Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Random Tuesday (name-dropping) Fun

One of my very favorite t.v. shows is "Psych" (in fact, it appears that a marathon came on this weekend because I have like ten episodes DVR-ed; I think I know what I'll be doing while I fold up this mountain of clean clothes!), and one of the best parts of every episode is when Shawn introduces himself and his friend/detective partner, Gus.

Some of my favorites have been:

"My name is Shawn Spencer, and this is Lavendar McGrooms."

"My name is Shawn Spencer, and this is...

"Scrooge Jones."

"Sillypants Jackson."

"Gus 'T.T' Showbiz."

"Ovaltine Jenkins."

"Chocolate Columbo."

"Honeysuckle Methusaleh."

"Dequan 'Smallpox' Randolph."

"Burton 'Oil Can' Guster."

"Hollaback Atcha."

"Weepy Boy Santos."

"Galileo Humpkins."

"Gus 'Sillypants' Jackson."

"Magic Head."

"Squirt MacIntosh."

"my personal candy striper, Knick Knack."

Yeah, yeah...if you don't watch the show...you probably don't quite get the jokes. ("I guess you had to be there.") If you don't watch the show...you should. It's hilarious and is guaranteed to make me laugh out loud numerous times during the hour!

(seriously...go HERE to watch a randomly-selected, HI-larious scene from the show.)

Which brings me to my Random Tuesday fun for the day.

The first Random Tuesday question for you is this:

* Are you an Out Loud Laugher?

(Gary and I came up years ago with a new method of demarcation for the world. The world is basically divided up into two types of people--Inside Laughers, and Out Loud Laughers. When we met, it became apparent that Gary was an IL and I was an OLL. I laugh out loud, very loudly and with wild abandon. Gary is more of a "that's really funny, but I'm keeping it to myself" sort of person. We have learned, though, that another aspect to this rule is that Inside Laughters can take on the traits of Out Loud Laughers as years go by, because Gary does let one loose every once in a while...if it's really funny!)

The second part of Random Tuesday is this fun little name generator (you may have done this one before, but it's pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, which makes it worth doing again...unless, of course, you are in Inside Laugher):

1. Your Real Name: Cheryl
2. Your gangsta name (for three letters plus izzle): Che-izzle
3. Your detective name (favorite color and favorite animal): Yellow Tiger
4. Your soap opera name (middle name and street you live on): Sloan Arcadia
5. Your Star Wars name (first 3 letter of last name, first 2 of first name): Wrach
6. Your witness protection name (parents' middle names): Joanne David
7. Your porn name (name of of one your first pets, and your mother's maiden name): Ariadne Stuart
8. Your goth name (black and the name of one of your current pets): Black Chit Chat

The third part of Random Tuesday involves this "how much do you know about Cheryl?" question:

* A few weeks ago, I mentioned in another one of these fun random posts, that my girls' names were all inspired by something in pop/literary culture.

I think all of you know that we often call Sydney "Scout," which comes from mine and Gary's very favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird (in fact, we came this close to actually naming her Scout but thought that having two one-syllable names didn't quite sound right...i.e., Scout Wray).

But does anyone have a clue as to what inspired the names McKenna and Delaney? Anyone who can guess correctly will get a Very Special Shout-Out on my blog very soon!!! (if two people guess them separately, I will dole out two Very Special Shout-outs!)

Some hints to help you out: McKenna's name was inspired by a movie, and Delaney's came from a song.

Okay, there you go. You know the drill. Answer the questions here in my comments section, or join in the fun and continue it over on your blog (just let us know that you're doing it, so we can come visit you!).

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


Monogram Queen said...

Gos I can't even begin to guess about the girls names..... I can't wait to hear though!

Some friends of ours named their son Dalton after Sam Shephard's character in Roadhouse!

I am DEFINITELY an OLL ... Stacy says when I shout out with laughter it gets him so-o-o-o tickled!

Lynilu said...

I'm mostly am OLL. I range from snickers to giggles to titters to chuckles to guffaws! I have trouble keeping it in, but I'm able to be socially acceptable when I need to be.

As far as the girls names, I'm like Patti .... I have no idea, but I look forward to hearing about it! (I did think of the George McKenna Story, but that's a long time before mcKenna came about.)

Lynilu said...

Excuse me .... girls' names.

Whew! Caught that one! giggle!

~Kammie~ said...

OMG--I love Psych too AND love the names he calls them! good one!!!!

Nina Diane said...

you know that I know Delaney's name came from the Jimmy Buffet song...and his daughter's name is also Delaney (who sings to statues)......as is my last name!!

Nina Diane said...

oh I forgot ......I'm an outside laugher..and loud too!

Cheryl Wray said...

Patti--How did I KNOW you were an OLL? I wouldn't have expected otherwise!! :-)

Lynilu--LOL You're right, you do have to hold it in sometimes. :-) I guess you and Patti will just have to wait to find out about their names. :-)

Kammie--Isn't Psych just PERFECT!?

Nina--Of course, you would know!! :-) You got it. And, don't you think Delaney is just a wonderful name. (smile)

Anonymous said...

McKenna's name is from the movie "Somewhere in time".
Delaney's name is from the JImmy Buffett song "Delaney talks to statues.
Sydney ( SCOUT) cam from the book to Kill a Mockingbird.

Am I right? alot of research going on here..


Adrienne said...

LOL what are the girls names?!?!? LOL
This is too funny and yes I laugh out loud! LOL

Cheryl Wray said...

Lorri--You are GOOD!!!!! You got them all right! (Did Gary give you hints? LOL) I will have to post an update for everyone, to explain the back stories about the names and to give you your Shout-Out! :-)

Adrienne--I figured you were a laugh-out-louder!! LOL

Auburn Kat said...

I am sometimes an OLL and at other times an IL. When I'm reading for some reason, I'm definitely an OLL for some reason=)

Cheryl said...

This sounds strange but I talk a lot, like, really a lot but I am a IL. My husband is very, very quiet but he is a OLL. When he watches a movie, even in a room alone, he is very loud (laughing). I enjoyed reading your comments on how your children got their names. They have very pretty names. Great post!

Deborah said...

I always heard the porn name was your first pet and the street you grew up on, which would make mine Candy Frost, and my husband's Jacques Badham.

And we have friends who named their son Truman, inspired by "To Kill a Mockingbird." Can you figure out the reference?

Cheryl Wray said...

Kat--Oh yeah, I laugh out loud when I read too! :-)

Cheryl--Thanks about the names! :-) And that is so funny about how you and your husband are "opposites." I love it!

Deb--Candy Frost is SO funny! :-) And, I love the name Truman for that reason (Truman Capote, aka Dill, of course!).

Anonymous said...

Hey. no I actually took the time and went back through your blog and found it. So Nope no help from Gary!!


Dettao said...

I am a laugh out loud laugher if it is worth laughing at. heh heh...
My husband thinks I am nuts cause I will laugh out loud while reading the newspaper comic pages. He never thinks it is as funny as I do if I read it to him. It loses something in the woman to man interpretation somewhere...

Cheryl Wray said...

Lorri--That was very creative of you to search my blog. I hadn't even realized that I'd probably mentioned the answers before. :-)

Detta--I do the same thing, but it's with columns from the newspaper. I will get cracked up and then try and read it to him, and then I guess something gets lost in the translation.

sa said...