Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random Tuesday Quirkiness

In the first meeting of her drama class a few weeks backs, McKenna said that the teacher asked each of the students to introduce and tell something interesting about themselves. While other kids gave standard information about where they were born, what their hobbies were, or how many siblings they had, my daughter said she announced, "My name's McKenna and I eat my food on a plate clockwise."

Leave it to McKenna to do something the quirky way! :-)

Which got me to thinking...what quirky habits do I have? What quirky things do I do?

And then I got to thinking...what a perfect Random Tuesday post for this week, since I haven't posted a Random Tuesday post in forever. (You know how it works...I don't officially tag anyone, but everyone is encouraged to participate. Put your own answers in the comments section or write about the topic on your own blog and let us all know that you've done it.)

Here then are Ten Quirky Things About Cheryl...

(1) When I'm at a fast food restaurant, I have to throw away any used ketchup packs, straw coverings, receipts, and other stray trash before I can eat my food. It bothers me if there is "clutter" around my food.

(2) I rarely take showers. Unless I'm in a super-duper hurry, I take baths instead. (And, oh yeah, I take two a day and on occasions I'll take three.)

(3) I know way too much about football. The other night, Gary and I were watching the Dallas Cowboys game and I began talking about different players and how I thought they'd do during the upcoming season. Gary just looked at me and shook his head. "I just like to watch Dallas play," he said, "I don't know every player." I'm even worse with Alabama; I started messing with Gary and asked him to name at least three players from the team. He could name our quarterback, while I could name the entire starting roster (and most of the backups) for every position.

(4) I cannot start watching a movie in mid-stride. Gary will get the remote and surf around, then stop on a movie that's halfway through and get sucked right into it. I have to watch it from the beginning (except, for some reason, for "Forrest Gump." I'll find it on tv and get dragged into it everytime. I love that movie!).

(5) I remember just about every line to every song I've ever heard.

(6) I despise mayonnaise so much that I can't even touch the jar. I hide it behind other foods if it's on a table (but I've gotten better and can actually buy it from the store; at one point, I couldn't do that).

(7) I laugh out loud. Really loud.

(8) I can't watch people embarrass themselves on tv. This is one reason I have a hard time with reality shows, but it also gets in my way of some sitcoms. If characters get themselves into embarrassing situations in a comedy, I'll turn the channel or--more likely--walk away from the tv until the moment passes.

(9) In a similar way, I never watch the dramatic moment in a sporting event. If a game comes down to a final field goal or pass into the endzone with 5 seconds to go, my eyes are closed and my head covered (or I'm in the other room). I'm the same way at live games; I'm the only fan sitting on the ground, while everyone else is standing up and jumping around.

(10) I drink certain drinks with certain types of food. Coke goes with pizza or Mexican food; sweet tea goes with Chinese and any country food. (Diet Dr. Pepper goes with just about anything, though!)

Okay...now you join in! Share at least a few quirky facts or habits about you. Put it in the comments section below, or post on your own blog.

Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!


Adrienne said...

How fun is this!! I'm like you in a lot of ways but in some TOTAL opposite!!!
1. I NEVER take baths lol. Always a shower lol.
2.I'm the same way with Football. It amazes my husbands friends lol.
3.I'm the same way with Forrest Gump. lOVE THAT MOVIE!
4.I don't do mayo either lol. AT ALL.
5. That's about it lol.

Linda said...

hmmmmmmm...I have to think about this one.

1. I usually take showers. If I sit in a hot bath (which I love) for five mins, I get too hot and get out. I don't like Jacuzzi's for that reason.
2. I'm 52 and crazy about riding my dirtbike and I know way too much about dirtbiking and fixing my dirtbike for most people to understand.
3. I'm a tomboy from the word go, but I always have to have on my makeup (I don't wear tons) and have my hair done. Where did that come from???
4. I love Mayonaise....sometimes I even buy the real fattening kind but most of the time I stick with light.
5. I don't believe in dieting...it ruins you. Eat right, stay healthy.
6. I love to work out. I don't mean just go into the gym and pretend to sling a few weights around. I mean do a hardcore workout and cardio. It feels so good.
7. I love to watch America's Funniest Videos. I laugh REALLY LOUD.
8. I don't watch very much tv. I'd much rather read.
9. I love to write, and believe it or not, I have the talent, but so many people tried to stop me from doing it, some because they thought it could never be and one because he was afraid I would succeed. I have what feels like permanent writer's block.
10. I try my best every day, even when things don't go right, to say thank you, out loud for everything.

Thanks Cheryl for the fun. You always have the best.

Renee said...

Oh, I like hearing about other people's quirks! I know I have tons but I'd have to sit and think about it for a little while. Some may be too strange to list in public.

Monogram Queen said...

Believe it or not I share numbers 1,2,4,8 & 9 with you!!!

I do like Mayonnaise though.

Poor little put-upon Mayo!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that other people are quirky too. Ha ha!


Jenster said...


I'm mostly a people person, love chatting with friends, can speak in front of people, share my entire life on-line... But I HATE talking on the phone.

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne-That is sO funny!! We are both similarly quirky! LOL

Linda--I loved your list. And, Amen, to vetoing dieting. LOL And you SHOULD write. Go for it!!

Renee--Ha!! Cmon, share with everyone!

Queen--I do NOT feel sorry for mayonnaise!! lol

Marg--We are ALL quirky!

Jenster--I can't believe I didn't list that as one of my quirks too.I am a people person, love to talk--but I HATE the telephone!

Phats said...

your guest post is up!

You'll like my prediction before it i think

hippochick said...

I'll make mine a quirky Wednesday. I have some similar quirkiness to you. Isn't it funny how odd we all are?

Have a great day.

~hippo hugs~