Friday, February 20, 2009

A Note From Cheryl's Husband...

Cheryl is on this retreat and from my experience on both the musical team and from working a table on one walk she will come back on cloud 9 as high as God's love can take her. I've also found from experience that the adversary can try to do many things after she comes back to take that "high" away.

I'm inviting you if you would like to, to leave her a comment this weekend telling her how important she is to the people around her. Or just how she has touched your life in some way. Any comment will do.

If any of you have been on the Walk to Emmaus, you will know what these comments will mean to her.

Thanks and De Colores....


Lynilu said...

First of all .... Gary, what a sweet thing to do. The two of you make an awesome one. :)

Cheryl, in such an imperfect world, it is truly a blessing to have the things that make life good. You have the most important components: dear hub, precious children, and many other components for that good life. You know those have come to you through the love of God, and I know you honor that with your heart. I'm happy for you to have had this experience to enrich your life. Welcome home.

Stacy said...

your hubby is a sweet heart cheryl a keeper for sure i always look forward to your stories i find here always good to hear them and i love the comments from you enjoy yourself this weekend

Adrienne said...

Awwww Gary! you are gonna make me cry! THis is sooooooo sweet!!!

Cheryl is such a wonderful person! I've known her for a few years now and she is still the sweetest ever! She is always willing to help out with the kids if I get in a bind and that means the world to me. I don't trust many with my kids but you are one that I do!

I love living next door to you! :-)

Hope you are having a great time!

Nnairda's said...


I'm not familiar with Walk to Emmaus, but it sounds like a wonderful spiritual journey.

I've known you for close to two years through blogging and I just wanted you to know that you have both inspired me and encouraged me through your wonderful thought provoking posts.

I appreciate you sharing your genuine love for your family and their love for you.

I look forward to reading how the Lord has blessed you on this journey.


Sharmaine said...

My goodness who could refuse!
Yay Gary!
Hi Cheryl, just wanted to say that I love reading your blog, don't comment often because time gets in the way and I have been a slacker!
Hope you have an awesome time away.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Ok, I'm just impressed that YOUR husband even knows you HAVE a blog...let alone, post on it for you!LOL

I am so proud of you, Cheryl, for taking this opportunity. I'm sure you have done and will do great!

Look at how God worked all of this out for you and your family. You've gone to "Talk at the Walk" with a restful heart and mind. You were concerned about how Sydney would react to your not being with her. Yet you're teaching her quite a lesson...even in your absence. How COOL is that? I'm sure she's missed you. But I'm willing to bet that she's even more PROUD of you...just like Gary, McKenna & Delaney.


hippo chick said...

Hey Gary,

You are one of Cheryl's greatest gifts from God. I'm sure she tells you that.

As for you, Cheryl, I can't begin to articulate how you've touched my life. I feel like I know you and would have to say I count you as a precious friend in the Lord.

I know you will touch lives this weekend and will be touched deeply by the Lord.

You are so loved.

~hippo hugs~

Edleen said...

So Schweet!!! God Bless to you both and Family :)


Heather Prins said...

ey sweet girl! So glad that you blog, I look forward each and every day to reading your posts even though i hate football, lol! Your smile and beautiful personality shine through your words and i feel like we are friends. Thanks for being a part of my day!

Mississippi Songbird said...

You're a great husband and I see that you both are a wonderful team. God Bless you.. Yes, I look forward to Cheryl's uplifting posts.. She is such a wonderful soul and I am always inspired to want to do more good, when I read the things she does.. She has definitely blessed my life.. Cherly, I hope you stay High on Jesus! I want to also..Bunches of hugs!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl - I've been praying for you and all the folks on the walk! This morning I was cooking a meal to be delivered to my good friend and I looked at the clock . . . and you were giving your talk . . . and I prayed for you - I couldn't be in the prayer chapel, but I was standing at my stove asking God to use you in a mighty way . . . and I KNOW he did! I can't wait to hear about the weekend and about your first time back in the conference room. You show the love of God through your writing on this blog every day - just by being you! De colores, Lisa Elliott - Alabama Emmaus Walk 104 Table of Ruth Trinity United Methodist Church - Homewood, AL

Michelle said...

Oh Cheryl..........

If I have anything to say about it, you will STAY on cloud nine (at least for a bit) There is a special Thank You on my blog that YOU MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!

If it weren't for you (and the Mommy Bloggers) prayers, Taylor's Miracle never would have happened. Go read about it!

Auburn Kat said...

Gary - seriously, could you be any sweeter?

Cheryl - When I read your blog, it reminds me of how important my family is to me. Reading your blog also has me looking forward to hopefully someday having my own children. =)

Faye said...

First of all Gary...what an incredible way for you to bless your touches my heart to see a man love his wife so deeply :)

Cheryl, I'm SO grateful your are my Sisterchick. May God bless you and keep you, make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you.

Phats said...

Hi Cheryl
First of all I don't know you in person, but I have this gut feeling that we would get along great if we did, with our love of sports! I will say it has been really great getting to know you and your family through you blog, your passionate oozes out in every post no matter what the subject. Very grateful our blog paths crossed, and that you have educated me on Alabama football :)

Neat thing you did Mr Gary

~gkw said...

Thanks for all the comments guys! Cheryl will be home between 8 and 10pm central. I'm sure she will be elated at the comments. I got to be in the Prayer Chapel on Saturday morning about 30 minutes before her talk. We prayed her up before the talk and I walked down with her and got to here her "song" (Morning Has Broken) and listened as they sang her in. It was beautiful!!

I'm sure she'll read these wonderful notes once she gets home... I'm just going to let her find them on her own!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey everyone!!!

What a WONDERFUL surprise to find here when I got home. I have talked Gary's ear off and was heading to bed, but then he "prodded" me to check my blog. (He didn't let me find these comments "on my own." LOL)

I am officially Pooped Out with an capital P and a capitol O, so I probably won't post my thoughts and special moments from the retreat until tomorrow sometime on my blog. My mind is kinda like mush right now and anything write would probably end up sounding like, well...mush.

Suffice it to say, though, that the weekend was wonderful and that ALL of you are Awesomely AWESOME!!! Thank you for such sweet, sweet comments!

"See" ya soon!

Maria Hammon said...


You do have the most amazing husband and family ever!

You, through your inspiring words and life of faith, have touched my life in many more ways I can tell you.

I feel so grateful to know you through your blog! I can't wait to meet you in person one day! :D

And I just noticed that you already got to see this post and comments! Sorry, as always, I'm checking in...but better late than never! :D

Jeff said...

I love that your husband put this in here. I just wish I'd seen it sooner.

You should know, Cheryl, in my opinion, you are THE definition of what it means to be a Christian. You're loving, caring, compassionate, non-judgmental. You clearly work to pass that on to your kids too, which will make them fantastic adults. You represent the way I think God and Christ want people to be... it's certainly the way I learned it was supposed to be in church and in Sunday School. Keep on being just the way you are and don't let any adversaries bring you down. Let everyone else learn from your example.

Monogram Queen said...

I am late, but my comments are straight from the heart.
You inspire me, Cheryl. You show me that you don't have to be perfect, remind me to enjoy and cherish my child (and husband) and I have never told you this but mainly because I started reading you I started actively going to Church again! What a blessing THAT is to me AND my family.