Thursday, January 08, 2009


We have been enjoying (yay, mightily enjoying!) the new Wii that Delaney got for Christmas. And while we are loving the sports package it came with--baseball, boxing, tennis, beach volleyball, my favorite! bowling)--we have found even more fun with the "classic" games that we were able to download from the Wii's Internet connection.

Think Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and (sweet!) Gallaga.

The other night, Delaney was playing Gallaga and proclaimed: "Your games are much more fun than our games."

Let's hear it for the 80s!


It took me awhile to get the Christmas decorations taken down (I'm one of those who believes in keeping them up until at least the first Sunday of January; I use the holy day of Epiphany as my excuse!), and Sydney was having serious withdrawal symptoms as the nutcrackers, santas, and nativity sets got packed into boxes.

"Is Christmas over?" she asked. "Is it coming back pretty soon?"

I explained that Christmas comes once a year and that's what makes it so special. And it returns every year, which gives us something to look forward to.

She whined and whimpered and said in classic Scout Style:

"I don't think Christmas is that special if little kids miss it so much."


My Mom loves anything British and she has apparently been teaching Sydney the finer points of the language.

I told Sydney the other day that I needed to go to the bathroom, and she told me: "No, you don't need to go to the bathroom. You need to go to the loo."

With all the tea parties she hosts for us in this house (complete with pinkies-sticking-out), I guess it's good that Sydney's learning the "mother tongue."


Adrienne said...

We are loving our Wii as well!!!! American Idol is my favorite so far lol.

Gretchen said...

Going to the loo...LOL

I agree with Scout.

We're enjoying Guitar Hero World Tour with our Wii, and I'm waiting to purchase Wii Fit when all the folks start giving up on their resolutions and they can keep them stocked in the stores. :)

Phats said...

My nephews also got a wii, and I think I played it as much as them if not more. I love Mario Kart!! I suck at tennis my 5 yr old nephew beat me like 5 times straight haha oh well.

I was sad too that Christmas was over

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--We have the "Wii Sing It" and the girls like it too. I've never liked video games, but I like the Wii.

Gretchen--I think I wanna get the Wii fit also.

Phats--LOL Funny about stinking at tennis!! :-) (I'm always sad when Christmas is over.)

Stacy said...

ooh i so wanted a wi for hristmas ust coul not do it this time i am sure we will getting one before long as the 2 ps2s in this house are woren out!

Kelly said...

Clayton kept telling me it really wasn't Christmas because there wasn't "wots" of snow.

Anonymous said...

Cute stories.

Scrapper Mom said...

How neat about the wii and your daughter learning British :)

Also, how exciting that you will be teaching and using your own published book for the class as well! I'm a little envious, but that's just not what God has for me right now :)

Jen Martakis said...

the loo. That is awesome!! lol

Cheryl Wray said...

Stacy--I do not usually care for video games, but the Wii is really fun. You guys would love it.

Kelly--LOL Cute!

Anon--Thanks. :-)

ScrapperMom--I'm excited about my class.I taught last night and it went really great. I think that one of my spiritual gifts is teaching, so I feel like God wants me to do that. Thanks for stopping by!


Heather said...

Yay for the 80's!!! You are making me want to get a Wii now! LOL Jordan is missing Christmas too. She keeps asking, but WHY does Christmas have to be over?

Monogram Queen said...

I'm not a big gamer but I seriously love the WII and bowling is my fave too! It must be "the age" because Maddie was very perturbed to see Christmas go too and wanted to know when would it be back?

Cheryl Wray said...

Heather--I love how much little kiddoes love Christmas. But, seriously, Sydney looked heartbroken when she said this. :-)

Queen--Bowling is SO much fun!

Mom said...

Loo! HA! That Sydney has the best memory. Go girl!! I must teach her some other British words.


Dawn Bibbs said...

Wow, with all my friends who are getting a Wii, WE don't need to buy one :-). So now if I come to AL, I can play with yours or Adrienne's :-).

Glad ya'll are enjoying it.

The loo, huh? I gotta go too! :-)

Cheryl Wray said...

Mom--You know that Sydney NEVER forgets anything! I love all her British talking. :-)

Dawn--Yep, you could just come and go back and forward to mine and Adrienne's Wiis. (Good to see you!)

Lynilu said...

Space Invaders was HUGE in our houe!!

Loreluca said...

I just can't get into any video games. Just not my thing. But I know that the kids LOVE their wii thingy. I'll have to tell Brian to check out the 80's games!
I, too, have a hard time letting go of christmas. This is the weekend that it comes down, and I still couldn't do it today. Maybe tomorrow...
And I was laughing the other day... Cesar came into the kitchen and he scared me. I told him, "Cesar, love! You gave me a fright!" Yep, the mother tongue is reaching out to me, too!

Maria Hammon said...

The Wii is very fun and addicting, LOL. :D

Your daughter always comes up with the smartest thoughts! :D

Cheryl Wray said...

Lynilu--I used to love that game too! :-)

Loreluca--LOL I love your comment to Cesar!

HEY MARIA--So great to see ya!!

Phats said...

Guessing you were glad for the Gators? Bad news though with Tebow coming back next year

Auburn Kat said...

The Wii is a lot of fun! One of my favorite games is the Wii Fit and the Snowboarding one! I think one of the best parts about the Wii is that it gets people moving instead of sitting!

Gin said...

I love the 'loo' statement. She is a riot.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Heather Prins said...

the 80's rule!