Friday, July 11, 2008

You will not believe this, but...

it's Friday night and I don't have a softball tournament to go to. Or a birthday party. Or any big activity planned whatsoever.

It really feels sorta weird. Delaney is spending the night with a friend, McKenna is just hanging out here at the house with her cousin, and the rest of us are just kinda not doing much of anything. Which is totally bizarre in my world. I'm used to running from here to there, and then back to here.

Now, that's not to say that I don't have plenty to keep myself occupied. I need to...

* work on my sessions for the Alabama Writers Conclave, a writers conference I'll be speaking at next weekend.

* do some editing work I have due.

* spend some time preparing for Vacation Bible School (tomorrow I'll probably go up to church to do some deocrating).

* finish some projects I'm working on for Delaney's softball team (I'm making a mix CD of their favorite songs to have as a giveaway for another team at the World Series).

* get clothes washed, things organized, and start packing for the World Series trip (Gary and all the kiddoes--along with two of their friends--are heading out next Saturday, but I will be at the aforementioned writers conference and will be joining them later, so I really need to get everything done beforehand).

* make it to the dentist next week, and also to Delaney's registration, and McKenna's eye exam, and also find a way to get Delaney back-and-forth to practice each day while I still make it to VBS (where I am teaching a class!).

That's, of course, what I need to do. I also really want to...

* find some time to scrap (but I know that will not happen until after we get back from Maryland).

* finish my mystery novel I'm reading just for fun.

* write some cool posts for next week (I want to do a whole "Countdown to Vacation" week and I have some fun ideas for it...just hope I'll have time to do it!).

* go out on a date with Gary. (I'm hoping we can do that tonight or tomorrow).

So, really, in all reality, life is still Busy. But nothing is set in stone, and I'm not driving all over town to do it. So, in my life, that actually constitutes a really lazy weekend. (I think my understanding of lazy might be a little bit out of whack!)

What, then, do you all have planned for the weekend and the coming week? I know there must be some exciting stuff going on!


She-Ra said...

Ahhh... VBS... I'm teaching preschool again this year and have lots of prep left to do.

And sadly, I think we'll miss you in MD since we're leaving next Sunday (after VBS) on our big trip. We'll be driving by your house in AL though!

crazy working mom said...

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Have a great time.

Adrienne said...

I just got back from a wedding rehearsal, I'm about to take a shower and finish up a mini album! Wedding is tomorrow and HOPEFULLY that is it lol

Frasypoo said...

Hi Cheryl
It finally happened to us.Stepson is driving and does' nt need a chauffeur anymore.Stepdaughter has activities planned with friends every weekend so we hardly see them anymore !
But everyonce in a while we force them to spend time with us!

Disney Scrapper said...

I hope you did something fun. We are actually chilling this weekend (well I am , Marc is working on his sermon). I may do a little shopping.

Cheryl Wray said...

Shera--I keep hearing about a lot of people doing VBS.It is always so fun!! I just hate that my week doing it is so filled with other stuff that has to get done.I hope you have a GREAT trip!!

Crazy--Thanks!!! Enjoys yours too.

Adrienne--I have about three mini albums i want to to. lol

Frasy--Yep, once they start driving you just hope you see them some of the time. :-)

Disney--Shopping sounds good!! :-)

Renee said...

I need to wash clothes b/c the girls were at camp all week and just got back today. Emma has a sleepover b-day party tomorrow, Mark and I are going to look at countertops, I'm getting my hair cut and that's about it.
Exciting stuff, huh?

Edleen said...

still sounds like you'll be keeping yourself busy :) as long as we're enjoying the moment!

nothing planned this weekend, but went for a SB store sale today, everything off @ 50~60%...woohoo!!! hehe...

Happy Weekend to you & family Cheryl!

Sheila said...

My weekend is quiet. Dh is out of town, dd is hanging out with friends.. So I'm home But I have curtains & a dress to make for a customer. It seems like I'm procrastinating.. I wonder is it b/c I'm alone on the

Monogram Queen said...

My week-end was boring but I shouldn't complain. At least nothing bad happened!
You have an award on my blog from last Friday!