Saturday, January 03, 2009

The sad "morning after"

It was a sad way for my Crimson Tide's football season to end. In fact, I think I'm boycotting all ESPN and all other sports-related shows and sites until I emerge to watch Florida trounce (hopefully!) Oklahoma in the national championship game.

My take on what in the world happened to Bama last night? I think that the loss of our All-American lineman Andre Smith (he was suspended from the game because of an improper communication with a sports agent), and then the loss of his replacement Mike Johnson in the first few minutes of the game, seriously hurt us. I mean, cmon. We let our quarterback get sacked like 8 times; with our normal o-line, that would have never happened. And then, of course, our defense seemingly forgot how to pass rush. It was crazy! (Of course, the mental aspect of the game was huge too. I think that we just weren't mentally ready; I think we were still upset about getting beat by Florida in the SEC championship game and Utah came ready to play. They had a plan and were fired up and they deserved that win more than us!)

I'm going to, though, try and look at the season as a whole and be thankful for the magical ride that it was. Undefeated in the regular season. SEC West champs. And all of this with an incredibly young team, which means there is a lot of greatness still to come!

So, I'm going to mope for like 24 hours (that's Coach Saban's rule...celebrate or be depressed for one day only!) and then bounce back!

In the meantime, I'm going down to Tuscaloosa to watch an Alabama basketball game today and hope that we do better there (although that is not a guarantee; we're not that good yet! lol). It will be fun, though.

I hope that YOU are enjoying your bowl games and that YOUR teams are winning. I do love bowl season, despite the crimson tears running through me right now...

Have a great day!

ROLL TIDE forever!!


Laura said...

Just awful!! I cried myself to sleep!

Auburn Kat said...

Sugar! I just left a long comment and it didn't post! Let me try again...

Sorry about your loss! I think you should watch one bowl game today though...the University at Buffalo alumni!

It is their first bowl game ever! Although the team was invited to play in a bowl game in 1958; however, they did not participate. Two of the teams players were African American and were prohibited from playing, so the team rejected the bid because they all could not play. That's what I call the true meaning of sport teams! =)

Cheryl Wray said...

Laura--I know. SO so sad!!!

Kat--I already had this game on my radar. I just love the story of Buffalo and I will absolutely be cheering them on!! (despite my claim that I won't listen to anything about sports, I will watch more bowl games!! LOL) Go Bulls! ;-)

Kelly said...

Sorry Cheryl! I was so sad for Alabama. I always root for the SEC! And poor Penn State! Hopefully, Florida will come through.

On another note, do you remember Bobby Foster? He found me through Facebook. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cheryl, I'm so sorry about the game. I actually watched a little bit of it, but then had to stop. I really thought they'd do better.

Gretchen said...

Sorry, honey...nothin' but tough love here. My teams suck, and misery lurves company. :)

Aren't I the worst?!

have fun at the bb games.

Jenster said...

The only game I cared about was the Rose Bowl. What a total disappointment. Not so much that Penn State lost (I may live in Pennsylvania, but I haven't been here long enough to be a huge fan, yet), but that USC won. I've never liked USC and love it when they lose.

Oh well.

Adrienne said...

Sorry to Alabama Fans EVERYWHERE. :-)

hippo chick said...

Hey Cheryl,

Jim says to remember that they have a young team and there's always next year.

~hippo hugs~

Monogram Queen said...

THAT is the spirit Cheryl!