Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy, HAPPY mail!!!

You all know that my utter allegiance will always belong to my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide. (All together with me now... ROLL TIDE ROLL! Cmon now, all of you blogger friends who cheer for Oklahoma, and Notre Dame, and Georgia, and even Auburn...join in the fun!! lol)

Although I will never cheer for another college team OVER Bama, I am not averse to finding new teams to root for. I love sports, so I love to have teams to get behind.

My bloggy friend, Phats, is the BIGGEST Purdue fan ever (he was a cheerleader there, so of course he's gonna love it). (In fact, he's just about as crazy about his Boilermakers as I am about the Tide.) Since getting to know him online, I have begun cheering for Purdue... which is really sorta bizarre, to find that I now look for Purdue scores on "Sportscenter" at night or that I go out of my way to cheer them on when I catch them on tv (which isn't much, down South).

Phats sponsored a NCAA Bracket Challenge on his blog and I was his big winner (although Phats, officially, got a few more points than I did...but he couldn't give a prize to himself). And yesterday I got my prize in the mail, all the way from him in Indiana.

And I have to say... I LOVE IT!!!!

I am now an "official" Purdue fan, because I have the shirt to show for it. I will be wearing this throughout the Fall (in fact, I wore it to church and out to eat last night and felt very fashionable). Although you can excuse the photo; McKenna took it and it's quite blurry, and I'm not really sure what my hair was doing. (And Phats, I wasn't really sure if there was some sort of Purdue hand signal or anything cool that I should be doing as I took this I just went with the classic #1 sign. Help me out if I need to learn any new signals for my cheering this Fall!)

So...I will continue to yell ROLL TIDE as loud as I possibly can, will yell "Hook Em Horns" not quite as loud (I'm from Texas and my family are all huge fans), and will now yell BOILER UP as well!!
(And HEY....tell me what college teams you love and maybe I can start cheering for them too. I am a huge sports fan and my mojo usually tends to work pretty well in helping a team win!!)

To double my "wait for the mailman" excitement, I also got the most awesome prize from Lain over at ScrapHappy. I won her little scrappy challenge last week (remember, I did that layout with a picture of me as a child and a note to myself?) and she sent me the MOST gorgeous paper pack from Tinkering Ink.

(the paper pad, and then one of my favorite pieces in the pad...)

I am SO making something with this very soon!!

Thanks Phats and Lain. You guys made my day!


Patti said...

I especially love that second paper with I think Magnolia?

I pull for the USC Gamecocks and the Penn State Nittany Lions!

Ms.L said...

You are a prize winning machine!

I cough,cough,gasp,wheeze,don't
likefootball,cough,cough,cough but I love hockey,heehee. can't help that,being Canadian and all;p
I'm cheering for Montreal to win the Stanley Cup! Their goalie is a 20 year old from my town,woohoo!
Does that count?? lol
Your enthusiasum for your teams is soo cool! It makes me want to fly a banner for mine.

Auburn Kat said...

You already cheer for my team...Arkansas!

You should have shown a number two instead of a number three...behind Alabama and AR!

Auburn Kat said...

I meant a number three instead of one...I can't type!

Cheryl Wray said...

Patti--I love that paper too. Can't wait to create something with it! I also like South Carolina just fine, even though they're in the SEC. We don't tend to play them very often.

Ms. L-- LOL I LOVE your devotion to hockey!! Any sport is a good sport!

Kat--Yes, I still cheer those Razorbacks on as often as I can (except when they play Bama). I grew up in Fayetteville as a huge Ark fan!

Cheryl Wray said...
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hippochick said...

I think the picture is great. Up here we cheer for Syracuse - Jim Boeheim is a local boy, plus we are only about 55 miles from the Orange.

I really like the paper. My friend Tracy designs for "Dream Street Papers" and has given me some really pretty pages.

Phats said...

WOOHOO!! Wow you're looking good in black and gold, I am sure gary is all over you haha :) The only hand gesture we did is raising our arms up and down like a conductor.

I am glad you liked it, and geesh you are a contest winning roll for sure!


Oh yeah Auburn cat, no way is purdue behind Arkansas duh hahaha :)

Linda said...

LOL you look quite different in a Purdue love it and you go Purdue. Love that Botanical Bliss...I wanna see what cha do with it kay????

Dawn Bibbs said...

Cheryl, I think I'm gonna cry!!! I haven't read your blog is EONS! Well, it seems that long anyways. But I AM gonna go back and read every, single, solitary word. I mean it!!!

Looks like you're doing that's just GROOVY!!

Love ya!! More commenting soon.

Cheryl Wray said...

Hipppo--Okay, then. Go Syracuse! And I love those papers too, and Dream Streets. Can't wait totry something with these!

Phats--Ha ha!! You're gonna make me blush!!!! Thank you again. I LOVE my shirt!!! (And, for now, I'm putting Purdue #2.)

Linda--I'm actuallyw orking on a page using the papers right now. Maybe it will turn out okay! :-)

Dawn--HEY GIRL!!!!! You're back!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

I am also a Bama Fan!

But you know us "redneck riviera" girls. We don't have our own team, the closest is Alabama. They say we are a part of lower Alabama anyway, so why not ROLL TIDE ROLL.

Leah said...

very cool! I love getting fun stuff in the mail! Really like that paper.

TOPolk said...

There's way too much SEC love going on here. No bother though. Clemson will handle both of them all the same this coming season... ;-)