Monday, March 30, 2009

"Two Days, Two Daughters"

One day
Twelve years

We remember the night we said "Happy Birthday,"
reminiscing about the past,
but also
dreaming about the future,
and then the next afternoon said, "Happy Birth Day."

And here they are now...

so alike.

But still...

One goes out on dates,
the other plays dress-up.

One curls her hair,
the other twirls her hair.

One talks of college,
the other says she never wants to leave
her Mommy and Daddy.

The two daughters.
The two days.

Unique, special of their own accord.

But the daughters, the days
intertwined, interconnected,

a symbol of how life
comes and passes,
starts again,
and passes some more,
changes, evolves,

and then
blinds you with the realization that
we cannot let life feel like it is
passing us by,
or that time is flying by
quicker than we can grab hold of it.

But that
richer with every


Just a small poetic tribute to the fact that I've got two Birthday Girls this week.

McKenna turns 17 today (on Monday).

(celebrating with her friends Steph and Malorie this past weekend.)

Sydney turns 5 tomorrow (on Tuesday).

(celebrating with her birthday gift...a new swingset!).

It seems like just yesterday that 12-year-old McKenna was welcoming her new baby sister.

And now look at them. Silly and crazy and lovin' each other...

As is traditional for our family, we will par-tay for dayyyyssss and even into next week.

[McKenna had a party Saturday night with a group of friends (cupcakes! laser tagging!); tomorrow Sydney will have cupcakes with her softball team; Wednesday will be our traditional birthday-girls-dinner-out; then this next weekend will be Sydney's "official" party (it's gonna be a luau!). And I will certainly share pictures here with all of you!]

I certainly feel like my girls are worth celebrating!


Gretchen said...

Each day I come here, I learn more and more about celebrating my live and my loves. Happy Birthday to your b'day girls! xxxooo

Faye said...

Yes Cheryl....your girls are well worth celebrating!! Treasure each moment as I'm sure you do.
What an adorable pic of McKenna holding Sydney as an infant :)
Happy Birthday girls!

Anonymous said...


hippo chick said...

Isn't that the truth? Our children are so very worth celebrating. I loved the poetry. How precious.

~hippo hugs~

Nina Diane said...

that is really a beautiful tribute to your daughters.......nice one Cheryl!

Misty Busic said...

CHERYL!!! I am sitting here crying my eyes out after reading that! That was beautiful! How sweet! Enjoy every minute of your girls! It does seem like yesterday we were both sitting in church pregnant with Sydney and Harper!

Lynilu said...

Happy Birthday to both girls!

And the poem is very sweet. :)

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to your 2 Princesses and you have such a way with words..just precious.

~Telah said...

Such a sweet poem to your girls!!! Happy Birthday to McKenna and Sydney!

Cheryl Wray said...

Gretchen--Thanks! I keep learning everyday too!

Faye--I love that old photo too. It makes me so sentimental.


Hippo--I think too often we take our children for granted. I try not to, though. :-)


Cheryl Wray said...

Misty--You're so sweet! (But sorry I made you cry...LOL) And, yes, it seems like just yesterday; I can't believe Harper and Sydney are both turning 5!




It was such a special day for McKenna. Thanks for all the sweet well wishes for her!

Monogram Queen said...

You are blessed beyong measure in all three of your girls (and Gary too).

Happy Happy Birthday McKenna and Sydney!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

love this C. Your girls are so precious. Mine are just a few days apart too, but unlike yours, MILES apart in their personalities. LOL...

Stephenie said...
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Stephenie said...

I love them both so much! Tell Sydney Happy Birthday for me!! Ohh. And I absolutely ADORE the picture of the two of them laying in the grass.

Stephenie said...

Also, if you will, have McKenna read my blog I posted today. I think she'll appreciate it :]

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to them both!

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh Happy Birthday girls!!! How sweet... LOVE the poetic tribute!


Cheryl said...

They sure are worth it! I know how you feel. You do have some very pretty girls. Happy Birthday Girls! Hope ya'll have fun with weeks of party, party, party!;)

Cheryl Wray said...

Queen--I am blessed indeed!!

Linda--It's funny. They are so far apart in ages, but I can see similarities in all my kids.

Steph--You are SO sweet!!! And I gave the birthday messages along for you!


FreshMommy--Thanks!! (I'm coming to check out your blog.)

Cheryl--We have really been partying...and it's gonna keep going. :-)

Kathy said...

Cheryl! I just LOVE your posts! You have a way with words that just touches a person!

Happy Birthday to both of your girls! Enjoy all of the festivities!

Edleen said...

Cheryl, love your post today!

Happy Birthday to your Beautiful Girls!!! you are so Blessed :)

Dawn Bibbs said...

Awww, now that's just too sweet! Happy (belated) birthday, girls!