Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"I am" Random Tuesday

I am: so glad the “hot now” sign was on at Krispy Kreme this morning. I just finished a yummy glazed doughnut!
I think: it is way too hot already. It got up to 96 yesterday and it is already stifling this morning.
I thank: Adrienne for posting a picture of chicken nachos on her blog yesterday. I emailed her for the recipe and made it last night. Two words—Yumm-O.
I know: that there is always a purpose behind every thing that happens (I really do believe that!).
I wish: college football season was already here (even though that would mean Summer is over, and I don’t want that to happen!). So, I will just wish for a wonderful summer followed by a fun college football season.
I hate: it when I get impatient, either with myself or members of my family. I am trying to just “chill out” and I’m usually pretty good at it…but I still let things make me too impatient.
I miss: McKenna already, and she hasn’t even left on her mission trip. While we are in Tennessee this weekend, she will head off to Illinois; so we won’t see her for more than a week.
I feel: incredibly blessed.
I shop:
(pped) last night for Delaney’s birthday presents. She turns 12 tomorrow!
I hear: the sound of “America’s Next Top Model” on tv downstairs.
I crave: a lot of stuff, way too often. Usually it consists of any kind of sports, a good mystery novel, and baked goods!
I wonder how I got so lucky.
I dream: (ed) last night that I was in college, went to a class for a final exam and didn't know any of the answers, so I ran out of the classroom, then I got to feeling guilty and wanted to go back and apologize to the professor, but then I couldn't find the room (the building all of a sudden became huge with hundreds of rooms and floors). Weird!
I love:
it when Sydney tells me she loves me “THISSSSS” [spreads out arms real wide] much!
I care: (NOT) what people think of me, pretty much most of the time.
I always: make my bed. I can’t stand to have an unmade bed (although the rest of the house may be a mess!).
I celebrate: a lot! We do birthdays really big in our family, and I love holidays!
I sing: very loudly in the car (even though I can’t sing). I also sing very loudly in church (even though I can’t sing).
I cry: at most of the silliest things! Movies, songs, sentimental commercials. I’ve even been known to cry at sporting events.
I don't always: cry at the things that maybe I should cry about. I’m more of a “grin and bear it” kind of person when it comes to personal struggles.
I write: for a living (newspaper and magazine articles), for fun (this blog), and for my sanity (poetry, journaling).
I pray: in the bathtub. I know this may sound silly, but it’s my one time alone everyday when I can really be quiet and pray for my friends and family, and thank God for the day behind me.
I lose: stuff (car keys, cell phone, cash) all the time. Just this morning I have “misplaced” $20 and it really makes me upset (I had $60 in cash for the next couple of days, and now twenty of it’s gone!).
I listen: to television when I sleep. I can’t sleep in total silence.
I am scared: of clowns and heights.
I dance: even when I embarrass my kids! I love to dance and feel no reason to stop because I look silly!
I need:. to see my friend Angela (we are planning an Indian restaurant lunch excursion soon), to scrap with Adrienne, to have a girls night out with Chris and Allison, and to have a date with Gary.
I surf: on the Internet everyday. My favorite stops are entertainment sites (for “Lost” updates), sports sites, scrapbooking sites, and blogs.
I dread: packing for trips, exercising, cleaning the bathroom, saying goodbye.
I anticipate: celebrating Delaney's birthday this week, heading to Tennessee at the end of the week.
I laugh: out loud! Gary and I always say the world is essentially divided up into two types of people: in-side laughers, and out-loud laughers. I am definitely the latter, and laugh out loud at movies, television shows, sermons, a book passage I’m reading, something someone says. People know when I am tickled!

And now...consider this as my Random Tuesday post, and consider yourself officially tagged. Answer all of these, answer some of these, answer one or two of these, whatever, and post them in my comments section or on your own blog (just let us know that you posted it, so we can all come visit). If nothing else, tell us here: Are you an out-loud laugher or not? Cmon, fess up!) Join in the fun!


hippochick said...

oh cheryl,

i am a laugh out loud kinda gal. one of the great blessings of our life is that jim and i laugh together many times every day. it keeps us sane.

i'll answer the rest on my blog.

we just had a thunder storm with lots of rain. maybe it will cool down now.

~hippo hugs~

Greta Adams said...

umm yes i am about to die and we are not even in the hottest part yet...god help me?? PUHLEEZE let me make it through this summer

Renee said...

I pray in my car on the way to work, so I know what you mean about alone time. Great list. I may steal part of it for my blog.

Kathy said...

It's so fun to read your lists!

Several of the things you listed are the way I feel/think!

I laugh out LOUD too! LOL

Adrienne said...

Oh how fun!

Jeff said...

Okay this was fun... I went through the whole thing during lunch.

