Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Love-ness

That most lovely of holidays is just two days away and counting. So, how about some random Valentine's Day fun for my Random Tuesday post today?

Personally, I LOVE Valentine's Day. I love anything red and white and pink. I love storebought valentines. I love chocolate-covered strawberries. I love sappy movies and sappy songs. I love having a date night. I love getting hugs and kisses. And I love celebrations (so, you know I'm all over this holiday!).

AND...I love anything home-made by the sweet little hands of my children. I don't get as many from my preteen and teen anymore (!), but Sydney is just discovering it! See the picture up above? Sydney made this door hanger for me on Saturday and had to proudly display it for me. (If you can't see the words, it says that she loves Mom because "you give me hugs and kisses." Now THAT right there melts my heart!)

Here then are a couple of love-related questions I came up with; give your answers in the comments section or go do it on your own blog! Cmon now...join in the love-ly fun! (I'm not tagging you to do it. But you know who you are! lol)

Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?

We always get the girls a pile of goodies. Nothing expensive, just usually a basket full of fun stuff like candy, stuffed animals, pens, favorite snacks. (Sydney and I actually went yesterday to buy the stuff. I let her pick out the things for McKenna and Delaney and I snuck some things for her into the buggy without her noticing. The hardest part was convincing S that she couldn't have anything "right now," but had to wait for a few more days!)

Gary and I also always go out for Valentine's Day. We usually try and have a "date" once or twice a month anyway, but VDay is a good excuse for going out again. I'm a BIG believer in couple time!

And, oh yeah...I usually try and make some chocolate-covered strawberries. That somehow has become a favorite Valentine's Day treat!

Favorite romantic movie?

Ooh, there's a lot of them! "Say Anything" has always been a favorite (with my boy, John Cusack) and I also love "Somewhere in Time," "Serendipity," "Moulin Rouge," and "When Harry Met Sally."

What would you love to get for Valentine's Day this year?

Gifts are not a requirement, although I do love fresh flowers (I'm a sucker for one of those cheap, mixed arrangements) and a card with a true sentiment written on the inside. But, really, just a night out with Gary is all I really want!

Favorite love song?

I guess that "Tupelo Honey" by Van Morrison is a favorite, since Gary and I danced to it at our wedding. But there's so many more too. In fact, this is a very hard question because there are SO many! I have always loved "In My Life" by the Beatles, "Burning Love" by Elvis, "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, "Amazed" by Lonestar, "The Dance" by Garth Brooks, "How Sweet it Is" by James Taylor, "She" by Elvis Costello, "More than a Woman" by Billy Joel, "Crazy" by Patsy Cline, "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer, and I really like "No One" right now by Alecia Keys.. Shucks...I keep thinking of more and more of them...let me just stop there. But I want to hear your favorites!!

Best candy?

Lindor chocolate truffles. Yumm!

Best flowers?

Calla lillies. (Even though I just mentioned the mixed bouquets, if I had to pick an individual flower this would be it. My wedding bouquet was white calla lillies and red roses.)

What are three things you're loving right now, at this exact moment?

Gosh, so many things! But let's go with... my family, sweet tea, & having things to look forward to.

Join on in the fun!

And now I leave you with my favorite scene from one of my very fave movies. The awesome medley of love songs from "Moulin Rouge" (so WOW!)...

If THAT doesn't get you in the mood for Valentine's Day and love and passion and all that good stuff, I don't know what will!

Have a fantabulously wonderful Tuesday!


Tannis said...

Our Valentines tradition is making chocolates for those special friends and home made cards. This year I am going to Banff without the kids! I think that may be my new tradition lol!
oh favorite love story has got to be the notebook!

~Telah said...

I love the movie Serendipity!!! And that clip from Moulin Rouge makes me want to see it now. Happy early Valentines Day!!!

Oooohh, I'm with Tannis on the fav. love story...The Notebook! Of course I love that book by my fav author, but the movie is just as awesome!!!1

Kingcover said...
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Kingcover said...

My Valentine's Day this year will be spent sitting in a cardboard box next to Gary, umm no that didn't come out the way it was intended, lemme try again ..... we'll be sitting in separate boxes beside each other with a hot cup of coffee in our hands watching the neighbourhood wildlife making sweet sweet love under the glow of the crescent shaped moon. It would be appreciated if you could stick your head out the door every now and again and fill our cups. Thanks. HA! :-P

"If you can't be with the one you love, love with the one you are with" ----------- Gary, no funny business!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Tannis--Ooh, the trip to Banff sounds wonderful!! And, yep, The Notebook IS a good one!

Telah--Moulin Rouge is very unique (most people either love it or hate it), but I love it!

Kingc--You are TOO funny!!I promise that I'll bring you and Gary some refills!! :-)

skrpndiva said...

Let's see ... favorites ...

Romantic Movie: Has to be the Notebook.

Romantic Novel: Ditto ... the Notebook. Although, I must admit, I also love the Promise by Danielle Steele.

Song: Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley or Unchained Melody ... the original ... both were played as my first 'song' at our wedding.

Flower: Definitely orchids. Had a bouquet full of them when I was married.

Gift: Anything romantic from hubby even if that just means a big fat wet kiss! He usually gets me a card and flowers although a few years back he actually got me a Build-a-Bear!

Usually get the kids each some kind of cute Valentine's Day stuffed animal with some sort of candy.

Hope you have a wonderful, love-filled WEEK!



