Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

. . . when I talk about the weekend that has just passed, and make some insightful comments about sports, politics, and life in general. (Boy, you had no idea you were getting all that when you popped in here this morning, huh?)

~~ First off--since I made a sports reference in my title--how about those Giants, pulling off the "giant" upset in the Super Bowl last night? When I don't have one of "my" teams playing in a big game (i.e., my Dallas Cowboys), I don't really find myself cheering for one team or the other. But, last night I definitely was pulling for New York. I liked the possible storyline of someone beating an unbeaten team, I like seeing Southern boys and former SEC players make good (Eli Manning on this night!), and I usually like to cheer for the underdog. And, let me tell you, the Giants came to play! Their defense was outstanding, and that last drive by Eli to win the game was so exciting. Good for the Giants!!

~~ I was SO excited about going to McKenna's Winterguard competion on Saturday with my shiny, brand-new camera. I started taking pictures of the other squads, getting a feel for the camera's grip and the lighting in the auditorium. I was having so much fun taking pics that I didn't stop and look at how many frames I had left. So, when McKenna's team came out on the floor I started clicking away...only to find my camera stop clicking after seven or eight pictures. My memory card was full and I got almost NO pictures. Let me tell you...I acted like a little spoiled child and had to go outside and call Gary and cry about it! It upset me so much. But...the team is having a special performance tomorrow night at the school, so I can get some pictures then. Thank goodness.

~~ I am such a sports nerd. But I guess you already knew that, right? Not only do I watch pretty much any and all sports on t.v., I also listen to sports radio way too much! And right now I'm kinda obsessed with National Signing Day on Wednesday; Alabama is ranked anywhere from 1st to 3rd with most recruiting ranking organizations. Which means, we are really stacking up some good teams for the next two or three years down the road. Roll Tide!!

~~ Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and I will be heading for the polls. The bad news is that I still don't know who I'm voting for. The good news is that for once my vote will actually count in my household (on "real" Election Day, Gary and I pretty much split our vote since we usually vote for opposite candidates; but, on Primary Day, we vote for different parties and our vote actually counts). Now, if Gary and I can just keep from throttling each other's throats!

~~ Despite the fact that we have to "agree to disagree" about politics, we do still love each other a whole bunch! LOL And Gary revealed a secret to me that he was going to surprise me with a weekend away at a bed and breakfast a few weekends from now. He already had the place picked out, until he decided to ask my opinion about the rooms (whether to stay in a main house or guest quarters). That's when I reminded him that we already had something planned for that weekend. Now it looks like it might be June before we can go away. I SO bad need a getaway together; I even dreamed about the beach last night!

~~ I have another really great "Scout Story" to report! Gary brought home a case of Mello Yellos the other day (he works for Coca Cola) because it saves us a ton of money (lately, McKenna has been buying at least one bottle a day of it for all of the practicing she's been doing). On Saturday, I was dropping various daughters off at various locations before McKenna and I headed out of town for her competition, when Sydney piped in from her car seat. "Did we bring that big box of caffeine?" she asked. I had to stop and think for a minute what she was talking about! She wanted to know if there was a Mello Yello in the car that she could drink. I guess I mentioned one time that it had too much caffeine in it for her to drink! (Thank goodness I am keeping a record of all her little sayings and conversations. They are killin' me!)

That's all I got for now!

Have a GREAT Monday, and see ya tomorrow!


Dawn Bibbs said...


Ok, I'm not NEAR the sports fan that you are. But I do like to partake in the really exciting events.

Let's take the Super Bowl for instance. I really enjoyed that game. I'm neither a Giants or Patriots fan. But being that I'm actually FROM New York and I kinda like the Manning bros. I was pulling for NYG! Talk about an exciting game. I think Peyton was more excited that Eli was :-).

Politics...I ain't touching that one. Simply because, I, like you, have no idea who I'm voting for. To be honest, I'm just not ready to vote for ANYONE!! I need more time!!! :-)

Mello Yello...YUCK!!! :-)

Have a great day, my friend.

Kimberly said...

WHAT no Hannah did she like it. No pics! Fill me in!

hippochick said...

Unlike you, I'm not a crazy lady sports nut! I do like college basketball and LOVE golf on tv though I don't play golf myself. I'm being converted to a football fan by my very patient hubby. After nearly 40 years, I finally am beginning to understand the game. YAY Giants. I was the only person at our Super Bowl get together rooting for them. I had to call my BIL in NJ immediately so I could have someone to rejoice with. I chose the Giants for all the same reasons that you did, plus I have never liked NE.

As for politics. I know who I'm voting for, but can't say it makes me happy. The person I like doesn't stand a chance of winning so I'm voting for the person I think can {maybe} win in NOvember. Even that's a longshot.

And Scout is just the cutest thing.

Have a great week.


Linda said...

LOL...Scout cracks me up.... I am the same about football, not really cheering for anyone but it was a close game and too cool to see the upset.

Patti said...

I was pulling for the Giants too despite being a Packers fan. They definitely played an awesome game and meant business.

I am always saying this or that soda has too much caffeine in it for little girls LOL

Glad you can get more winterguard pics! You can never re-capture the moment again sometimes!

~gkw said...

What??? No pictures!

Kathy said...

ROFLMBO! The big box of caffeine! That is HILARIOUS!

I don't watch sports AT ALL so I wasn't too impressed that yesterday was the Super Bowl.

I did have to cook wings (you CAN'T have a football game without wings!) and macaroni & cheese though. The husband also made some ribs. YUMMO!

Cheryl said...

Hope you will post the winterguard pictures. My daughter is on the dance team here with our band. We do not have a winterguard but she sometimes slips her dance routine in with our guards so that the last song all auxilary girls perform together, looks really pretty. Hope you have had a great Monday. God Bless!

Adrienne said...

Shiny new camera?!?!? What did I miss?? LOL