some fancy fingering in that last message! Let's try again!

TV watching is a challenge to me these days. I do not care for AI, nor for shows at the other end of the stardom continuum, the awards. I don't like reality shows. I don't like Dancing with the Stars type shows because it is a lot of garbage, time fillers between tiny snippets of actual dancing. I don't like over-the-top-rudeness. I don't like shows that have "objectionable content." (I can tolerate a little of it, but many are over the top, IMO.)

Boy, I sound like a grouch, don't I? Or a prude. But I'm neither! So I just listen to a lot of music on Sirius Radio or my own collection of music from 1930s and 40s through some current music. That way everyone's happy! LOL!

Ah, there! Much better.

Kelly said...

Well, it is a bit like watching a horrific car wreck. BUT, I did it anyway. I am amazed at how many people think they can sing, when clearly, they cannot. But, I think Simon is very polite to the people, for the most part. The other two snicker and laugh at the contestants and Simon doesn't.

Mississippi Songbird said...

lol.. I do too. I heard about them this morning on the morning shows..
I like it when they have decided on the ones going to Hollywood, then I watch it from there. I don't know, I just feel sorry for the ones that aren't good, but think they are and then they get their hearts broken..
Good post..

Renee said...

I love watching it! But I do feel bad for the contestants sometimes.

Edleen said...

i watched the whole 2hrs! :D i know how you feel Cheryl about those who embarassed themselves and cannot take rejection... i guess you missed the one that Simon said she looked like Willem Defoe! but the auditions are the best part...hehe

have a nice day! and love those photos you took :)

Auburn Kat said...

I'm with you on this one! What's the point of watching people get made fun of? Although it is fun to try and pickout who the winner might be!

Delia said...

I rarely ever watch American Idol- only when someone else has it on- so I can't really say anything about the embarrassment factor there BUT I get embarrassed for people too. Sitcoms hurt my feelings when someone does something embarrassing but I simply cannot watch someone do something embarrassing in real life! Guess that makes me a wimp, too!

Melissa said...

I didnt' watch because I plain forgot! So I guess I am an American Idol Ditz.

Sheila said...

I'm the opposite, I will watch the few episodes and thereafter, the show is history in my eyes..LoL. I

angelsamoungus said...

I watch American Idol from beginning to end. I am a sap and yes I cry and feel so sorry for some of my favorites that get the boot.

Take care,

Danielle said...

Hehehhehehehe too cute!!!

OMG I can't believe there's only 15 sleeps for LOST to begin again :D :D :D

Adriann said...

Too funny! I don't watch the beginning either, but for totally different reasons. I find it boring and can't wait for the real competition to begin.

camport said...

My best friends sister tried out for AI this season. The sad part...the "dorks" have to get through several rounds of judges before they even make it to Paula, Randy and Simon. They put the really bad ones through on purpose!I guess so they can have that whole "blooper reel" first couple of episodes.

Isn't that sad?


hippochick said...

Oh Cheryl, My husband and I totally agree with you. We know they do it for entertainment value, but I don't consider that entertainment. The same is true of sitcoms. That's why I can't watch "The King of Queens". They always put poor Dougie in such embarrassing situations.

Do you remember the poor kids in elementary school who had trouble reading aloud? I always wanted to run from the room and take them with me.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh my goodness, Cheryl, you are TOO funny!!! I too hate to see people embarass themselves. However, the "embarassment" that AI brings is a little different. It simply shows that some people are so cocky, that they just KNOW they can sing. And the get out there and mess up ROYALLY. Then you have those who have been told, by one person or another - be it relative or (cruel friend). And they become SO convinced they can do it, that they try...and fail miserably. THEN you have those who blow the socks off of everyone.

I see that in this respect, I'm very different from you. The first month is ALL I watch of AI. I LOVE the auditions. I simply love laughing. But I find myself covering my mouth and shaking my head in shame for some of these folks. My husband, on the other hand, is like you. He doesn't like to see people embarass themselves. I think I just feel sorry for them.

Prime example, the guy who sang "Go down Moses"! OH MY GOSH!!! If you didn't see it, go to YouTube and type in James Lewis. TOO FUNNY!!

Dettao said...

I'm with you. I just don't get the bad audition shows but I love watching once the finals start.

NancyJones said...

I kinda agree but I LOVE watching simon. I DO FEEL REALLY REALLY bad for a few. some.. not so much YOU can tell the ones that genuinely think they can sing but omg they cant.. and the ones that are just puttin on. I still cant get the song "I am your broooothuuuggghhh" by the guy in the what looked like a white chicken in a bad bad accident, Suit. MAKE IT STOPPPPPPP!

(is it snowin up there? bella wants snow soooo bad.) OH and I need snow pictures really bad! send us some!

Gretchen said...

I only watch the first couple months. They're the ones who are so clueless and so fun to see. :)

Remember that "singing" show a few years ago on WB or UPN? Where they were trying to find the absolute worst singers? We howled!

Corey said...

That is too funny! I must admit I feel embarassed for them too, but it doesn't stop me from watching it anyways!
oh and I can't WAIT for Lost! That is my favorite show. I was so confused at the end of last season!