I am: too freaking warm. It's 97, feels like 100 and the office AC is not keeping up well.
I think: I'll be happier when this heat wave breaks on Thursday.
I thank: Nadia, my co-worker, who brought in yummy treats today to celebrate her brithday.
I know: that I will be happy once I get home because the AC in the apartment will have it cold!
I wish: it was October. Then Cheryl could be in college football season, the NHL season would start and it would be cooler.
I hate: when people don't do what they commit to.
I miss: the cool weather (there's a definite theme building here...)
I feel: overall, very fulfilled with life.
I shop: (pped) this morning for the new Cyndi Lauper CD on iTunes.
I hear: the humm of the office as most of us are eating lunch right now.
I crave: pie! A nice creamy pie of some kind.
I wonder: why there are so many people who seem to want to destroy each other.
I dream: that one day I will be able to work for no one by myself.
I love: my husband!
I care: about trying to make the world as good of a place as I can.
I always: listen to music while I'm writing. It just puts me in a good place.
I celebrate: not enough.
I sing: as little as possible (for the good of those around me). I miss having a car because it was the place I could belt and no one was the worse for it.
I cry: a lot! I cried when the Stanley Cup was awarded... I cried through most of the "Sex and the City" movie... cry over certian songs on my iPod. I'm easily moved and can equally cry about happy and sad things.
I don't always: get angry when people think I should.
I write: as often as possible on my blog and also work on a novel and some short stories.
I pray: not as much as I should.
I lose: hat way too much. I take them off someplace and then leave them. This winter I got a new hat, which I still had at the end of the season so it's safely in my closet. I just bought a new baseball cap for the summer... we'll see how long I keep that.
I listen: more than I talk... at least I hope I do.
I am scared: dolls that are alive (in the movies) or look to real (in real life), huge bugs and most clowns (Cheryl, you forgot to mention mayo)
I dance: rarely... and should more, even though I won't look good doing it.
I need:. to create time to volunteer more.
I surf: all the time. I enjoy it, plus it's part of my job.
I dread: the summer since it's already this hot and summer's not even offically home yet.
I anticipate: going to Provincetown for vacation in August.
I laugh: whenever I'm moved too.

Stacy said...

i am laughing reading your post today not all but most of it tee hee have a good time away!!

Heather said...

This is awesome. I love your random answers to the questions. It is sooo hot here too. I hate summer. LOL

Auburn Kat said...

I might just have to try this!!!

The weather has finally warmed up here and I am LOVING IT!

Doug Bagley said...

I'm anxious for college football too. Go Gators, lol!

Redhead Editor said...

I have to make my bed every day too. Even if the rest of the house is a mess. We are kindred spirits in that regard.

Edleen said...

great random Tuesday post Cheryl!
hope you're having a fun day :)

Maria said...

Cherul, this looks like fun! I'll have to do this soon! :D
I pray everywhere, while driving, while creating, while riding a scary ride in Disneyland...just about everywhere :D

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh boy, what a great post. I may have to take this challenge. Your answers are great. You're such a great writer, very good with your words. You inspire me! :-)

Love ya! Miss ya!

Delaney said...


i am:playing softball like no tomarrow. gosh, i have never played this much softball!!

i think: about how i want a slushi right now with my new slushi maker.

i thank:you for letting me have a birthday party still when we barely have time with our hectic schedule.

i know: that this summer is going by too quickly and i dont want school to start again.

i wish: that i will win the world series this year.

i hate: middle school drama!!
i dont wanna go back to it!

i miss: to be truthful, i miss the way me and scotti used to hang out. i miss having her as a friend. thats another thing i hate bout middle school-losing friends.

i feel: tired. its 1043.

i shop:till i drop!!

i hear: the tv downstairs that you are watching.
(im gonna stop skipping lines)
i crave:a slushi!
i wonder:who will be our next president.
i dream:alot of weird things
i love:umm alot of things. too many things 2 list. yes, im a happy person!
i care:about people who need caring
i always:dress fashionably!! HA!!
i celebrate:My b-day every year.
i sing:all the time, cuz i love singing!!
i cry: actually alot. not cuz im a sad person, cuz im not!its becauze im very sensitive.
i dont always:do things like others cuz im very different!!
i write:alot!!
i pray:whenever i think i could use praying because God is there whenever you need it
i lose:softball games-but not often!! HA!!!!
i listen:to music!! DUH!
i am scared:of bugs!!! they r so gross!!!
i dance:oddly!!
i need:god, mom, sis, and friends in my life!!
i surf:never!! ive never been surfing. the only time ive ever "surfed" is when i get a boogie board and stand on it in the pool.
i dread:school starting again!!
i laugh:at tons of things!!even things that dont make sense at all and i consider funny!!h