Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Weekend Poems

These are the poems I wrote over the weekend for the Poem-a-Day Challenge I'm participating in. (Again, it's such a freeing thing to write a poem. I highly recommend it!)

The Friday challenge was to: write a poem about something you often overlook.

"Music Box"

i walk through the house,
this challenge,
these questions on my mind:
what do i pass by everyday,
and yet not value?
what do i see,
and yet not see?
what, perhaps, was precious once,
but now an afterthought?

my eyes fix on
chairs, blankets, appliances, clocks.
valued, even though there's no
poignancy, no

then on photos, books, knick-knacks, old letters.
both valued
and appreciated.

then they fix upon
the music box.

such a romantic gesture,
from mom and dad,
on the occasion of our first christmas together.
a gift that said,
"thank you for making our daughter happy again."

i remember thinking,
oh how sweet,
i will treasure it always.

now it is forgotten, set aside with a broken lid.

when i crank it, though.
the music still plays

our wedding march.

i linger on the sound,
pull it from its hiding place,
and ponder how it needs to be polished.
i set it where he will see it,
and ponder how it needs to be played.

the music box...
like love...
still there,
yet needing a polish.
still beautiful,
yet needing to be played.

The Saturday challenge was to: write an apology poem


I could apologize for not
washing any clothes,
cleaning the baseboards,
cooking a three-course meal,
vacuuming in three weeks.

But, I did
blow bubbles,
have a heart-to-heart,
sing in the car,
and play catch.

So I don’t think I will.

The challenge for today (Sunday) was to: write a poem that was inspired by a song. I guess I was doubly inspired (I DO love music!) because I wrote two of them.

“Peace Train”

(“Now I’ve been smiling lately, thinking about the good things to come; And I believe it could be, something good has begun.” Cat Stevens)

Dad and I sang it in the car,
on the way to school,
every morning.
And, as a child,
it sure was easy to believe.
(Of course,
it’s easy to smile when
riding bikes,
drinking from honeysuckles,
and singing with a cool dad is your life.)

Life gets older,
things get colder.
and bills,
and arguments,
and “what are we going to do?”s take over.

And yet, in my mind,
I can hear our voices.

They sing to me as a reminder
that life is oh so good.

Especially when you still have a father,
and three daughters,
who you sing Cat Stevens with.


(“Though I know I’ll never lose affection for people and things that went before. I know I’ll often stop and think about them. In my life I love you more.” The Beatles)

Oh-so-cute Bobby F.
We’d play basketball at recess and I’d sigh
only as a first grader could.

That boy in junior high (I think his name was Scott?).
Blond curls, blue eyes.
But, of course, I was oh-too-shy to talk to him.

My best guy friend,
who made it impossible to listen to Chicago songs
my heart racing
and my mind wandering.

In college,
I began to consider that someone might be The One.
Your sweet smile,
Your gentle heart
Made me think it might be you.
(and, dammit, the way you wore those jeans didn’t hurt)

Oh!, The One!
So relieved to know I’d never
have to date,
have to wait
Until you left…
ring and daughter and all.

When you least expect it,
It comes and takes your breath away.
A dance,
a kiss,
a touch,
an honesty,
an opening up,
a promise,
a commitment,
a staying.

And, so, those that came before
will always be.
But in my life…
it’s you.


Thanks for letting me share those with you!!

Tomorrow...a Weekend Update (full of all sorts of fun stories and stuff!!)


Adrienne said...

Oh Cheryl! These are great!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl great poems.

Anonymous said...

These are all so great! I love the last one for all it inspires, too (just like the song that inspired it). Thanks so much for sharing your awesome talent!

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne, Yvonne, and Liz--Thanks!!! I don't really consider myself a "real" poet and most of my stuff is just sort of rambling stuff, but I do love writing it and this challenge has just been so much fun. So, thanks for reading them!! :-)

Maria said...

OMG! I still haven't written mine! Your post just reminded me! I knew I was forgetting something important I was supposed to do this weekend!!! I loved reading your poems! Wow. We are so lucky to have you sharing your beautiful poetry with us! I loved them! :D

Theresa Tyree said...

WOW! I loved every single piece, Cheryl! You're so diversely talented! Look out, Thena! LOL!

Sheila said...

Great poems.

Susie Q said...

OH know how much I love poetry. I love your lyrical way with words. Magical.
Thank you for sharing these with us.