Tuesday, March 24, 2009

5 Things I Love About Spring

1. The Weather.

2. Anything & Everything Easter.
(including the candy...like my favorite Cadbury Mini Robin Eggs pictured above!)

3. My favorite flowers blooming in the yard.

(I.e.: azaleas and dandelions)

4. Softball.
(I'm thinking you will all be getting a huge photo roundup tomorrow.)

5. Newness.

Consider yourself Random Tuesday-ed. What are 5 things you love about Spring? (Comment here, or post on your own blog.)


Adrienne said...

Longer daylight hours.
Cool mornings and warm afternoons.

LOL, that is actually all I can think of lol.

Jeff said...

1. The green returning
2. As much as I love the cold, by March I'm done with it and am happy to stop bundling up.
3. Stanley Cup playoffs start, as do the NCAA Frozen Four playoffs
4. Lunches in the park
5. More daylight!

Kingcover said...

I loved blowing the seeds off Dandelion clocks when I was a kid (up until last year lol). I still enjoy reaching my hand out and catching a seed or two even now. I like watching them floating in the breeze too :-)

Anonymous said...

1. Buying a new dress for Easter
2. Dogwood trees
3. Easter chocolate
4. Taking the kids to the park
5. I cant think of a third one. Maybe more chocolate. ha ha


Monogram Queen said...

1) Flowers
2) Warmer Weather
3) All things Easter
4) Kites
5) Baby Animals Born

*thanks for my gold star! hehe... been years since I got one!

Sheila said...

1) Flowers, my crocuses are finally up and so cute.

2) Returning home and its still daylight.

3) entering my sewing room, although I have no plans to do anything creative...lol

4) Spending more time outside on the weekends

5) Enjoying the remaining cold days.

Lynilu said...

I skipped over your list on purpose, so I wouldn't be influenced. Yet, look how similar some of them are!

1. renewal (all kinds)
2. warm sunshine
3. birds singing (and hearing my inside birds “talk” to them)
4. color!!!
5. being able to sit outside to read, to blog, watch the puppies play


Cheryl Wray said...

I love all of your lists! Even made me think of some things I could have listed...like kites. I used to LOVE Kite Day at my elementary school. But, Jeff, you know hockey's not my thing (I could have mentioned basketball and Spring football games too, though, when it comes to sports. LOL).

Happy Spring everyone!

hippo chick said...

Hi Cheryl,

I am getting to experience spring twice this year. ONce here in Nevada and once at home in NY.

This is what I love:

1. Working in the garden, weeding, planting, etc.

2. I love daylight savings time.

3. I love chocolate bunnies for Easter

4. I love going to church on Easter Sunday and singing all the songs of resurrection.

5. I love peepers.

~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

Great list from you too! I LOVE Easter Sunday at church too. Such a beautiful day!!
(I bet it's pretty out in Nev. right now!)

Ms.L said...

I think I love everything about Spring,except the mud BUT even that can be kinda fun too!
I need to eat those eggs,YUMMY!