Friday, May 08, 2009

Good Times

Lots of good stuff this past week. Like...

~ I finished up my Feature Writing class this week. Good students, good grades, and lots of writing and possible publishing got done.

~ "Lost" was awesomely Awesome. (Although I'm already trying to deal with the pre-grief I'm feeling from next week being the season finale.)

~ I've been on a reading kick lately and have had some of those "good reading weeks" (as opposed to bad spells, where I just give up on a the way, the older I get the more I realize that it's okay to just stop reading a book if I'm not liking guilt, nothing.) I got hooked on the "House of Night" young adult vampire series (I didn't want to...but they, literally, just sucked me in!) and finished the first three books within the last two weeks. Now, I'm leaving undead teenagers behind and just started Love Walked in by Marisa de los Santos yesterday (and I'm really enjoying it so far).

~ Sydney's softball team won the second half championship last night and tonight they play for the season championship. Sydney has moved to playing second base and has done great, and she has like a 800 batting average. Woo Hoo!

(I'm totally not going to mention...okay, I will!...the EXtreme disappointment I had with "American Idol" this week. Allison was my favorite and Danny just gets on my last nerve (sorry Gary...I know you love him!), so I was very upset with the elimination this week. (Say it with me.."Let's put the GO in Gokey!") LOL)

Lots of fun stuff on tap for today. Like...

~ I'm about to head out with my niece to the community college where she just received a music scholarship. I'm really proud for her and excited that she wanted me to go around campus with her.

~ Tonight is the aforementioned Championship Game for the season in Sydney's softball league. Around 6 pm tonight...say a little (or a very BIG) cheer for us!!!

Lots of things to look forward to this weekend. Like...

~ We're going to see "Star Trek" with some friends tomorrow night. My Inner Geek is extremely excited!

~ Mother's Day is Sunday, of course, and I'm looking forward to spending some time with Mom and Gary's Mom and grandmother. (And to just feeling thankful that I have the privilege of being a Mom as well.)

(On Saturday, I'll also be serving the meal at the memorial service for my friend who passed away this past week from cancer. So, keep them in your prayers tomorrow if you will.)

I hope all of you have a FANTASTIC weekend as well.

And I hope that, on Monday, I will be able to provide you with lots of great pictures of Moms, and Trekkies, and softball CHAMPIONS!!!!


hippo chick said...

Hi Cheryl,

I don't think I expressed my sympathy to you in the loss of your friend. I will be praying for her family this weekend.

SUPER GEEKS ROCK!! With our girls being out of state, Jim asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's Day and I said I wanted to go to the Star Trek movie. I am more excited than I can say. I can hardly wait.

Good luck to Sydney's team.

Aside from the movie which I'm obviously excited about, I'm going to have my horseback riding lesson tomorrow. How cool is that?? I hope to have pics (with me astride the horse, not on the ground) on Monday.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you and yours. Ask your mom about Buddy Holly.

~hippo hugs~

Ms.L said...

I'm sorry about your friend.
I really enjoyed your last post,I think we all need a Sydney in our lives:)

I wish you a fabulous Mother's Day!

Stacy said...

i am hooked on the series of house of night to i am on the 4th book its alright and i know how you feel about lost!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hippo--Super Geeks Unite!! LOL (And how cool is it that you are doing riding lessons? I love it!)

Ms. L--Thanks! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day as well.

Stacy--Those books are addictive!!!!

Gretchen said...

As always, life sounds full to brimming over with excitement, fun, and service to others. Blessings on your Mother's Day, Cheryl.

Did you see the special about optimism with Michael J. Fox? I think it aired on Thur. I thought of you. For you are my dictionary's definition of the term optimism.

Laura said...

Happy Mother's Day, Cheryl!

Blessed. said...

Sounds like a good weekend.. I enjoyed Star Trek.. it was very good! I was really impressed.

Happy Mother's day.
So sorry to hear about your friend.
Bummed that Alison left.. :( but I'm sure she will have a great future ahead of her..

I'm rootin' for my guy, Kris Allen :)


Hey Sweet lady

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day...
I hope it's super special for you!!!