Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Joy of
Brand Spankin New Stuff
(like school lockers)

Right now we are all about the "newness" of things in our family. Because, you know, it's "that" time of year again. Time for a new school year, which means all other sorts of new things. New classes, new teachers, new friends, new schedules, new activities...and, the favorite new things in our household... new school supplies and new clothes.

Yesterday was locker move-in day at Delaney's middle school, which is really a great idea because it gives the kids all a chance to get their lockers fixed up and packed; and lets them go through a mock run-through of their class schedule; and lets them socialize with all of their other friends they see up there doing the same thing.

I took Delaney and her friend, Jaelyn, up with me and they had such a fun time getting their lockers decorated (after, of course, we went and bought locker mirrors and dry-erase boards and paper to cover up the locker "walls"). Here they are (with Sydney too, of course, who thinks she's as big as any of them) posing in front of Delaney's locker.

I can remember the excitement of having a locker for the first time, when I moved to junior high in seventh grade; but I also remember the frustration I had when it took forever for me to learn how to open it for the first time.

I also remember the excitement of new school clothes, which I think might just be the girls' favorite thing about getting ready for a new year. (They're girls, though, so I guess that's a bit of a given! LOL) I grew up with wonderful parents who were also very frugal; they didn't see the sense of buying name-brand clothes or spending a lot of money on a wardrobe (in fact, I can still remember the year that Izods were so popular...remember them?...and my Mom let me buy ONE shirt. They were $14 a shirt, which was pretty expensive back in 1982. I bought a yellow shirt and wore it forever!!! And I loved my Mom for it!). But, generally, we'd always go to somewhere like JcPenney's for their huge back-to-school sale and I'd get to buy several new things; I'd come home and model for my Dad, who would just smile and say how nice everything was (of course, I know now that he was just indulging me...because Gary does the same thing...doesn't really understand the girls' affinity for new clothes and doesn't really like money being spent on it, but he still "pretends" like he thinks it's the best thing ever when they spin around in their new skirts or show off their cool new shoes).

I've taken the girls shopping several times and was pleased with what they all got. They definitely have their own sense of style. Sydney's style is simple...dresses, dresses, and more dresses (with a skirt thrown in every once in a while). Delaney's is very trendy preteen...this year she's all about the plaid bermuda shorts and screen tees. And McKenna's style is sort of a strange mix of Retro and Avril Lavigne...leggings and tunics and earrings that look like they came from my 80s collection (and, honestly, if I was about 15 pounds lighter I would be borrowing all of McKenna's clothes!).

So... new lockers, and new supplies, and new clothes are getting my girls excited.

Which got to me thinking of other "new" stuff I love.

In general, I love...

new books (the smell, the anticipation!)
new babies
new (to me) restaurants
new friends
new mornings (it can start all over again!)
new clothes (yep, I still love them)
new photos just back from the developer
new places to travel (somewhere I've never experienced before)

This time of year, I especially love...

new opportunities
new season and the cooler weather (eventually) that comes with it
new football season
new memories
new year (my birthday's coming up. Remember?)

What are you favorite "new" things? What new things are you looking forward to as Summer begins to wind down?


Travis Erwin said...

I'm looking forward to summer's end sop I will have a little alone time to write.

Sheila said...

Although my dd is in college I enjoy the thrill of going shopping for school supplies. She thinks its really cool that I still want to do it. We return home and pour over all the new stuff like

Gin said...

I love the cooler weather in the Fall, but then I'm wishing it was warmer. new school supplies are great to.

Jenster said...

I always loved the "new" of the school supplies, etc.

I'm looking forward to the routine and the cooler weather!

Monogram Queen said...

Wonderful posth Cheryl! I remember the excitement of lockers too, "sharing" them with your boyfriend, dumping his books out if you found out he cheated on you and the DRAMA! LOL

I love the promise of cooler crisper weather, pumpkins and Halloween!

Monogram Queen said...

Oh jeez louise and FOOTBALL!
Go Gamecocks!!!
I just put my schedule on the wall today :)

Phats said...

That's a good idea with the lockers. I am NOT ready to go back to school :( I am taking the cheer squad I coach to compete this weekend at the fair that is a SURE sign summer is over for me.

I like new tennis balls, love the smell I know that's weird. I am looking forward of course to Purdue Football!!

Got your email you will be on to guest post the week of Bama's first game I believe, if it's in august?

Kingcover said...

The whole concept of lockers in schools is a relatively new thing over here. They weren't installed in my high school until about 15 years ago. Up until that point we had to carry all our books around on our backs pretty much all day. We had shoulders and biceps like Popeye's. Lol.

Cheryl Wray said...

Travis--I feel the same way. Once the kids are back in school, I can focus more on my writing. I always have big plans (let's see how much gets done! lol)

Sheila--How fun!! I think I will always like doing that too. I hope when McKenna's in college she'll still let me go with her and pick out supplies.

Gin--I think it's cool how we as adults still love school suppplies. (I know that a good notebook can still make me happy!)

Jenster--Cooler weather will be nice!

Cheryl Wray said...

Queen--Haha!!! Yes, sharing a locker with a guy was always an adventure!! I will be cheering for your Gamecocks too (we don't play you this year! lol). I heard that Coach Spurrier had a fit on the practice field the other day!

