Wednesday, July 02, 2008

#3 on the "Soon-to-be-40 To Do List"

Several months ago it kinda hit me that, yes, I'll be 4o at the end of the Summer. So, what a better time than to think of those things that I'd like to try for the first time (or haven't done in a long time!)? With that in mind, I came up with the "39 Things to Do Before I'm 40" list.

#3 on the list was "Try Indian Food," because I really try to be adventurous and I am quite a "foodie" so I like to experiment with foods I've never tried before.

(And, by the way, two other things on my list I've accomplished in the last week...

Star gazed. Yep! (with McKenna and Sydney in the backyard)

Surprised Gary with a little something, just because. Yep! (Yesterday, came home with him some books and his favorite candy. Just because.)

But, boy, do I have A LOT left to do! In the next week or so, I want to go blueberry picking, get a manicure, and paint something! We'll see how that goes!)

So, back to the regularly-scheduled Number 3...

Yesterday, Delaney and Sydney and I (McKenna works during the day, so she missed our culinary adventure!) met my oldest-and-dearest friend Angela (and I mean "oldest"in the most sincere way...we have been friends for 25 years, meeting when we were both 15!!!!!) at an Indian restaurant called Silver Coin Indian Grille in Birmingham.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the food. It had a lot of flavor and was quite spicy, but I love spicy (the Texan in me, you know).

Angela ordered from the menu (she had a pepper chicken that was really good...I sampled hers, of course!) and I decided to sample from the buffet.

Some of the items on my plate here are:

Chicken vindaloo (chicken and potatoes in a spicy gravy),
Chicken tikka (chicken cooked in a clay oven),
A zucchini, vegetable blend that was very yummy,
Mirchi pakoras (fried vegetable fritters),
Saffron rice with a lentil sauce

For dessert, we tried Gulab Jamun (a cheese dumpling with rose-flavored syrup) and Pista Kulfi (a pistachio flavored "ice cream," which was really much harder and icier, but which Delaney--who is a big fan of ice cream--loved!!)

It was all really delicious and I was very impressed with it all! I was also so impressed with the sweet server who patiently told us what everything was and recommended certain items. She also patiently listened to Delaney, who is my very picky eater!! And she finally convinced her of a few things to try.

Although Delaney doesn't look real certain here in this picture (look at her face; lol)...

But she loved the kulfi (ice cream)...

Trying new food is something I highly recommend. It expands your horizons, letting you appreciate what other people around the world enjoy to eat (and, in turn, gives you a peek into their culture). Some of it you end up loving, some you don't care for too much, but if you never try never know, right?

After lunch we had to, of course, pose for a few pictures. With Angela outside the restaurant...

And at Barnes & Noble (we ALWAYS end up at the bookstore together!)...

It was a great day with food and my favorite friend in the world (the kind of friend that you have college apartment, crazy party, "laugh until you spit" memories with! the kind of friend who's been with you through everything, and that makes her even more amazing!)

Now...I was kinda hesitant about sharing this next item...but Gary uploaded it for me and went ahead and posted it here for me, so I guess it's going up!

Gary went and bought the cutest little digital camera (to take to the World Series in a few weeks, but also because we felt kinda bad because we have nothing of Sydney recorded for posterity!) and he experimented some with it. And then Delaney took it yesterday with us to the restaurant. So, Gary blended all of these little video clips together. The thing that made me hesitant to post it is that...I didn't even realize I was being recorded most of the time and I really look like the mother-who-never-brushes-her-hair! So, please forgive my appearance...LOL...but please enjoy our Southern accents and especially enjoy Delaney's interview with Sydney. It's very cute!

Love you all!!! See ya soon!!


~gkw said...

Loved my Candy and books!! The Video works! Yay!!!

Adrienne said...

Love the video!

Monogram Queen said...

You are a sweet sweet wife!

I love Thai food but I just cannot bring myself to eat Indian food. Maybe because I used to get grossed out by working for an indian family and she would try to give me food to eat and ... ugh I just don't know.

~Kammie~ said...

OMG! LOVE the video! and I am loving Delaney's sexy raspy voice with that southern drawl! you girls are TOO cute!

and great job Gary on the editing!!!!

Lynilu said...

I enjoyed the video. Or should I say, Ah enJOYed tha video and listen' to youhr acceyents!! When I get around my relatives who still live in TX, Ah start tawlkin' thayt way, too! Cute video, cute kids!! Great editing, Gary!

I like most froods from other cultures, and Indian is a favorite. Even though I like spicy, I have to watch Indian, however, cause it sneaks up on you!

Have a great weekend!

aimee said...

Good for you for coming up with your list and actually doing them!!

Cheryl Wray said...

G--Yay!! Even though I look pretty horrendous in a lot of it, I still like the video. :-)

Adrienne--It's fun!!

Queen--Sometimes I think you do have an experience that makes you "antsy" to try something. But, we really enjoyed the food!

Kammie--LOL Delaney DOES have a raspy voice. When she was just a toddler, we would call her Lauren Bacall because she has that sexy raspy voice. Too funny!

Lynilu--It's really funny, because WE don't think we have strong Southern accents at all. I guess it's just what you're used to hearing!

Aimee--Thanks! I know that I won't get them ALL done, but I'm trying to do most of them.

~Kammie~ said...

how cute--a lil' Lauren McCall! that's going to drive the boys crazy when she gets older! hehehe

our prompts are posted the 15th and 30th of every month--we got so many responses the first few days we decided we would have 2 a month! they won't always be risque, but it's also how you present your take on the prompt! can't wait for you to play in the Gutter with us! :O)

Gin said...

I'm always a little bit timid about trying new foods and not sure about Indian. But, maybe I should give it a whirl.

The vidoe is great. That Sydney is so cute

Tammy said...

Have you tried Korean food - we love it - try the Kalbi - beef bbq. sooooooooo good my kids love it!

Katrin said...

Love your accents! :)
The food made my mouth water. Yummy!

Mandy said...

That video is the cutest. Love the interview!! Hope y'all had a Happy 4th.

Auburn Kat said...

Great video!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh my goodness, I can SO relate the the look on Delaney's face :-). I am sorry to say, that contrary to how I look in person, I do NOT like to try new things. Isn't that a shame? I have never had Indian food and I can't say that I'll ever try it. I hate that about myself. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Guess I'd better let you go, you've got a lot to do before your birthday, LOL.