Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My previously-scheduled Tuesday activities were put into disarray by the exciting announcement I had to make in my previous post of Delaney making her school softball team. But, never fear! Random Tuesday isn't here, but Random Wednesday is...and with it comes a fun little, "get to know me" activity which was handily provided by the lovely Gretchen (if you don't know her yet, go visit her. She's cool.)

She had a fun thingie on her blog where she told 10 things she loved that started with the letter "A," and asked if anyone else wanted a letter to do so similarly on the blog. I said, thank you very much Vanna, I would like a letter please.

Vanna...ahem, Gretchen...provided me with the letter "D" and I quickly put my mind to work. What are 1o things I love that start with "D"? It didn't take me long to think of them...

Diet Dr. Pepper.
Yep, I love this drink more than any other soda on earth. Give it to me in a tall glass with ice, let it go down smooth, and I am one happy lady.

So, I guess my daughter should have gotten the #1 nod ahead of Diet Dr. Pepper, but hey...the DDP was what I thought of first. Nevertheless, I did think of Delaney right afterwards. Delaney is 12-years-old, so there is some of that inherent "twelve-year-old- ness" in her (you parents know what I'm talking about), but on most normal days she is a wonderful girl. Smart, funny, friendly, spiritual, athletic, pretty, sensitive (she's my most sensitive of children; she is a huge fan of underdogs and those left out of anything). I think she's pretty great. (And, sorry, Gary, McKenna, and Scout...I wasn't given the G, M, or S to choose from.)

Dallas Cowboys.
Despite their all-around "stink-it-up" attitude and playing in the last half of this year's NFL season (and especially in their playoff game against the Eagles, which will go down as perhaps the worst display of grown-men-who-are-paid-to-play-football-actually- playing-football)...and despite the fact that all of America who doesn't love them, chooses to hate them...the Dallas Cowboys have a special place in that sports corner of my heart. I have basically been a Cowboys fans since conception. I'm from Texas, my Dad was a huge Cowboys fan growing up, and I loved football, so it was a natural choice. (Some of my favorite recollections from childhood, in fact, were the few times that Dad and I convinced Mom that we should be able to stay home from church on Sunday evening to watch Dallas play. You may remember that you used to couldn't get every game on t.v. like you can today!)

DC Talk.
I love all sorts of music. You'll find me on any given day boogeying to Beyonce, or singing along to Keith Urban, or going old school with Bon Jovi (or, further back, the Stones), but DC Talk will always be one of my very favorite bands of all time. They're sort of a strange favorite, since not too many people know about them, but let me enlighten you. They are (well, were, since they disbanded several years ago) a Christian band that are a strange blend of rock, pop, rap, and all-around funkiness. Their CDs "Jesus Freak" and "Supernatural" are two of the rare ones that still get regular playing time in my house and car. (We went and saw them in concert before Sydney was even born--Delaney was maybe 6--and I seriously think that Gary and I scared both McKenna and Delaney. We danced and screamed the whole time, and the girls asked for headphones.)

Digital Camera.
I don't get gah-gah over material possessions very often, but I sincerely LOVE my digital camera. It's the best $500 ever spent and it just makes me happy. I can take as many pictures as I want, save as many or as few as I want, easily upload pictures to be printed out. And it's so light that I can easily carry it anywhere...which I do!

Aside from my digital camera, our monthly DVR bill is the best money spent in our household! I say it about the Internet and cell phones, but I also wonder how in the world I survived without DVR. We are very busy people, so I rarely get to watch the few television shows I like when they first air. With my DVR, I can set them to "record" and catch up on them when I have the time. (It's also cool for "trying" out new shows that I hear other people raving about. I can record one episode, decide if I like it real easily, and I've wasted little time on sitting in front of the tv, making it through commercials, and then not liking a show.) Oh's also great for recording Alabama football games and then watching the great wins (over Georgia, LSU, Auburn) over and over and over...and over...again!

Pastries...and all manner of pastries (croissants, cinnamon rolls, turnovers)...make my heart warm. But there is nothing that makes me happier than a simple, plain, easy, doughnut. Well, unless it's a "Hot Now" Krispy Kreme doughnut. One of my favorite guilty pleasures, I eat these things way too often. (In fact, I think I need to arrange a meeting with one sometime very soon.)