Phats--I am READY for football! Yay, I'm excited about guest posting. Bama's first game is Aug. 30 against Clemson, so I can write a post that week beforehand.

King--Interesting. I just assumed lockers were a worldwide thing. Yeah, carrying your books around all day would be a big-time hassle! (PS: glad to see you here!)

Mississippi Songbird said...

I do get excited when the kids go back to school. I love helping them pick out new school clothes and supplies as much as they do..
I do feel sorry for those that cannot afford to get all the stuff. Things are so expensive. We truely are blessed.. Loved your pictures. I hope your kids have a wonderful first day.

Kingcover said...

Yeah lockers are very much a North American idea. Look at the old high school films and programs from decades ago - a lot of the dialog happened in locker rooms and around lockers, then look at teenage films from most other parts of the world around the same era - very few or no lockers! ;-)

Auburn Kat said...

I used to love back to school shopping! I loved having new supplies and clothes. I have to admit, I still love the samethings=) Except now I have to buy them!

Anonymous said...

There is something about the start of a school year. I guess because theres somuch to look forward to. But do your gets get tired of it by October like mine do? ha!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I remember when IZODs became so popular! I could only afford the "tiger" logo ones from Sears, I think. lol I wanted an IZOD so bad it was killing me (or at least I thought it was. ha)

My husband has never understood the whole "girls and clothes" things either. He thought $50 for a prom dress was MORE than enough. LOL There was no point in telling him that my daughter's prom dress actually cost $180 - BEFORE alterations and before shoes, jewelry, hair and nails. (Bless his little pea-picking heart. In his case, ignorance truly was bliss. ha,ha)

'Course, now I'm shopping for just boys. Kaleb and Jacob are 17 and 16 and I just don't get their clothes choices. Geez. Strange hats and fingerless gloves....where did I go wrong??? lol

I'm headed to Birmingham on Saturday to spend the night with my cousins and my sister. This is supposed to be our First Annual Cousin get together. We plan on scoping out scrapbook stores and clothes stores and antique stores, etc., etc., etc. And I've already put in my bid to go to Edgars (?) - that bakery you've talked about before. My cousins actually live around B'ham so they've assured me they know all the right places to take me. LOL Wish me luck!


Adrienne said...

Great post! We all look forward to the new stuff! LOL

hippochick said...


I had parents like yours. JC Penney's was the place to shop. I loved back to school shopping.

Now that my girls are grown, I do a project at school where we buy school supplies to be kept in the office and handed out where needed. It's my favorite August activity. I'm waiting to hear from the school psychologist as to needs this year.

Loved this post. i'll have to start thinking about "new" things I love.

~hippo hugs~

Leah said...

My parents were the same way with the brand name clothing. When I was in middle school "Guess" was the big thing. I though I was in heaven when my mom let me get ONE pair of guess jeans. And the crazy part.. when they wore out I took that triangle label off and sewed it on another pair. ROFL!

Lynilu said...

I was talking with a friend (who has been a friend since jr. hi.) and reflecting that I always loved going back to school. By mid July I was SO bored and ready to get back to the routine. She remembered hating the summer ending and going back to school!

In that same vein of thought, since I get bored easily, I like almost everything new! I'm easy to please!

Cheryl Wray said...

Songbird--I always enjoy the first of school. And, yes, I totally agree that it must be so hard for those who don't have as much. We are blessed!

King--That is really funny. I learn something new everyday. :-)

Kat--It's not as fun when we don't have parents buying them, is it? lol

Anon--You're right. By the time November rolls around, they are ready for a break!

Kari--I just don't think guys "get it" when it comes to how much clothes cost. And that is so funny about the Izod and the Tiger; I remember those too. My Mom thought it was ridiculous to pay so much, so my one Izod was a precious thing!! How fun that you guys are coming this way.I'm gonna pop on your blog and give you some other recommendations!! :-)

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--Anything new is fun!

Pam--That is such a great project idea! At our church, in our food pantry (that is used by a lot of people in our community) we collect school supplies this time of year and distribute them to anyone who needs them.

Leah--That is SO funny about the Guess jeans and sewing on the "triangle" on another pair.I love it! (I will say, though, that I'm glad my parents taught me to be frugal and not be concerned about brands. Thank goodness my girls aren't obsessed with them either. That's a good thing!)

Lynilu--Hee hee!! When you're bored you're always looking for new things. That's true!

Katie said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love this post. It brings me back to the excitement of change and the thrill of adrenaline I used to get.

I need to work on recapturing that in little bits. Finding new ways to make life thrilling and exciting.

Thank you.

Susie Q said...

Here I am playiong catch up with you dear Cheryl. I have been a bad blogger all Summer and away from everyone far too long! I am of now to read and read about what the Wray family has been up to!

I remember the line in You've Got mail about the bouquet of sharpened pencils...perfect for back to school. Grae said tonight that she is excited and scared about the first day. How well i remember this feeling!
We just shopped for school supplies yesterday and Bill still does not understand how she and I can take so long to do it! But he would just grab the first thing he sees that is on the list with no regard to color or whether it sparkles or glitters! : )

I am so looking forward to Fall. Ah.....

Off to

Love to you all!


crazy working mom said...

My little one starts kindergarten in one week. She is so nervous, and so am I!!!