Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An All-Over-the-Place Post
(featuring food-related poems,
travel plans, new books,
some random questions, and a few fun pics)

Those of you who think that I think (and blog) about food too much are probably right, since I wrote this poem last night (by the way: the prompt it was written for at the Poem-a-Day challenge was "write a poem about longing")...


There’s not much I long for.

love gets me some time.
And world peace too,
(when I’m in a benevolent mood).

there are those occasional
moments, those haphazard

those longings
that emanate from
my stomach, then reach
my mouth, and finally
my imagination

and I know I need it.

Something from

It’s really quite simple.

There’s not much I need.

and taco grease.

(This came from the fact that yesterday, after Delaney's travel ball practice, I had one of my top three or four things in the whole wide world. Tacos from Taco Casa...dripping with sauce and melted cheese and "taco grease" which I seriously think should be trademarked.)

Of course, I also wrote the following poem when the challenge was to write about a specific object. Why would this particular object come to my mind?


there’s something

there’s something

Aside from writing food poems (go ahead and call me crazy! LOL), what else have I been doing lately?


* I've also been busy making reservations for all sorts of fun trips coming up in the next several months.

Gary and I will celebrate our anniversary next month with a stay at a bed and breakfast, and tickets to Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors" (and, dare I say it?, lots of good food and wine).

And then I reserved a beach house in June that looks absolutely perfect! (We're going with two other families and we are anticipating all sorts of relaxation and fun.)

And this next weekend we will be going to our first tournament of the season with Delaney's travel ball team. A hotel, a swimming pool...I think we're all ready for a little get-away.

* I'm so excited because I've happened on the best book deals lately. I went to my favorite place to find books--the thrift store--on Monday and found four books that look great. I got My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult (I've never read anything by her, but keeping hearing really good things), Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen (she wrote my very favorite book I read last year--Water for Elephants--so I'm hoping this one will be good too), and Eat, Love, Pray (which has been on my "to read" list for a while). I always get just plain giddy when I go to the thrift store and find such good books! (On top of that, I also found a Strawberry Shortcake DVD for Sydney and some Liz Claiborne shoes for me.)

Right now, though, I'm reading books in the "House of Night" series. This is a young adult series that is all about vampires, but it's very different (it's sort of a gossip girl meet twilight...lots of teenage drama amidst the vampire/goddess/bloodlust storyline). I didn't like it much to begin with, but then I got sucked in (yes, pun intended) by the teen drama and I am now hooked. I just finished the first, started the second, and bought the third.

Seriously, there are so many books in our house that they are stacked up all over the place. Gary and I have a plan to add four new bookshelves into our den, so I'm hoping we can do that sometime soon. (But, there anything more wonderful than books?)

* Yesterday, Delaney competed in a county-wide Math Tournament that happened to be held at our local science museum. It's a great place--one where, seriously, you could spend all day exploring, learning, and having fun--and Sydney and I both got to tag along.

My favorite moment of the day was when we walked down to one of the levels and Sydney, upon seeing the exhibits, announced to me, "This must be about Davinci." (She actually recognized Davinci's famous sketch of the human know, the one with his hands outstretched?...which was prominently displayed on the wall.) We had a blast looking at all of the models of Davinci's early "machines," and then explored throughout the museum while Delaney and the math team competed.

Of course, I have a few random pictures from the day...

(I love hands-on activities for kids!)

* And, oh yeah, how could I forget Scout's softball team? We won again (this time 25-4) and are now in control of the second half of the season. Gary is coaching the team so well, and Scout absolutely loves it (she comes home after every game just giddy)!

I know that this is a Wednesday morning post, but since I missed posting yesterday...that means I also missed posting for Random Tuesday. If you so desire, then: here are three Random Tuesday questions for you to answer/share if you'd like (based on my ramblings for today)...

(1) If you were going to write a poem about food, what food would it be about? (LOL)

(2) Do you have plans for any trips coming up soon?

(3) What book are you reading right now? Or (better yet!), what's a book you would recommend for me (because, you all know I need more books on my to-read list!)?

(As always, you can answer in my comments section or post your answers on your own blog.)

And now...I'm going to grab me a big glass of sweet tea, a peanut butter cookie, and take a little break to watch my DVR-ed copy of "American Idol" from last night (we usually miss the original airing, because we're off running around somewhere or another).

(You think I could write a poem about sweet tea and peanut butter cookies? I bet I could.)

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

those cookies are GREAT!!!!!!
its kinda wierd being in computer class and reading my girlfriend's mother's blog but owell


Stephenie said...

1) Anything with spice and flavor :]

2) I'm not planning on going anywhere "exciting" really until June. Six Flags Birthday Road Trip. Haha

3) I'm currently reading "Someone Like You" by Sarah Dessen

Gin said...

I love tacos also. Ha!

I wanna know what yo uthink about AI from last night. I thought they were all really good.

Oh, wonderful pics.

Ms.L said...

I love your food poems. I think love of good food is kept like a dirty little secret so keep up the good work!

Gretchen said...

1. Mmm...guacomole, perhaps? Or the peanut butter cup? A great plate (or 2) of pasta.

2. We are blessed to have a beach house, so that's where we'll be spending much of our time this summer (it's 90 minutes from our house). Other than that, all we have is a road trip to MT in July. Looking forward to meeting up with some dear friends there.

3. If you haven't read Peace Like a River by Leif Enger, that's an excellent choice. I also love any thing by Gail Tsukiyama, Lorna Landvik, or Dorothea Benton Frank.

hippo chick said...

1. Take me to a land flowing free with peanut butter pie.
Someday soon, before I die.
2. Plan to go to Chicago in May to spend 4 whole days with my eldest, Paige. Can hardly wait.
3. Reading Jodie Picoult's "Salem Falls" and a nf by Kelly Corrigan called "The Hiding Place".

My Sister's Keeper is my favorite Picoult book so far. I know you'll like it.
Thanks for the heads up on Riding Lessons. I loved Water..

Have a great day.

~hippo hugs~

Adrienne said...

I haven't been to the McWayne center in a while!

I can't WAIT for LOST TONIGHT!!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Brett--Too funny!! (Did McKenna let you have some of those cookies? I'm glad she shared. :-)

Steph--I know how much you love Sarah Dessen. I need to read some of her stuff.

Gin--I LOVE Allison. I've always loved her, but she was SO good last night.

Ms. L--I proudly proclaim my love of food. :-)

Cheryl Wray said...

Gretchen--I am seriously jealous of your nearby beach house. That must be really wonderful! And thanks for the book recommendations; I will check those out for sure!

Hippo--I have heard good things about Picoult for a while, but have just never read any of her stuff. I'm excited about trying this one.

Adrienne--OMG!!! Lost was SO good tonight, wasn't it????!!

hippo chick said...

Love the new banner.

~hippo hugs~

Jeff said...

Better late than never, right :)

1) I'd write about Mac & Cheese. Yummy!

2) Nothing planned right now, which sounds kinda sad.. but true none the less.

3) Currently I'm reading "When it Ends," a collection of short stories by Jay McInerney. You, however, still need to read Martin Wilson's "What They Always Say."

Stephenie said...

Oh yes. I love anything Sarah Dessen! She's such a great writer! She's very relatable.

delaney said...

1)As anyone that has met me should know, i would write about cheesecake. in fact, i did just a couple days ago in English.

2)SixFlags,the beach, the beach for the World series, an many more places for softball.

3)i am finishing up "Breaking Dawn"- the last book in the Twilight series.