Gin said...

I just had to say that Sydney is SO CUTE. I love that picture of her and her valentine.

Patti said...

Awww I love Valentines Day too. I'm so glad Maddie is just getting old enough to enjoy the holidays now.

Adrienne said...

I make all the kids valentines, and they have them on their pillow when they wake up, make a heart shaped red velvet cake, we all have a great dinner at home lol. I LOVE THE NOTEBOOK!!!! It is ALWAYS on my IPOD!

Cheryl Wray said...

Jacquie--I love all your fave things too. Orchids are beautiful!!!

Gin--She is a cutie pie!

Patti--It is such a fun holiday for kiddoes! Love it!

Adrienne--The red velvet cake sounds YUMMY!!! I actually was trying to think of some goodies to make for Val Day that night; I will do the chocolate covered strawberries and maybe some decorated cookies.

Kimberly said...

Wow..that makes me want to see that movie..I have never seen Moulin Rouge. Hope you have a great Valentines Day.

Auburn Kat said...

This year I'll be going out to eat with my family. I'm already looking forward to next years Valentine's day!

Edleen said...

Your Little Girl is such a Cutie Pie!!! that is so sweet :)

hope you'll have a Wonderful Valentine's Day!

we're not actually celebrating but my "Gardener" will probably bring me home some flowers *wink*


Miss 1999 said...

Gosh-- We don't really have any holiday traditions for Valentine's Day. I miss being a kid, each year, in school, we always made cute little boxes for our valentines and had a nice party. That was always fun.

In a way, I got to relive that, tonight. I helped my godson make his little valentine card box. It was absolutely precious!

Anyway, to answer a few of the questions, I guess my favorite romantic movie would be *a tie* between Gone With The Wind, and The Bridges of Madison County. I absolutely LOVE those movies.

My favorite love song is probably *once again* a tie between "In Your Eyes", by Peter Gabriel, and "I'll Be", by Edwin McCain. Both of those songs were played at my wedding.

Now, as far as candy goes-- I'm ALL about chocolate. I LOVE Reese's Cups, and even though it's not a valentine candy, I have a BIG weakness for Cadbury eggs! :0)

I hope you and your family have a great Valentine's Day! *hugs*

Phats said...

I am a sucker for the movie "You've got mail!" Not sure why

Song- Any duet by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

What I hope to get- Will I get in trouble for saying "LAID!" hahaha

Candy- Peanut Butter cups in the shape of eggs, or the classic PEEPS!

Have a good one Cheryl, and a cute picture of your kid

Mississippi Songbird said...

We always have a heart shaped box of choclates around here the week of Valentines. and the Lindor chocolate truffles. We watched
Serendipity the first time last Friday night, then again Saturday morning. Oh, I loved that movie!
I want to make some of those white chocolate dipped strawberries..
The only tradition I guess is a gard and the chocolates. We celebrate Valentines, whenever my husband is home during the week of valentines. Sometimes, he is away on the actual day..Sound like you have wonderful traditions! Happy valentines day to you and your family..

Leah said...

Great Valentine meme!

I've got a none post related question. What feature or code do you have on your blog page to show you the updated blogs in your blogroll?

Josie said...

Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?
Nothing extravagant. My mom always gave us candy or little trinkets. Our tradition now is baking heart shaped cookies and brownies

Favorite romantic movie?
"Serendipity," "You’ve got mail," "When Harry Met Sally," “ The Wedding Date,” and now “PS I Love You”

What would you love to get for Valentine's Day this year?
A beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers

Favorite love song?
So many but Van Morrison’s “Moondance” is my favorite

Best candy?
Frango Mints

Best flowers?
Gerber Daisies

What are three things you're loving right now, at this exact moment?
Pepsi, Blog Friends, and looking forward to an evening of snuggling under a blanket with Williams Sonoma hot chocolate catching up on all my tivo’d shows.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Ok, I confess, I didn't read your entire post yesterday. I think the phone rang or something. ANYHOO...I saw that you had some fun LOVE-ing questions on here, so I HAD to come back and answer them:

But before I answer, I'll answer your question before the questions...NO, unfortunately, we don't really have any Valentines Day traditions. We...ok, "I", usually get Marque and the kids something. And being that Marque's birthday is next week, we don't usually do anything special for V-day...:-(.

#1-My favorite romantic movie has got to be Pretty Woman. I just love it. And here I thought Marque found ME at a vunerable point in my life, lol.
#2-This year, I'd simply love to get a card from Marque. And some beautiful flowers would be nice. But I will say that he's been "stung" by the whole flower thing. A couple years ago, he ordered flowers for me for V-day. He ordered them WAY in advance. They didn't deliver them! He called and they apologized for not getting them to me and said they'd deliver them the next day. When then did, the flowers were all wilted and dead. Needless to say, Marque was TICKED OFF!!!
#3-My favorite love song is "Because you loved me" by Celine Dion. Again, I was pretty pitiful when Marque and I met.
#4-The best candy to me would have to be anything with chocolate, nuts and coconut is just an added bonus :-).
#5-The best flowers are roses, tulips and ALIVE! LOL
#6-The three things I'm loving right now, are my studio, my family & my life (not necessarily in that order)

Great post! Talk to you tomorrow!

Greta said...

well i won't be the v-day party pooper so i will just say don't get me started on ho wmuch i hate and despise v-day!! so the answer is NO TRADITIONS...bwhahahahaha