Desmond, Sayid, Jack, Sawyer, Daniel, Jin, and all those other "Lost" boys.
Wednesday, January 21, cannot get here SOON ENOUGH. I get to see Desmond and Jack and Sayid (my personal, yummy favorite!) and get get sucked back into my "Lost" obsession once again. It's the best show on television and I unabashedly LOVE it! (I've been reading all the season premiere reviews, watching sneak peeks, checking out rumors and all the latest news. I think we "Lost" fans are gonna be very happy!)

I'll admit it. I'm cheap. I can't stand to buy anything full-price; I really probably don't buy some things even though I really need them; the girls have learned that I will not be swayed by their need for name brands, so they stopped mentioning them around third grade. But, I am good at finding a good deal. I buy all clothes from the sale rack and my favorite (almost only) place to buy books is from the thrift store.

Discovery. "Discover" may very well be my favorite verb (well, I like "explore," and "love" and "create" too) and I love to discover new things. When I discover a new recipe, song, book, just makes me smile. Life is about growth, don't you think? If we're stuck in a stagnant rut, what is there to look forward to?

That was fun. Thanks Gretchen!

Now...don't you want to join in with the fun? You can do it two ways:
* Randomly tell me one or two of your current favorite things.
* Even better and more fun: Tell me you want a letter and I'll "assign" you one and then you can post your list on your own blog. (I'll post in the comments section with your letter.)


Gretchen said...

Delightfully well done, m'lady!

I am with you on the donuts and the diet dr pepper. Which reminds me: I'm out of ddp. Ack!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Gretchen--It was really fun idea for a post. Thanks for giving it to me!!

Nina Diane said...

I'll take a letter......

Cheryl Wray said...

Nina--Cool!!! Why don't you take "E," the next on the list. Can't wait to see your list!! :-)

Becky Welch said...

I just did this!! I have the letter "R" and loved it! Your list was GREAT!

hippo chick said...

Oh Yea, give me a letter sister!!

Loved your list. I have to disagree about Dr. Pepper, YUK!. Also, I'm having a real tough time with the Dallas Cowboys this year. We were really disappointed when they kept Adam Packman Jones this year. They just don't have the ethics they once did. I guess all-in-all, there is just too much thuggery in professional sports these days. Am I being cynical?

I do so agree with your digital camera love, me too.

Okay, friend, I'm waitin' for my letter.

~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

Becky--Ooh, fun. I'll have to come check out your "R" list.

Pam--Hey!!! Are you back from your trip? Gotta come visit your blog and get any details. :-)
Yes, the Cowboys have seriously lost so much of their character in the last few years.The whole Pacman Jones thing was very disappointing to me;they should have never taken him in the first place. But...when you love and always have loved a stick with them! (And I do like me some Tony Romo and Marian Barber. :-)

Okay, let's about "F"? That's the next one in line. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Lisa said...

Mmmm, donuts. If I had a blog I'd do this for sure.

Adrienne said...

I can't wait for LOST!!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Lisa--Can you believe that I got a KK doughnut while I was out doing errands today? I cannot resist them!

Adrienne--ME EITHER!!!!!!!

camport said...

What a great idea! LOL that Delaney came in second to the DDP, that is SO something I would do.


Sheila said...

I love Dr. Pepper and funny - we were out of DP and in waltz my daugher with a lil ol' can of DP and I was practially all over

Frasypoo said...

Hi Cheryl
I retired from blogging and came back a few months ago.
I lost my blog roll and am still trying to catch up with friends

Mom said...

My D’s:
David: my great husband
Delaney: one of my precious granddaughters.
Danielle: my wonderful daughter-in-law
Christopher David Stuart: my wonderful son named after his father
Garrett Phillip David: my precious grandson named after his grandfathers
Delicious: I like the sound of the word and delicious foods.
Delectable: I like the sound of the word.
Doyal: I had an uncle named Doyal; David has a cousin named Doyal
Doctor: I go to the doctor quite a lot
Dentist: I have gone to the dentist many times.
Dr. Seuss: I love his books.


Monogram Queen said...

Very well done! Pam did a great job with "F" too!

sa said...