Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So, since I posted last on Sunday night...

We had one of THOSE days!! You know those days I'm talking about, right? One of those days when EVERYONE in the house is mad at each other! (All I gotta say is: Teenage girls often frustrate me. And, oh, another thing: husbands also tend to frustrate me. And, yeah, I guess one more thing: Preteens can be pretty frustrating too. Yet, amazingly, four-year-olds don't see much of anything wrong in the world!) Everyone says the wrong thing; everyone takes it the wrong way; no one wants to talk to each other; and you go to bed all worked-up about things that really shouldn't have bothered you in the first place.

(So, there you go...I thought that might reassure you that we aren't Happy BlogLand Family all the time! We are an extremely strong and close-knit family, but even in the healthiest of families there are disagreements and arguments and misunderstandings. The good news, though? Relationships, yes, are sometimes a challenge. But, there is ALWAYS love!)

As always is the case... a sunny morning and a new day pretty much made everything better and yesterday there was more communication and effort and things felt "normal" again.

And, so, I was able to accomplish several things:

~ I completed my expense mileage calculations for taxes (nope, we haven't filed yet! lol).

~ I got enough socks and underwear washed that people actually had some to wear to work/school (always a good thing!).

~ I watched the national championship basketball game (and saw my brackets crumble, finally, to the dust with Memphis getting beat. But it was still a very enjoyable game to watch!)

~ I emailed an editor of a magazine I've wanted to write for and got some positive feedback.

And I was able to enjoy some simple pleasures:

~ I had a frappacino at the bookstore with McKenna.

~ I began to research (and, thus, anticipate) two summer trips coming up in mere months: one to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, and one to the Maryland coast.

~ I drove with the top down.

And I shared some precious Moments with Sydney:

~ She decided that baths are only good if they are taken with a bathing suit on.

~ She has become addicted to watching "Hey Arnold" at bedtime (remember that show on Nickelodeon from a few years back?) and said last night, "I think my head is shaped like a football" (the Arnold character truly does have a football-shaped head; Sydney does NOT.)

~ She watched "American Idol" last night and started, really, there were real tears involved... that "my favorites are Ramiele and Danny" (Ramiele was eleminated last week and Danny has been gone for WEEKS! Of course, she also still cries for Bucky..from LAST season...sometimes!) Gotta love it!

~ She found a dandelion yesterday while we were doing some errands and THAT simple thing made her smile like you can't imagine.

SO, I guess this really rambling post is to simply say that...

new days bring new smiles.

love is always there.

families are worth it. ALWAYS.


hippochick said...

You are soo right. Families are always worth it. Please pray for ours as my MIL (93 years old) is very ill. She is ready to go see Jesus, but we think she should live forever.

Glad things are back to normal for you today.

Adrienne said...

Yes....we all have those days lol. Sydney is too cute! I say that all the time but she IS! LOL

Ms.L said...

Indeed they are.
I'm glad all is well in your world again!
We all have times like that:)

Anonymous said...

Amen to Adreienne's statement...we Do all have those days (only my four-year old seems to participate, too)! I think it's those days that prove just how much we love each other and make all the other days obviously joyful -- if every day was the same, no day would be special. KWIM?

Still, surviving days like that deserves a HUG!

Diane said...

Love your blog. Your family is beautiful! We don't have children, but I share in the chaos of my nieces' lives. LOL I'm certain I was a perfect child [wink]

Patti said...

You are absolutely right, love is always there and families are forever.
I miss Bucky and Elliott from Idol too tell Scout she's not alone!

Gin said...

Good to know that other families go through this.


NancyJones said...

even with allt he frustration AINT IT GREAT GIRL! I updated my blog with my dr reports today :(
arent you close to birmingham? They are sending me to uab to ms dr there.... any advice on where to stay in Birminham close to UAB? oh and ughmm scrap stores hehehehe

Nina Diane said...


Disney Scrapper said...

Been there done that. But I couldn't live without them (lol).

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Yes. I agree. Teenage girls can be frustrating. Mine's actually almost 21 now and she still manages to be frustrating. Some comfort, huh? And I further agree that husbands can be frustrating, too. Very frustrating. Annoyingly, horribly frustrating. Still...underneath all that frustration, I can usually feel a glimmer of love, too. Usually. lol

I thought Idol was BORING last night. Nothing really made me sit up and clap, you know? And while I love David Cook's singing, I was not a fan of his song choice. (I STILL can't believe they don't call ME first before they pick their music. lol) Hope next week is more exciting!


Phats said...

Well it's good to know you're not a stepfordblog family!

I often tell kristen I hope we don't have all girls I am not sure I could take all the changes.

The National title game was GREAT. I needed to Kansas to win because I won the office pool at school. I have to wait til Monday to get my money though.

I got my tax refund already WOOHOO! The only time in my life I have ever been happy with George W Bush

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that your family is NORMAL, sharing all of the ups and downs of life. I was beginning to wonder....thanks for keeping it real, Cheryl. My daughter is now 26 and now we are the best of friends...they finally do grow up and mature!! She was a very difficult child growing up. Anyway, here's to a beautiful, new day!! Give that gorgeous husband of yours a hug for no reason!!! ;)

Stacy said...

we had one of those not to long ago its almost like you need a break from each other i wish for a break some days lol!!!

Jacquie said...

I cried when Michael Johns was sent home tonight :-( I love him.