Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"I am SO over..."
"I am SO loving..."
(aka: Some Random Tuesday fun)

A few days ago, the "assignment" on the Poem-a-Day challenge I'm participating in was to write a poem with the line "I am so over _____" in it. I had to think about those things that are, as my pre-teen would especially say, "so yesterday" to me.

So, I came up with this poem:

"I am so over..."

I am so over excuses,
and the blame game,
and the it's-not-my-faults.

I am so over Paris,
and Britney,
and Lindsey.

I am so over anger,
and negativity,
and not-noticing-the-blessings-in-my-life.

I am so over
so many things
(Grey's Anatomy and size-2 models also come to mind),
but I won't continue to
with this overly long list.

Just suffice it to say that I'm
taking responsibility for my life,
teaching my daughters about real role models,
smiling instead of harping on what-should've-been,
and eating a big gooey brownie
while watching "Lost" on Thursday nights.

So... since this is Random Tuesday here at my bloggy home, my first randomly-Tuesday question to you is, "What are you SO over right now?"

But, that's not the only question I have for you today on RT (I've decided now I'm just abbreviating it. LOL).

When I was writing about those things that get on my nerves, I also got to thinking about those things I'll NEVER be over...the sorts of things that just make me happy, in a simple way.

So, here are a few things that I have SO loved in the last couple of days...

* Sydney asking McKenna to lie down in the backyard and watch stars with her. And then McKenna promptly dragging a sleeping bag out onto the ground, lying down with Sydney, and them talking to each other about the stars above them. Extremely sweet!

* Gary surprising us by coming home early from work and telling us we're heading to the park. We hopped into McKenna's convertible, enjoyed the sun and the breeze on the drive over, and all enjoyed the slides, the swings, and the monkey bars together. (And, then, Adrienne and her kids showed up. So it was even better!)

* Taking Sydney to dance class, leaving McKenna and Delaney at home, then going to Arby's all by myself for 45 minutes of "me" time. I ate a chocolate turnover, wrote a poem, and "people watched." (I need to do that more often!)

* McKenna asking Sydney if she wanted to sleep with her in her bed, then coming back downstairs an hour later and finding them both sound asleep with the fan blowing on them and smiles on their faces.

There you go...your second question for RT...What are you SO loving right now? What makes you happy this morning? (again, post the answers in my comments or, better yet, pass it on and write a post on your own blog about it. Just let us know you're doing it, so we can all come visit you!)

Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!!!!


hippochick said...

Hi Cheryl,

I have to work today and will think about the things I'm so over and So loving. What a great post. I just love the poem. I could have almost have written it, but I still watch Grey's Anatomy though I keep asking myself "Why?".

I'll post my answers this evening.

It's cold here so I don't mind being inside. I had 64 kindergarten kids come on a field trip this morning. It was one of the thing I'm sooo happy about.


Ms.L said...

Oooooh good post!
I am so over telling people what to do rather than encouraging them to find their own way and I am so loving watching the little birds peck around on my porch,then sit on the railing watching me through the windows:)

Patti said...

Had you asked me last week "what are you so over" I could have wrote a book. This week I am calmer and more appreciative of everything. Thank the Lord.
I am so over being negative about things and feeling poorly healthwise.
I am so loving my family and friends. What in the world would I do without them and that includes the Father in heaven.

Adrienne said...

I am SO over people that just lie for NO reason. WHATEVER just be who you are!! I am loving my peaceful house right now! I need to send you that pic of you and Gary on the monkey bars!!! LOL Were you sore last night?!

Trish said...

Ooh..good list! I'm going to have to give this one some thought!

Jeff said...

I am so over...
* The democratic presidential race. It's not doing anyone any good and they are hardly talking issues any more. *Sigh*

* My laptop that has Vista on it. MS Vista is evil. I should've bought a mac for my last computer purchase.

I am so loving...
* My vacation. I took the week off since it's mine and Will's anniversary week (13 years since our first date).

* Dancing with the Stars...better every week.

* Spring!

Kimberly said...

I will have to think on those questions and post them on my blog. Those are great...have a super evening!

Edleen said...

love your post today! your poem, just lovely :)

i'm Happy with the Blessings i see before me each day i wake up :)

it's Wednesday morning here and hope you'll have a great day!

Mississippi Songbird said...

I am so loving your blog.. That peom is great.. I need to take some of it to heart.. I hope you have a great evening..

Kimberly said...

Okay, I thought about it and have posted..

Dawn Bibbs said...

HEY CHERYL, remember me??? :-) What a PERFECT post to come in on and comment. I haven't commented on your blog in, it seems like, AGES. So, let's just start with that....
~I am SO over not having the time and/or energy to read my friends blogs.
~I am SO over feeling so out of touch with everyone.
~I am SOOO over these kindergarten scrapbooks, I could scrath my eyes out!
~I am SO over all of our soccer games being rained out.
~I am SO over the gas prices being so high that I can only go to Archivers once a week, LOL.

That's about it for now. I've missed you, girl. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do...love ya!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oooops, I DO know how to spell, I promise. I was TRYING to say that "I could scratch my eyes out.."

Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled comment reading :-).

Auburn Kat said...

I am so over The Hills...why do I watch this stuff?

I am loving my new job!

Lynilu said...

I loved going to the top of the mountains today and feeling the peace of nature.

I hate seeing the burned trees.

I am thankful for good, solid friends that I don't have to be the least phony with.

I'm so, SO over people who need to be the center of attention but drop the ball when the glory work is done and leave the clean up to others.

I'm so happy to be me, to be here and now, and I'm lovin' life!

Kathy said...

Hi there Cheryl,

Love your poem! Isn't "ME" time a wonderful thing?

OK! Here are some of my things!

I am SO OVER........the weather returning to frost warnings! Yeah! SO DONE with that! ROFL!

I am LOVING that they are calling for 70 degrees today! Yeah!

I am also SO OVER procrastinating on my photography course!

I am LOVING the fact that I am learning to take better pictures!

AND! I am SO OVER letting life just pass me by.

Yep! That's my story! And I'm SO sticking to it! HA HA!

Leah said...

I can only imagine how great that feels when the girls are getting along so well. Sweet stuff!

Mississippi Songbird said...

okay, i posted the I'm so over on my blog.. Happy Day!

Susie Q said...

What a wonderful post Cheryl!
I love the way you write...

I am so over all the worry and fret...
I'll even go out if my hair is still wet.
I am over the hill so am over the age...
when you just do not care to be all the rage.
I'll live how I wish and I'll smile
so much more...
Even if some think I'm a bore!


I am loving photography and learning more and more about it...

And I always love reading about you and your wonderful family!


Cheryl said...

Hey girl! I am so loving the warm weather that we had today and my children and my man! Loved your poem, hey, you are really good at that! Have a great week friend!

Linda said...

Check out my blog for my I am so..... Thanks for this post.